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  1. All good now! I did a complete uninstall and reinstall again this morning. Now everything is working as it should! No idea what went wrong before. Thanks!
  2. Hallo Hans, sorry, no. When I select the CRJ after the update P3D crashes to desktop. The event logs an ucrtbase.dll with the P3D.exe fault.
  3. I redownloaded the plane from my account, the updater says "latest version installed".
  4. I had to do a reinstall of the CRJ and found the situation as indicated above. I've read the statement in the Q+A topic about not having the latest P3DV4.5 version installed. I do have that version installed, but nevertheless the problem remains. Are there any other suggestions on how to solve the problem? Thank you!
  5. Ok, got it, thanks! I wrongly expected call-outs like V1 or else.
  6. I agree withe respect to the cabin sounds. I have all sounds enabled in the EFB, I checked the MLG BAY OVHT, which results in the correct call, but there are no Flight attendant sounds or flight deck noises.
  7. Hi, when using the CRJ Pro, I do not get any sounds (announcements, call-outs) in the cockpit. I can hear the cabin announcements (very, very faint) with the slider in the EFB to 70%. All announcements are selcted in the EFB. Any Idea, what I should check? Thanks!
  8. I use the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Throttle (and Stick) and I have the same problem with the CRJ, but in a mild version: during cruise, usually one throttle jumps back a bit and stays there. After moving the throttles again, they are together for a while, then one jumps away again. It does that only with the CRJ, not with any other aicraft. It happens only in cruise, never during climb or descend.
  9. Have you loaded a default plane first and the the CRJ? It is recommended and helped me in that situation.
  10. Hi, when changing a page in the EFB (change from one approach page to another) I get a CTD. Error report points at Kernel.dll. Win7, latest version of CRJ, Navigraph 12/19 Is the EFB especially sensitive for those changes?
  11. Same here, normal airports in Germany or North America. As stated before, it happens every other flight, but for me on most flights since the latest update. Please let me know what other details you may need, I'm happy to provide you with everything I can come up with.
  12. Hi, I'm not sure this an Airbus issue but it happened (so far) only with A319 (latest version) in use. I set up a flight from KIAD to KPHX and on both occasions flying with the airbus, P3D stopped working (turned grey, not response any more). The event log stated both times that P3D.exe crashed with Net Runtime Error and two minutes later with the D3D10WARP.dll. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. I attached the text from the event log. Log.txt
  13. Is that the last word to the problem, we have to live with it? I can live with it, this little oddity would not prevent me from flying the CRJ, I just would like to know....
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