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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but the aircraft states and other options are managed via MCDU 3, which can be called by clicking the top ellipses of MCDU1 and 2, or can be called by SHIFT + 4. There is no option menu for checklists, states, sounds etc in MCDU 1 or 2.
  2. I think it is by design. I cannot delete the discoutinuity, if it comes after MANUAL. My opinion: That means the pilot would select DIRECT to IAF/FAF when established on the manual heading and at the appropriate altitude. Meaning a vector is given by ATC at that point of the procedure. From another source: If there is a MANUAL entry before any DISCO - you need to clear that first - as this indicates that from that point you should get vectors according to the STAR/SID. You cannot clear a DISCO after a MANUAL entry, so first clear the MANUAL, and then the DISCO BTW I cannot clear the MANUAL either.
  3. Did you fly the tutorial flights? Possibly something is missing in you route or MCDU perf pages or even INIT page.
  4. Do you mean ALT + ENTER? You dont have to be doing that. P3Dv4 allows to fly in a screen mode that is both not dedicated fullscreen or windowed but something between. You can just alt+tab between charts, routes ETC. Don't use ALT + ENTER if you do. Just try ALT + TAB?
  5. ozgulkagan


    Maybe this? I think part of Airbus type exam, oral questions?
  6. Can you please provide route and sid / star details + VERSION like etc.
  7. Luis, in Airbus, if you PUSH an autopilot knob, that means you're pushing it towards the plane, meaning you're giving the plane authority to manage the according parameter (altitude, speed, heading etc). If you PULL it, that means you pull it toward yourself, so you are controlling that parameter. And... Always know your guidance. Means, you always check you PFD top bar to see which guidance system is active. There it writes OP DES, means you're in Open Descend mode. Tutorials explain it very well. My best.
  8. If your plane is really light and you use TOGA for takeoff, that seems normal I suppose. Most of the times I use Flaps 2 for takeoffs, and let the computers decide flex temp, use MAN FLEX for throttle setting and after takeoff, until the acceleration altitude (commonly 1500 feet AGL) I let the speed increase a bit and then set Flaps one. When I reach S speed, the caret gets pass it and accelerating, I retract flaps fully. I feel it is almost like the same in those videos. But I use random load for the aircraft. You need to be sure you're loading your passengers and cargo before takeoff. Tutorials are your best friend.
  9. Yes I had the same. FPM = 120, G component like 3.5 I wonder how that can be. Maybe a sudden drop after some float?
  10. Hello everyone. Is this a bug or is it normal. I can't be sure and would like to have an answer. Best regards. Kagan.
  11. Hello gentlemen. For night takeoffs, the attendatnt addresses the souls on board and announces that "light in the cabin are off and that's a standart procedure for night takeoffs". But when you go outside and take a look, the cabin lights are on. My best.
  12. Did you try to run P3Dv4 as administrator?
  13. This is usual behaviour of FSX / P3D (by design) You can turn off multiplayer / plane ID's from settings. ID's are always drawn over anything.
  14. Maybe windows zoom factor has anything to do? There is a zoom option %125, %150 etc in display properties. Is it %100 for you? @samwise7
  15. http://www.37000feet.com/report/546623/A320-captain-forgot-to-activate-the-approach-phase-before-activating-the-managed Narrative: This flight was scheduled to boi. There was an FAA inspector on the jump seat conducting an en route check. Boise was conducting visual approachs to runway 28R&left. The descent and approach went fine until I requested the first officer to select managed speed. We both suddenly realized we had forgotten to activate and confirm the approach phase because the commanded speed went to green DOT(210 KTS) and autothrottle to climb thrust. We immediately corrected, I closed the thrust levers (now manual thrust), but now I had a great deal of excess energy to dissipate. I almost went around, but made a couple of s-turns on the final approach with tower's concurrence. I was stabilized by 500 ft AGL and made a smooth landing in the touchdown zone, on speed. I don't believe any violations occurred, but the inspector was not impressed! I have flown this aircraft almost 34 yrs and this is the first time I have been bitten by this mistake. Why we forgot to activate the approach phase I can't explain. I would hate to say we were distraction by being observed, but maybe. I do believe, however, that this design of the software is very poor and I know of many airbus pilots who have experienced this. I doubt I will forget again.
  16. This should be it, if it is simulated correctly.
  17. Tutorial flight help you a lot Go to your MCDU, click PERF button, move to the APPR page using the last button right bottom of the screen (NEXT). There, you can enter destination runway / airport winds, QNH etc information and MDA/MDH
  18. Maybe it is not related, but in Marcus67's example, in the fmgs.log, the default v speed V1 is 128, as per the problematic managed speed of 128 knots happened during cruise. And strangely, when the problem begun, in the prediction engine logs, the CLL one disappears. If we had a little bir more info for reading the logs, some geek sim pilots may analyze the logs better. For example the values for FlightParams, PSDs etc. My best.
  19. Thanks GIELVDV for your detailed post. This is the managed speed topic. Is you problem about the managed speed dropping to very low values, or steep descent? If it is steep descent, I think this is the wrong topic to post it. Maybe someone moves the topic over to the right one.
  20. Hi Mathijs You can test it on any procedure with a altitude constraint long enough for the bus to reach 250 knots. When stable at 250 knots and altitude, constraint ends and the bus accelerates over 250 even under 10.000 feet. You can also test it using selected mode. set 250 knots selected set 3.000 feet alt stabilise set 10.000 feet alt pull the alt knob
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