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  1. I found Kris Feldmann's old FS2002 website, where he has a list of polars for various gliders: http://www.rotted.com/fs8/polars.html Kris says there that he created these polars from flight tests, but does not describe his methodology: I read in the CAISet manual, that the required waypoint format is: 1,46:34.950N,009:50.250E,2312M,S,Albula 1,Passhoehe however, .dat files I download from the Worldwide Soaring TP Exchange, are in this format: 22,47:32:33N,012:13:25E,882M,T,HntrstnrS 22,Ostspitze slightly different way of expressing the LAT and LON coordinates. Nonetheless, they seem to work OK. Does the CAISet handle either way, then?
  2. Well, Max, if it still works... Wolfgang last updated the LS18-8 as recently as August of this year, and it still has your gauges. I just had a quick look at the virtual cockpit today, and the CAISet is much clearer and easier to read than the FSX GPSnav. I have no idea what's involved in making a new one from scratch.
  3. LOL! It's all new to me, my friend! Keep an eye out for some more "zombies"! Seriosly though, I spent most of the day reading about LNAV polars and one of my Google hits was this post. At least I was on topic, eh? I have installed the ASW28, but not flown it yet, we've only been using the SOAR DG so far. What appears better about the CAISet (without having actually flown with them yet) is it looks clearer to read than the FSX GPS, *and* it has Speed-to-fly indicator. As you mention, though, the problem is finding, or making, a polar string for the LNAV. FSZwever2 has a function to read a list of saved polars, and send a selected one to the LNAV_polar.dat with click of a button. What we'll probably end up doing is using CAISet for GPS navigation and LNAV for glide computer, but stick with your Winter TE vario and sim_logger for IGC...I don't know, we'll see. I haven't chosen a glider yet with CAISet...maybe the LS8-18, since it comes with the LNAV polar. I also spent some time reading about panel.cfg. I'm going to try substituting the CAISet for the GPS and Cambridge in the SOAR DG, since we are confident of the flight model in that airplane. But, just need to find or create a polar string for the LNAV. Getting close!
  4. From my reading of the LNAV, the correct polar needs to be in the LNAV_polarlist.dat file to get the most accurate information. The default file has the ASW20 polar. There is also a polarlist file, which contains a few more. I was also able to find a table online which had yet a few more polars for the LNAV, however, it's hard to find the ones to match up with the most current FSX gliders, specifically the DG-808S. Well, I found Wolfgang Piper's little program, PolarCalc 1.02, and, as well as having LNAV polar text for all his gliders, might also let you generate polars by feeding it the results of a test flight.
  5. Is there an LNAV_polar.dat available for this airplane? I'm going to try using the CAISet gauges, and just need a polar for the LNAV gauge. If not, I've dug around online and found some resources, and maybe can figure out how to make the file. Ian, is your L/D gauge available for download?
  6. Hi, Scott! I've been experimenting with FSX multiplayer for soaring task, along with my brother and another friend. I've been getting a lot of assistance from B21, and had a couple of multiplayer flights so far. The three of us have just installed FSX, CumulusX!, and a few gliders, but only used the SOAR DG-808S in our multiplayer flights. Since you appear to be trying to do multiplayer tasks in FSX, it would be great to compare experiences, and possibly hook up sometime for a multiplayer flight. The three of us are in Southern Ontario, Eastern Standard Time Zone, and I note that you are in Rapid City, Moutain Standard Time Zone, which is only 2 hours apart. I've downloaded your files for this contest, and will have a look at it, and possibly give it a try with my flightmates sometime soon. We've been using the FSX GPS unit in the SOAR DG-808S, along with B21's Cambridge vario with the arrival height display. We have not tried the CAISet gauges, but I've been reading through the manual, and they seem to offer a lot of features that are very useful for soaring tasks, so I expect we will try them out very soon. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  7. Another successful multiplayer task tonight. This time, also had my brother along, so three of us flying a ridge task out of St. Johann, Austria, "High King - Wild Emperor". And, Ian, yes, by sending my flight plan files to the other participants, they are able to load it when they join, and then had the required GPS info to navigate the task, complete with arrival heights displayed on your cambridge netto vario.
  8. I tried the Austrian Soaring Day 2 task...very nice job, Ian! I can see the appeal of the extra frills that the mission format provides, but agree it seems like too much extra work for tasksetters. I was watching the GPS on that, and it gives a slightly early indication of reaching a turnpoint than the mission itself. I turned early at WP1 as a result, and was well on my way back before I realized the compass was still point back at the turnpoint...lost about 5 minutes backtracking. Having used the SOAR DG-808S, with the FSX GPS and your Netto Cambridge, I've kind of got the feel, now, for working with those instruments. However, reading up on the CAISet instrument, it appears to offer a lot of features which may make if worth the little extra trouble to install and use. For one thing, it has a Speed-to-fly indicator (push-pull). Also, from the manual pictures, it looks clearer to read than the FSX GPS, although I have not yet tried it out to see if that is actually the case in the cockpit. Regarding sharing a task using the CAISet instruments, it seems as simple as just adding the required GPS-NAV.dat and LNAV_polar.dat files, along with the other .PLN, .FLT, .WX, and .csx files that you would distribute for the flight plan, or am I missing something? From what I've seen of editing panel.cfg files, it seems like not a lot of trouble to substitute one for the other. I'll try a task with both instruments with my brother and friends, and let you know how it works out, or if we hit a snag,
  9. Well, thanks to all your help, I feel I'm in a position to start experimenting with some multiplayer tasks with my brother and a couple of friends. I need to figure out why the DirectIP method is not working, perhaps a port I have forgotten to forward. Despite the obvious problems with FSX multiplayer for soaring races, I and my flightmates have practically zero interest in flying tasks alone offline and just comparing IGC files. Even if the IGC is required to score the task, we would still want to fly the task together, communicating on Teamspeak all the while. I'm certainly not expecting to cover any new ground, but will update the forum on what we're doing.
  10. Thanks for input, Scott. No. I'm running XP SP3, so don't have to worry about those sort of issues. This may have happened one time *before* I installed the SDK, but it was such a bizarre indicent that I'm not sure. On that occasion, when I spawned in, somehow I was in slew mode (don't ask me how, maybe a typo invoking the towplane Ctrl+Shift+Y), and after whizzing sideways and up and down a bit, with no idea how to make it stop, I ended up at cloud level, and the frame rates down to single figures. At the time, I thought maybe it was proximity to clouds. The more recent occurences of FPS dropped coincided with using the Traffic Explorer and controlling the towplane. So, not really enough data to point fingers yet. So, just reading your sig banner...B21 has been bringing me up to speed with soaring tasks, but it seems the multiplayer aspect has been largely abandoned. It sounds like everyone flies the tasks by themselves offline, and then just submit IGC, or fly with everyone else's "ghost". I see you are in SD, which is what...Central Time?
  11. I installed the SDK, of course, just to get the Traffic Explorer so I could control the tow plane. Works great, thanks! Except, I've had on a few occasions since, after a few minutes into the flight, the frame rates start to plummet, eventually bottoming out at 1 FPS. I'm not sure if it's something unrelated, or something to do with Traffic Tools, or other Tools that got added. I read something online about enabling the things added in the dll.exe, and I edited two items there, changing the <Disable></Disabled> tags to False: <Launch.Addon> <Name>Traffic Toolbox</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Visual Effects Tool</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Special Effects SDK\visualfxtool.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> Do I really need both of those items to control tow plane, or can I turn the Special Effects off again?
  12. Yes, it is the latter. We didn't pass through the default start waypoint, which is like a little 500m circle, and we didn't do that because the GPS was navigating us to the next waypoint. Yes, I can get SeeYou to show the task as started and finished by changing flight properties so the the start line is longer. I just made another test task, this time created the flight plan in Plan-G, a very short triangle, and saved it to FSX .PLN file. Then opened that in Flight Planner, set weather, aircraft, time, etc. and saved as a FreeFlight. Hand edited the .FLT as discussed previously, i.e. GPS elevations, NextWP=0. Flew it, and absolutely everything worked as expected. During takeoff and tow, GPS pointed to CNU4 (the spawn airport, and the start waypoint). After release, thermalled a bit, then blew across the runway on a heading for the first leg. Crossing the runway, GPS switched to first waypoint, etc. etc. Arrival heights all as they should be, and crossing the runway back at CNU4 for the finish, the GPS switched to "No Active AP". Saved IGC looks correct in SeeYou. I shows the entire task flown and completed, but still says Declaration is NOT VALID! In RL soaring with PDA, is there not a requirement to "Declare" the task before starting? I don't know how to do that in SeeYou. In any case, I'm beginning to understand that SeeYou can be tailored to match the way the task was intended to be constructed, start sector or line, lenght, turnpoint sector or cylinder, radius, etc. Whereas the cockpit GPS is very primitive, and assumes each waypoint is a small cylinder. BUL_TestTask1_2010-12-24_1714.zip
  13. The elevations in the .PLN *are* correct. It is only the [GPS_Engine] section of the .FLT that are using the cruising altitude. I'm pretty certain the problem with the IGC is that we did not pass through the start sector before heading out to first WP. Best thing would be to edit this task, change the CANAL waypoint to something more appropriate, and fly it again. BUL_DG-808S Belleville Task 112km_2010-12-21_2100.zip
  14. Hand editing the NextWP=0 seems to work for the start issue. Not sure how that will affect the IGC yet. Your other suggestions for start arrangements are also worth trying. We do airstarts in Condor often, but I always like going through the takeoff and tow. It just makes it seem more "real". Also, hand editing the WpInfo elevations under [GPS_Engine] makes the arrival height display correctly. Yes, CANAL was an unfortunate choice. I thought it was the Murray Canal, which would be a good visual landmark. Although it is located at the canal, it is as you said, actually an airway intersection. I have Plan-G installed now, so will try making some tasks with that and see how it goes.
  15. OK, I did not change anything in that box, but every waypoint I add is using a default "Cruising altitude" of 1368 meters. I don't know where this comes from, but FSX is showing it in a box below the flight plan map. I *can* change it, but just left it. So if I Edit the waypoint, that number show up in the Altitude box. I don't see anything for finding the ground elevation at the waypoints. If I open the .PLN, I can see the elevations there as part of the <WorldPosition> tag. All the numbers there look right, albeit they are in feet, i.e. Belleville (CNU4) is 320' ASL: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <FlightPlan.FlightPlan> <Title>CNU4 to CNU4</Title> <FPType>VFR</FPType> <CruisingAlt>4491</CruisingAlt> <DepartureID>CNU4</DepartureID> <DepartureLLA>N44° 11' 37.87",W77° 18' 13.78",+000320.00</DepartureLLA> <DestinationID>CNU4</DestinationID> <DestinationLLA>N44° 11' 37.87",W77° 18' 13.78",+000320.00</DestinationLLA> <Descr>CNU4, CNU4</Descr> <DeparturePosition>26</DeparturePosition> <DepartureName>Belleville</DepartureName> <DestinationName>Trenton</DestinationName> <AppVersion> <AppVersionMajor>10</AppVersionMajor> <AppVersionBuild>61637</AppVersionBuild> </AppVersion> <ATCWaypoint id="CNU4"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N44° 11' 37.87",W77° 18' 13.78",+000320.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>CNU4</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="CPF8"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N44° 24' 12.00",W77° 45' 34.00",+000630.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>CPF8</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="CANAL"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N44° 3' 38.23",W77° 37' 48.94",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAORegion>CY</ICAORegion> <ICAOIdent>CANAL</ICAOIdent> <ICAOAirport>CYTR</ICAOAirport> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="CNU4"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N44° 11' 37.87",W77° 18' 13.78",+000320.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>CNU4</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> </FlightPlan.FlightPlan> </SimBase.Document> However, in the .FLT, under [GPS_Engine] I find this: WpInfo0=41, 0, 97, 0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 WpInfo1=62, 0, 1368, 0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 WpInfo2=63, 0, 1368, 0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 WpInfo3=63, 0, 97, 0, 0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 There is correct field elevation for WP 0 and 3 (Belleville, 97m) but the other two are using the 1368m "Cruising Altitute" I mentioned above. If that is what the GPS is using for arrival height calculations, the you are correct about why it is not what I expect to see, until I round the last WP and start final glide. "Dodgy flight plan" was the technical term you used. As far as not starting the task in the IGC, I have an idea why that happens, but don't know how to fix it. The .FPL above also has an entry: NextWP=1 As soon as I spawn in at CNU4 (on the runway) the GPS is pointing to CPF8, so we did not make a proper start. I have many more questions about tailoring these flight plans to soaring tasks, but I'll open another thread for that later. Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this.
  16. OK, that seems to explain it. We used GameSpy interface, I hosted, and chose the Flight Plan, then waitied for my friend to join. I don't know what it looked like from his end. It hadn't switched, I had read about that, so was watching it closely. I wonder if it is the closed, triangular tasks I have made, where takeoff and finish are the same location, which are tripping up the GPS? I notice when I load the resulting IGC into SeeYou, it shows two comments: "Task Declaration is NOT VALID!" and "All reached turnpoints rounded OK, task not finished." I'll give it a try with a task that has different start and finish locations. Plus, I have a number of questions about constructing soaring tasks using either the FSX Flight Planner, or Plan-G, and if I can't answer them by messing around myself, I'll make a post here.
  17. I'll fly with it some more and see. On the short 112km task we flew yesterday, the only time the indicated arrival height made any sense to me was on final glide. At the start, it was showing -2300 meters, and approaching first TP, when close enough to see I would arrive with plenty of height, it was still showing -500 meters, and that was with MC still set at 0.0 Only on last leg, after climbing in last thermal, did the number rise into the + range. By then I had bumped the MC up to 2.0
  18. I've just downloaded your b21_vario_netto, and the screenshot, and bitmaps for it, seem to be showing a "push-pull" indication, which is what I mean by speed-to-fly. http://carrier.csi.c...fsx/simobjects/ But I just tried out that gauge, and it seems the push-pull arrows are just static bitmaps on the face, not actually functioning. Hmmm, no he didn't. In my ignorance of FSX multiplayer, I had assumed that the hosting process would transmit the flight plan I selected to him. So that's not what happens, then?
  19. Just some question/clarification on the Cambridge instrument and GPS: If there is some more detailed documentation or forum post, just point me to it. As far as I could tell, the arrival height it displays seemed to be the finish, rather than next TP. Is that the way it works? Although I can change the MC setting, and see corresponding change in arrival height, I could not see anthing that was commanding Speed-to-fly. Should I see that anywhere with this particulare instrument? Unable to find such an indicator, I resorted to watching for changes in arrival height, and speeding up or slowing down accordingly. Also, in my recent multiplayer flight, my friend did not see the waypoint data from the save flight I was hosting on his GPS. Only thing showing on his LCD was "NO ACTIVE WP". How is it supposed to work? [EDIT] Hold on....I still have the two b21_vario_ folders in my ...Airplanes\DG-808S_SOAR\panel.virtualsoaring\ folder! I guess those should have been put into the GAUGES folder, right! Doh!!!
  20. Encountered a few bug and glitches, but overall a successful first attempt. I first tried hosting using the Direct IP method, but my friend could not connect, so we resorted to the GameSpy interface, and that worked. We flew a little 112km triangle out of Belleville, Ontario, North to Campbellford, South to the Murray Canal near CFB Trenton then back to Belleville. Used the SOAR DG-808S with CumulusX! Both of us had the trim glitch with the sailplane, which I reported in the DG-808 thread, so we both commented out the TrimWizard gauge in the panel.cfg and all was fine. Another glitch was that his GPS did not pick up the waypoint from the flight plan I was hosting. Also, his towplane did not takeoff, but just sat there on the runway. Second try, he air spawned, and the towplane sat there the entire time we flew.
  21. Hah! That's it I'm sure! Without even testing, I know that I'm always clicking my joystick trigger inadvertently, and having trim on rotary just conrtibuted to the issue. Since the rotary trim works perfectly for me, I think I will just disable the TrimWizard in the aircraft panel, and put my brake assignment back. Thanks!
  22. I was thinking I may have inadvertently hit the apply brakes key, thereby activating the TrimWizard. What I did after, was delete all the controller assignments for brakes. Probably the more scientific approach would be to try deliberately activating the Trim Wizard, and see if I can recreate the issue.
  23. OK, good to know. So far, I have installed the 2-33A and Blanik from Wolfgang, largely because I trained on those out of Belleville, Ontario. On the weekend, I made and flew a 110km task from Belleville, using the Blanik, FSX Flight Planner, CumulusX! It *seemed* realistic enough...i.e. at 140 km/hr, the ground was getting near alarmingly fast! I've tried the SOAR DG808S on another task I made in Austria/Germany, but have encountered some trim issues with it, which I posted elsewhere, maybe due to the TrimWizard...not sure yet. I discovered the GPS direction feature in the task mentioned above in the SOAR DG-808S. But have not figured out arrival height and MC settings. The CAISet seems to cover all that, albeit in text form (no moving map). I thought it would be possible to simply distribute the GPS-NAV.dat file along with the other FSX files for the flight plan, then everyone would have the CAISet GPS TP info for the task. I have the ASW28, but not tried it yet. It is the Standard Class sailplane I usually fly in Condor, and the moving map display in your pic is like what the Condor PDA would display. It would be a good platform for any comparisons. Also downloaded Plan-G, so will give that a try and see if it makes the process any easier than the FSX Flight Planner. If it lets me make triangular tasks without the Notepad hacking, it will be a step ahead! OK, I was planning to try the Gamespy route, and already set up an accout. We are familiar with the direct IP process, though, which can be done in Condor, and also the other sim we use, IL-2 Sturmovik:1946. Those MS instructions are pretty much guaranteed to fail for anyone behind a router, which is pretty common. I've forwarded ports UDP 23456 and 6073 on my router, not sure if those are all I will need. Thanks for your continued attention, Ian. I will certainly keep you updated about our progress. What Time Zone are you in, by the way? We are Eastern Standard Time (southern Ontario, Canada) Would be kind of cool to have you fly with us some time.
  24. I've encountered, on two occasions now, with this aircraft, some erratic elevator trim behaviour. Maybe it's too little data to point a finger, but here goes: This happened first time I tried the aircraft, immediately on takeoff, and the second time it happened 15 minutes into another flight, the forward stick pressure required to maintain speed suddenly goes way up, and I'm holding the stick almost full forward. My elevator trim, which is on a rotary, shows wild twitching of the cockpit trim lever when I rotate the knob, but always ends up stuck at the full rearward position when I stop rotating it. In Windows Control Panel, the rotary shows no sign of erratic movement, but is smooth as silk. Anyone else encounter this issue? Could it be caused by the "Trim Wizard"?
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