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  1. Gentlemen Thank you for the info given.
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks for finding time to answer. OK but is there any other method to register other than through the "addon.xml", as perhaps such method could have an impact on other simulator addons? regards
  3. In the P3Dv4.3 scenery library I notice that Simwings Malaga Airport professional is the only airport that is showing the enable box in grey and itv cannot be moved or edited. I have ORBX and checked for LEMG files in the FTX Global and found none. Is there an explanation for this and how it can be rectified. Thanks in advance
  4. A complete new install is required.  Be sure to remove the previous version first, reboot, disable your anti-virus and then install the new version as Admin.


    Happy Flights.


  5. May I kindly ask that "Air Malta 319" is added to the Paint List. Thanks in advance, Leslie
  6. Great Repaint. First time that the Selcal Code is included with 9H-AEN
  7. Hello, I have just started enjoyning using teh Airbus X and would like to have the A320 CFM in Air Malta Livery. Here there are two magnificent views of this Livery. Is there a way that you can help with this request. I thank you in advance. Leslie
  8. hI jOHN, I don't know if there was a request for teh Air Malta Livery from someone else, but the other day I have posted this request. Thanks for the information and I will make contact with the tesyter as suggested by your goodselve. Many Thanks, Leslie
  9. Hello, Just doing my first tries with the Airbus X. However I have encountered a problem when using Heathrow. I was assigned to land runwau 09L and inserted the ILS Frequency for this runway, i.e 110.3. First I got (SWZ) 110.3 and then I got IRR 110.3. ( which is that of Runway 27R. Neither of these is that for 09L. I have tried to enter the letters only hoping to get the right frequency but nothing happens. I have tried to use 09R and inserted 109.5 and same thing happened -- no response. Anyone have a clue of what is happening? Cheers Leslie
  10. Any one got a chance of doing an Air Malta A320CFM Livery
  11. Leslie

    Airbus X

    Bob, Many thanks I will do that
  12. Leslie

    Airbus X

    Hi Steve, Many thanks for your interest and help I will try and look for this topic. However what amazes me is that there seem to be a lot of satisfied users of the new Airbus X and certainly they are not experiencing this probelm but are enjoying this Aerosoft product. So I suppose there must be a step by step guide of how to perform the settings. I need a lot of help so I am relying on all those who can offer help. Look forward to start rolling the Airbus X Leslie and d
  13. Leslie

    Airbus X

    I am using a registered copy of FSUIPC 4 and the intention is to use this for calibration of yoke and pedals but not for the CH Quadrant throttle. All axis assignments in FSX have been deleted, except those for CH Quadrant. The CH Quadrant have been calibrated with CH Manager with a setting of Min value of 0, Max Value 255, Detent Value 0f 255 and a Dead Zone 4. In the FSUIPC, I have checked the “No Reverse Zone” box and that for “Exclude Throttle n_set” as explained in your VOL 1 page 15. However I cannot achieve a Reset value of 0 and 0 as shown in your instructions. So I must be doing something wrong. Can you please guide me with a step by step of what I should do to start enjoying what looks like an excellent product. It would be of help if you can send me photos of how the FSUIPC 4 Axis assignment page should look like as may be this is where I am doing wrong. Also how am I to get a reverse thrust setting.
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