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  1. This scenery looks spot on! I live in Los Angeles (in the hollywood hills and also right next to the childrens hospital) and from my houses, I get an amazing view of the city from many angles. you've recreated the city perfectly, down to every car on the Metrolink! Really nice job aerosoft!
  2. Yeah, I have the same problem as you. For me, it is only happenng in the PMDG NGX, but I haven't tried much else. Also, when I push back, it bounces until the "towing equipment is removed." Is that fixable as well? Thanks so much! Best regards, Sam
  3. Hello! I was wondering if there was any chance of an AES update to include Fs Dreamteam's KLAX. I have it, and AES would made an excellent addition to it. Thanks! Best Regards, Sam
  4. Hello support. I am having trouble uninstalling version 1.10 of innsbruck X. I can't find an uninstaller, and the manual did not tell me anything. I also tried in the Aerosoft Launcher, but do to it being in catacory-unknown it would not allow me to remove it. How can I uninstall it manually before being able to install the newest version? best regards and thanks for your help, Sam Cordell
  5. Hello! Whenever I do the Edgware-Hammersmith route, and program the announcements, it seems to skip bayswater on that route. It will announce it as Nottinghill Gate. Please fix this problem and it has happened on multiple occasions. Thanks very much! best Regards, Sam Cordell
  6. Thanks. Any idea how long it might take for the FSPilotShop Update? Kind Regards, Sam Cordell
  7. I have just checked on fs pilot shop, and the new Nice Airport update is not available yet in my profile. Will I have to use the Aerosoft Launcher to Update it and if so, has the update gotten to the Launcher? Thanks and I love the look of the airport! Best Regards, Sam Cordell
  8. Hello Aerosoft developers and staff! I am loving the current Nice package (and I am excited for the upcoming update/new version) , and I visit there in real life once a year. I also go to Saint-Tropez, and I recently found out that in you FS2004 compatible "france 1" scenery, you included La Mole airport LFTZ. I was wondering if there was any chance of a update/remodel of the Saint-Tropez airport? I think all of your products are stunningly amazing, and I think you all would to a superb job of the Saint-Trapez airport. Best Regards, -Sam Cordell
  9. By any chance can anyone do a Royal air Maroc A321-200? Thanks and I love your repaints! -Sam
  10. Hello. I am running Aerosoft's London Heathrow X and it seems to overlap with the default scenery. I have REX and might that be the problem? There are the nice new buildings, but then there are also the old default and REX buildings and jetways. Thanks a lot! -Sam
  11. Maybe a nice Courchevel, in France. -Sam Cordell
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