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  1. Maybe it is not related, but in Marcus67's example, in the fmgs.log, the default v speed V1 is 128, as per the problematic managed speed of 128 knots happened during cruise. And strangely, when the problem begun, in the prediction engine logs, the CLL one disappears. If we had a little bir more info for reading the logs, some geek sim pilots may analyze the logs better. For example the values for FlightParams, PSDs etc. My best.
  2. Thanks GIELVDV for your detailed post. This is the managed speed topic. Is you problem about the managed speed dropping to very low values, or steep descent? If it is steep descent, I think this is the wrong topic to post it. Maybe someone moves the topic over to the right one.
  3. I'm not having this for a long time either. After a full re-install of
  4. IVAP, the IVAO pilot client may be causing this. The winds shift so drastically (when the weather engine is selected ON in IVAP config), maybe that causes the flight management computer code to fail. I fly only on IVAO, maybe that's why I sometimes get the issue, when winds shift in a specific way. Latest occurence was again on IVAO. Logging is on now. If ever it happens again, I'll report as requested. Klisura, is your IVAP config weather tick is selected?
  5. I had this only once, on cruise. A321 IAE. No addons except Aerosoft Airbus, just some freeware scenery airports. No weather addon etc. I was online at IVAO. Don't remember the exact route. The only thing I can say is, I clicked ECAM FLT Controls page, then closed it, after a few seconds both engines lost all power for one or two seconds, then came back.
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