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  1. Hi Rafael, You don't have to worry about the tow planes on VATSIM – they are not visible to other users. The UK VGA members fly regularly online using CumulusX! on VATSIM with synchronised soaring environment (typically twice a week). We take advantage of the multiplayer features of CumulusX! to provide a common soaring environment for our association group launches. So we often have multiple gliders sharing the same thermal, of chasing each other along the same ridge, although with our club the competitive aspects of our online soaring are mainly focused on x-country task completion and b
  2. This reply post was corrupt for some reason and in my first attempt I could not edit ot delete the post - so my reply follows in the next post -James
  3. Thanks Peter, The new CumulusX! 1.8.1 patch has sovled our multi-player environment problems for our FSX Acceleration Pack users exactly as you predicted. In several recent test events, members of the UK Virtula Gliding Association with FSX Sp2 and also with FSX Acceleration Pack have been able to enjoy the experience of flying together on VATSIM in identical auto-generated thermals using the new CumulusX! patch. Your assitance with this issue is greatly appreciated. Cheers, -James
  4. Hi Peter, I have emailed the requested images, the setup files and a report of our most recent test session. The latest test did not reveal anything new even though we were even more rigorous this time in trying to elliminate any differences between the participants. Regards, -James
  5. Hi Peter, In answer to question 1, yes we did check dates after syncing FSX Clocks and after activating the CumulusX! MP Soaring Clock. In regards to question 2, we did all of our testing after activating the CumulusX! MP Soaring Clock because it was night time or early morning in real time at the chosen virtual test location in the USA - it was also winter time of course - so we would not have gotten any thermals there without using the MP Soaring Clock or shifting our dates manually. We did not try shifting dates and time manually. One problem we did have is that to check our times
  6. Hi Peter et al, I probably should have mentioned in my first post that we are not using FSX Multi-player mode - we use VATSIM in the UKVGA for our weekly group launch events. Now that we know that CumulusX! uses the FSX virtual clock for seeding thermal generation we decided to try another test and concentrate on getting the virtual clocks as closely as we could. Unfortunately our second multi-player test was mostly a failure, although two members of our test team did find some common thermals, but we believe that this was just a coincidence. One of the two testers that did find some c
  7. Scott, This is a correction to my last reply: I just ran a test of this procedure and found that adjusting the GMT hours up down doesn't seem to affect the date even if you roll the time through midnight - so you needn't be concerned about that. However, you may have to adjust the virtual date if it is different to the real-world time at the target location in step 4. I have now corrected the procedure in previous reply - I hope!! Cheers, -James
  8. Scott, Try this method to get your FSX virtual and FSX GMT clocks back into proper alignment, it seems to work for me (if anyone knows of a better way please let me know). 1. Open the saved flight or a Free Flight at the target location 2. Select World->Time and Season... in the FSX menu bar 3. Click on the "Reset" button to reset to your local time, but more importantly it will set the minutes and seconds close to the correct values for virtual GMT. 4. Now click on the hours of virtual GMT to select this - then adjust up or down to match the current hour for real-world UTC (Zulu t
  9. Thanks Peter, That was the answer that I was hoping for. If the requirement had been seconds or less we would have had a major issue in getting all players into time sync. The use of the two virtual clocks explains why we failed on our first test. On the first test we had trouble getting our respective FSX clocks aligned with both virtual GMT and virtual Local Time simultaneously. Even when we had local time synchronised between players to within about 8 seconds of each other the virtual GMT clocks were up to 2 hours different. At the time we didn't understand what was causing this, nor h
  10. Hi Peter at al. I am a member of the UK VGA (UK Virtual Gliding Association) and have been conducting some multiplayer experiments with other members using CumulusX! "MP Soaring Clock". My current, albeit limited understanding, of the pseudo-random generation of thermals in CumulusX! is that the random generation of thermals is seeded from a combination of landclass, mesh, certain weather conditions, and date/time. Also of course the CumulusX! settings must be identical. Most of these requirements we found to be relatively easy to control and match between participants except for time ac
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