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  1. Hi Bob Thanks for providing updated AFCAD for 05/23. I've been a bit distracted watching the Beluga XL landing and taking off from Chester! I have done some initial testing using FSX and the Stock B737. All three of the ILS approaches and landing work perfectly with ATC recognising them correctly. SO moved on to loading the approaches into the stock GPS and got some spurious results of way points clearly miles away. I have attached screenshots of these. I must stress not attempted these with FMS on any add-on aircraft. Rmoving the IDS libraries form the Scenery folders and re-checked the approaches I the GPS and all is fine. I compared your revised AFCAD with the stock one in ADE, with which I am a complete novice. I cannot see where these rouge legs are coming from. Many Thanks John
  2. Yes both IDS libraries are 1 and 2 in the library list. Just building a new installation currently. SO they are the last software added and on installation are right up there. Many Thanks John
  3. Hi I have been doing a bit more research on this. I am not an expert in scenery design, so please bare with me. I use Just Flights Traffic 360 so I removed their afcad version, as it instructs you to do in the installation. Obviously I left the stock afcad in place - APX47130.bgl. I always thought that it was best/essential to leave these intact. Whilst taxing out to 23L, I encountered a windsock in the middle of the taxiway. I opened the stock afcad, with ADE and obtained the co-ordinates then went into the new one provided in Manchester X, and sure enough the taxiway is directly over the co-ordinates of the windsock. So I guess my question is the stock afcad conflicting with that in Manchester X along with the fact that there is a difference between 06/24 and 05/23 runways. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  4. Thanks Dave Much appreciated, will give it a try later
  5. Hi I have just installed Manchester X and am having exactly the same issue. The approaches all have the runway number missing plus I am only being offered visual approaches. Really a shame as the detail of the airport is tremendous. I have attached a couple of screenshots of the default GPS for EGCC approaches, the first with Manchester X folders included in Scenery file list and the second with them excluded. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this of suggestions on how to resolve this. GPS with IDS folders removed from Scenery List.BMP GPS with IDS folders ticked in Scenery List.BMP
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