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  1. Got some time in this last night with my friend DC. Our Open Class task, a 198km triangle out of Shiflet Field in the Appalachians, proved to be not very easy, and we wasted lots of time experimenting with aircraft sharing, so we quit at the first turnpoint and landed. Only a measly 58km! I really enjoyed flying this bird, and it seems to reward good piloting. There were a couple of instances, where I let my airspeed get too low thermalling, and I was punished by a protracted "mush/stall" which cost me a lot of altitude. I did shoot some video, but will have to review it to see if anything useful worth uploading.
  2. Seriously? I've been checking this thread almost daily since you started it! Started thinking about Open Class tasks, too, and have roughed out a couple based on some Condor tasks I have. Possibly tonight, my brother and a flightmate will try out this airplane. I made only the briefest test flight last night so can't say anything at this point. It was more to check out a task than the airplane, and I didn't even get to the point of starting the task, just takeoff, tow, fly around a little, tried unsuccessfully to thermal. It certainly *feels* like an Open Class ship when trying to roll in and out of turns! Seems to handle quite differently than the version 7, but I have next to zero time in that one as well. Looking forward to more time in it!
  3. How did you set up the airborne start for this task? Do you just skew to where you want to be, and save it as a flight? We found with FSX, when flying this task through FSHost, we got the airborne start OK (since using FSHost is basically a Free Flight). But when I hosted the task with FSX Multiplayer, we got started on the runway at Samedan.
  4. Great job, guys! Looks fabulous and can't wait to try it!
  5. I added this to the end of the Aircraft.cfg file: [CameraDefinition.0] Title = "Back Seat" Guid = {AFA06A0A-7341-4b1f-B486-CE3778336276} Origin = Virtual Cockpit MomentumEffect = Yes SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = YES AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.75 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 1.0 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=20 HeadingPanRate=60 InitialXyz=0, 0.087918266654014587, -1.1035174407959 InitialPbh=4.0381917953491211, 0, 0.091049946844577789 I'm sure the InitialXyz= values could be rounded, or tweaked to get it perfect, but it is about right for me. These are simply the values I fished out of the .FLT file after moving the eyepoint back and up a tad. I haven't fine tuned them.
  6. I was wondering the same thing. I just installed the existing ASH25 to have a look at that one. The existing ASH25 3d cockpit has both seats c/w panels modeled, and you can move your eyepoint back to get "into" the back seat, but I think a custom camera definition needs to be defined to really use it, especially with TIR. I'm assuming the new one will be handled similarly. I'm going to go ahead and do that for the existing one, just to understand how it's done, and in case it will be required for the new one. I have yet to try the dual pilots feature in FSX, and looking forward to giving it a go when this sweetheart is released.
  7. Interesting! I'm used to setting weather in Condor, where cloud height is inexorably linked to temperature and dewpoint. I tried to duplicate the Condor weather when I made this task for FSX, even to the point of setting the same temp/dewpoint, although it does not appear to have any bearing on cloud height in FSX, i.e. you can set them independently at the weather planner.
  8. Power was not restored here until 10:25 (16:25 Samedan time) so no contest for us. I just checked the server with FSHostClient, and there is nobody else on there. Were there any pilots on Saturday?
  9. No problem! I had intended to connect today (Saturday) and at least chat with you on Teamspeak about multiplayer stuff, but my wife decided we were going skiing. Tomorrow, Sunday, I and my friend DC are planning to connect, assuming there will be some other pilots there. There is a scheduled power outage here from 0600-1000 EST (1200-1600 Samedan time), which leaves me only 20 minutes before race start, but hopefully power will be restored earlier than that. I think you said you would not be able to make the Sunday one? Is that still the case?
  10. That's fabulous news, Max! More than we were expecting! But since you asked, I would like to be able to assign keyboard presses to the instrument buttons. Don't know if that's possible, but would be nice feature to have, instead of using mouse in the 3d cockpit.
  11. I guess that would be 10:20 AM my time, EST. Is it regatta start, or can we start when we are ready? As an FSX user, will we have to invoke the Soaring Clock, or will loading the saved flight be enough? (I guess I will find out when I try it)
  12. What does "local" mean in this context, Scott? Is it when the task will be hosted, i.e. MST? I'm planning to fly this, and will try to get my brother, and my friend DC to be there also. Will let you know which day we can participate.
  13. Maybe I will have to test this Soaring Clock. We have been doing FSX multiplayer DirectIP, and all players just loading the same .FLT, .WX as the host when joining. I thought that was sufficient to guarantee everybody's clocks synchronized with the host for CumulusX! purposes, however we have still noticed occasionally, seeing each other thermalling where there is no cloud. I thought that might be due to late joining, but shouldn't FSX take care of that?
  14. OK, I can't figure this out. When I load this as a Free Flight (and that applies with FSHost of course), I get the airborne start that is configured in the .FLT file. But when I host it as a FSX Multiplayer session (DirectIP), loading the exact same Free Flight, we all start on the runway at Samedan. Why is that happening?
  15. Peter, what other factors figure into your decision? My opinion is only one opinion, and what bothers me may be a non-issue for others.
  16. There are pros and cons with everything. FSHost allows connection with domain name as well as IP. It really is convenient to just plug in a domain name that doesn't change, and not have to exchange IP numbers which are dynamic. A static IP would solve that, for a price. Also, if you intend to host for FSX and earlier versions of FS, then FSHost accommodates that. I hope to find out soon, just how large a crowd can be brought together for a multiplayer task using just FSX Direct IP. The jittery movements are, of course, only apparent when you are close enough to see the other player. Unfortunately, that is one of the prime motivators for us to do multiplayer, and it's too bad there seems to way to fix it. Then again, it's not uncommon on a multiplayer task, to not be near the other pilots except at the start gate. It's clear to me now, that even with FSHost, there still has to be something organized for multiplayer to happen. It's the closest thing we have to a dedicated server, but you still have to get the task somewhere first, and know who will fly and when they will fly.
  17. Is the Polar Gauge ready for release, Max?
  18. Tonight was our regular flying night with my friend, DC, and we decided to fly this task. We flew it twice, once using Peter's FSHost, and second time Direct IP. We noticed the jittery movement with FSHost, and it was pretty much a deal-breaker for us. Direct IP is rock solid. The first try, DC landed out, and I flew too fast and ended up low, lost time regaining height and did worse than the flight from 30th January. Also crashed when landing due to playing with external views for video. The next try, I got a good fast start, but again crossed the start line a tad over, at 3032m. Forgot to save an IGC with Sim Logger, so I had to get one from Flight Viewer 2, which shows 36:55, 171.4km/h. Opening it in Cambridge Aero Explorer, I can't get it to recognize the start, I think because with the Direct IP, we ended up with a takeoff from runway instead of the airborne start. No idea why that happened. Are you still planning to run this as a multiplayer contest? BUL_QualGP\'10_Switzerland_08-02-11.zip
  19. Yep, we got a couple of weeks to come up with some good Open Class tasks, then!
  20. You mentioned the start time in the Readme, but it was not a factor. I simply flew conservatively compared to you, and had excess height at the finish, which I should have converted to speed earlier. I have two suggestions, if that is not out of line: 1. Set and enforce a maximum start height. This helps to create a more equitable contest and discourages cloud flying where that may be a factor. Of course, then you must ensure that everyone can achieve that height before starting. In this case, it seems simple, as the starting location is right in some lift. 2. Create and include a .PLN file in the distribution. Although any aircraft can be used with the CAISet popup, adding a .PLN and making sure that flight plan is referenced in the .FLT file opens up the task to some other aircraft/instrument options, like the DG-808S, UKVGA_ASW28 and Ian's new XML instruments. but it's your contest and you should set it up however you want. BUL_QualGP10_Switzerland.zip
  21. It appeared that you had thought about start height, because the flight began at a little above 3000m, I forget what exactly, but by slow cruising, I arrived at the start very close to 3000m. There was, of course, opportunity to gain some height before starting, then do a proper high speed start if desired, but I didn't try that due to unfamiliarity with the course. I have saved IGC files from both Sim Logger and from the FZ Viewer, and I'll try to remember to upload them tonight when I get home.
  22. Are you enforcing a maximum start height? (RL was 3000m) I thought I was under, but Flight Viewer says I crossed start line at 3070m. Anyhow, 43:26 145.7 km/hr What do we submit for scoring? I had lots of extra height at finish, so should have been faster.
  23. Oh, I meant your ISP available bandwidth, i.e. upload/download bandwidth, "speed" not usage. What's your availability Tuesday evenings, from 8:30pm EST and after? (6:30pm your time, I think). I'd like to get some kind of hosting going in the next month or so, but still trying to understand all the details. I understand that you are catering to FS2004 as well as FSX, so that seems to add some additional requirements. At the moment, my plan is to host with FSX in mind. In any case, it would be good to get together on teamspeak, and fly something that you have, just so you can walk me through the steps you have to take to get all the participants on the same page. Can be anything, old, new, borrowed, blue, as long as it can be done with FSX and no add-on terrain. I have CX! I'd like to discuss some of the ideas you have in mind as well. I think only my brother may be around this Tuesday, the 1st Feb.
  24. I thought it was a "feature".
  25. Hi, Scott! Can you tell me a bit about how your server is being used these days? I mean, how many people are using it, and when they use it. What is the bandwidth? Are there any regular scheduled/organized contests being run? Looking over the forum here, the most recent event I can find was the SOARRanch Fun/Fly on April 23-25, 2010. Was there something since then? Do you prepare tasks for the server, or can anyone prepare one to run? I just joined the 23456 one, and it seems people who join can set whatever they want for weather, season, time, etc., which means they can run tasks of their own design.
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