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  1. Why not have both professionalism and shiny graphics? Don't get me wrong, I myself also rather put myself in the latter category and would buy an aircraft more prioritized in systems rather than a virtual cabin. That doesn't mean I wouldn't take an optional virtual cabin to add to the detail if it were possible (in terms of development resources and hardware limitations). I probably never will fly a real A330 or B777, so I don't use P3D or any other Fight Simulator for training purposes. I use it for the experience. And not just flying an A320 out of the same hub five times a week. I like to mix it up. Fly GA over Alaska, do island hops in the pacific, cargo runs on a B748 in Africa and yes also do scheduled flight on an A321 out of the same hub five days a week. So while I put myself rather in the latter category, shiny graphics are not far behind my wanted list and I actually see no conflict in having both of them. I also like to use Flight Sims to explore the world (go places I probably never would in real) and I would use defaults (mainly GA) to do just that until more sophisticated flying material gets developed. I see not problem with that. But yeah I would never use autoland and then watch my plane land from outside view. In fact for many years now I never even leave the interior during flight 😉
  2. Honestly? If this new Sim is everything we all hope to be there is not much that will keep me bound to P3D. For the same reason I didn't look back at FSX when I switched to P3Dv3. Fair enough a lot of Addons were P3D v3 ready ween I switched but then again this new FS may very well be an enormous difference to P3d4 compared to P3Dv3 vs FSX. I will remain hopeful and optimistic as I am keen to see a fresh wind and an entirely new core software to set new standards. I am going pretty much off topic here. But the thing is while I may still be willing to use P3D I am hesitant in purchasing new products for it. The A330 is one of my favorite aircraft and still can't wait for it. But let's just say this new FS will win over most of the simmers (P3D and X-Plane) and Aerosoft will bring this beautiful bird to the new sim I might as well wait for it rather than buying it twice. After all I've waited this long.
  3. Can't argue with that. But it appears this one is starting over again from start to bug free all over again. This thing has been scheduled for 2016 (latest 2017). Sure sh** happens, but I got the feeling that this project can't keep up with all with the evolution of it's host and thus is going into a neverending cycle and will probably stall very quickly. I'd rather go without PBR if that meant a project start-over, which may cost another 2-3 years. There seems to be a huge zig-zag between alpha- beta- amost done- alpha-almost done- beta-...! I assure you this post is not meant to be disrespectful or trying to put pressure on this project. The developers sure earn my respect (any that takes on aircraft, especially popular ones like the A330). It's just genuine disappointment after being excited for 2-3 years and seeing it going always further away and I am not talking about potential deadlines that haven't been met, but the apparent lack of progress.
  4. Uh oh. That sounds like at least another year development
  5. PMDG e.g. uses a dummy airframe to produce the aircraft shadow visible from inside the VC
  6. Will there be a preview thread for CFD progress (also for the smaller busses)?
  7. The thought that people (even the most loyal FSLabers) are trying to find some justification for what has been done is very disturbing. This line of thinking might go all the way and could see future governments getting enough support or defence for chips within people with the ability to kill/hurt them when going against the law. I know that's an extreme example, but when you think about it, it's the same principle. If people are able to find justification for the former they are certainly capable of finding justification for the latter.
  8. Imagine the coffee machine were not working and everyone were to get out of there unharmed. That'd be beyond lucky.
  9. Well I have seen worse livery transitions. It's just that Lufthansa had a clean, elegant and timeless livery already. It's one of those airlines where the livery itself already represented high standards and one of those where the euro-white worked. Now it seems to be rather flat. Will take time getting used to. Kinda like the Air New Zealand transition..... not much has changed, but the one with the blue-green was very elegant and clean and now the black seems very flat.
  10. Of course there always is Kerbal Space Program ;-). Not sure if it still exists (and if it's still freeware), but there is also quite a good "As real as it gets" Space Simulator called "Orbiter", which includes Space Shuttle and the Apollo Program (Add-On). But make sure you really read into it and perhaps even check out some YouTube-videos. Whatever you know about flight-flight cannot be used for space-flight. It's not apples and oranges... it's apples and tomatoes
  11. Was just about to post the same topic. I can confirm getting the same. SAK is enabled and even the associated Orbx *.bgl files are active, while the others are off. Even deactivated all the default PANC files within Orbx SAK and Vector without any luck. Here are my two shots including one lake/puddle with seemingly elevation problems.
  12. That's because (at least the way I understand) Boeing is much more transparent and more willing to participate within the Flight Simulator world than Airbus.
  13. Well if the Embraer is a "valid" request... then so is Seoul .
  14. Wow I never expected this thread to this direction. When I initially read the title I thought it will be shut down or be flagged as rather irrelevant quickly. There are a lot of aircraft I'd like to see, but I don't see how pushing a developer to give a statement and trying to force them to commit to a decision will make much of a difference. And I am also on Anders Bermann's boat here, that I would prefer to see other more recent aircraft than an A340.
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