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  1. Thanks, I found it. It was indeed a mixture setting left in the profile. I was sure I had deleted any entries but apparently I did not. Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks, I'll give that a try later tonight. But since I use a completely empty profile for the CRJ, I wonder where the mixture could come into play.
  3. It is higher than the detent, the throttle is calibrated, and I will try to start without the Honeycomb throttle and report back.
  4. I had the CRJ installed on my old computer and it worked as designed. Now I installed it again on a new computer. The installation went fine, but now my problem is, that the engines don't start. I use a Honeycomb B Throttle Quadrant with an own profile for the CRJ. All mappings are removed with the exception of the throttles and the gear lever. No matter which aircraft state I use, the engines won't start. I follow the checklist, so the APU is running, the Fuel Pumps are on, Hydraulics as well, all Doors are closed. The N2 indicators move up to 20%, but moving the throttl
  5. I did a complete uninstall, redownloaded the aircraft and installed it again. Now I have 2 good starts - the aircraft moved away from the gate and two, where the problem persists... Go figure!
  6. I checked that, the only thing is the . at the keyboard. Pressing the . on the keyboard sets an releases the brake. If I take it out, the problem stays on.
  7. Hello, I hope I'm in the correct subforum. Here is my problem: I installed the aircraft and followed the instructions to set-up my Honeycomb Throttle. All functions seem to work, all knobs and buttons are deleted from the profile. Only the throttles, the reversers and the gear and flap functions remain. I calibrated the throttle via the EFB as per instructions. Yesterday I followed the tutorial, but at first the aircraft would't want to taxi. When switching the brake on and off a couple of times it suddenly worked. Today it did not. The aircraft would not move a millimeter
  8. All good now! I did a complete uninstall and reinstall again this morning. Now everything is working as it should! No idea what went wrong before. Thanks!
  9. Hallo Hans, sorry, no. When I select the CRJ after the update P3D crashes to desktop. The event logs an ucrtbase.dll with the P3D.exe fault.
  10. I redownloaded the plane from my account, the updater says "latest version installed".
  11. I had to do a reinstall of the CRJ and found the situation as indicated above. I've read the statement in the Q+A topic about not having the latest P3DV4.5 version installed. I do have that version installed, but nevertheless the problem remains. Are there any other suggestions on how to solve the problem? Thank you!
  12. Ok, got it, thanks! I wrongly expected call-outs like V1 or else.
  13. I agree withe respect to the cabin sounds. I have all sounds enabled in the EFB, I checked the MLG BAY OVHT, which results in the correct call, but there are no Flight attendant sounds or flight deck noises.
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