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  1. ozgulkagan

    night mode for pop-out MCDU?

    SHIFT + L ?
  2. ozgulkagan

    Auto Throttle Problem

    Hi Mathijs You can test it on any procedure with a altitude constraint long enough for the bus to reach 250 knots. When stable at 250 knots and altitude, constraint ends and the bus accelerates over 250 even under 10.000 feet. You can also test it using selected mode. set 250 knots selected set 3.000 feet alt stabilise set 10.000 feet alt pull the alt knob
  3. ozgulkagan

    Printer sound way longer than actual printing

    Agree... Same here.
  4. ozgulkagan

    Auto Throttle Problem

    A320 IAE v When taking off from SUMU, using DAGU1C SID, the SID has altitude restrictions. The bus stabilizes for example at 3.000 feet. Speed stabilizes at 250 knots. When the constraint is over, the Bus is starting to climb. But, throttle advances faster and the nose up attitude keeps up later, thus speed is increasing to like 260 - 265 knots, violating the speed limits for both the SID and 250/10.000 rules. I think it should be smoother and speed limits obeyed while starting the climb phase. This problem happens for all altitude restrictions, or even when using autopilot solely and trying to change altitude at low levels. For ex. try an altitude of 2.500 feet and 200 knots SELECTED. Then set the knob to 3.500 and push / pull the altitude knob. My best.
  5. ozgulkagan

    Airbus Professional Pushback

    Then I can only suggest you do as Mathijs said above...
  6. ozgulkagan

    Little problem

    Thanks a lot for the reply. I can live with that...
  7. ozgulkagan

    Airbus Professional Pushback

    The latter problem is caused by the default fllght. The aircraft version (livery) selected for the DEFAULT flight is not available any more. You need to select another available aircraft, save the new scenario (flight) as default. Then you will not get this error again. BTW, your livery is removed by the new install of It is known and users are warned to save their installed liveries.
  8. ozgulkagan

    Little problem

    When you land and stop at gate with 167 passengers, after some time the cabin attendant calls: "Captain, all passengers have left the plane" But MCDU3 shows like 93 passengers still unloading. Seems like the call is time triggered. Version: A320 IAE Load: Below.
  9. ozgulkagan

    New version seems ok

    Holds have speed limits and if you're fast for it, you cannot stay on drawn hold lines. What was your altitude / speed on the hold?
  10. ozgulkagan

    New version seems ok

    Do you by chance, starting the pushback from the MCDU3, and stopping it by pressing SHIFT + P ?
  11. ozgulkagan

    Managed speed issues

    I'm not having this for a long time either. After a full re-install of
  12. ozgulkagan

    Saving an Airbus, loading it later

    Maybe you should disable the DEFAULT STARTUP STATE, so that when a flight is loaded, it will not reset all your saved data? Just a guess
  13. ozgulkagan

    Some UTC questions

    Hi Secondator. No. I set the simulation time, before the flight, on the "Load Scenario" menu, the default opening window of P3Dv4. I hit fly, and that's it.
  14. ozgulkagan

    Some UTC questions

    Note: After some waypoints, the reading became normal. Now it reads 0119 for DEST I've 440 miles to MMMX23L. Inbound MAM Here is my flightplan Dept: 19L, OTTO transition RNLDI4 OTTTO Q68 HVQ SPAYD YOCKY/F360 UNCKL KM36M HENSY KM21I KF12G RAECN J29 PSX MAM/F380 UJ35 TMN UJ35 AVSAR AVSA3B ARRIVAL: 23L, AVSA3B Current Real UTC: 16:18 Sim UTC: 00:18
  15. ozgulkagan

    Some UTC questions

    EDIT: My version: Installed version: In the below picture, the simulation clock is set to some other value then the real UTC Clock. Flight is A320 IAE, KIAD - MMMX. The MCDU, in flight plan shows times for waypoints in the correct simulation time, 01:20 for MMMX23L in this example, but below, it shows 1560 for DEST Question 1: Is 1560 a normal reading, shouldn't it be 16:00? Question 2: Why DEST shows real UTC, while sim UTC is different? 15:60 in this example, is roughly showing the real UTC clock. My best.