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  1. Thanks for creating the program and profile I'm working through testing this now : D
  2. Awesome! thanks for the feedback I'll be working on them this weekend as i finish up work tomorrow. If you follow along with the File in the Forums it'll alert when i up date.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I had a lot of fun learning this aircraft and creating this profile , I have had a few people test for me with success but please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with the profile PM me. This was created in P3dv5.2 HF 2 - there is a picture of the configuration of the profile in the PDF check that for the throttle pieces you need. Included is the JSON that is Both Profiles Built into the Export for both the Alpha and Bravo Profiles. The BaseDash8Controls.xml is the P3D controls exported this set in the simulator controls section under the import option towards the bottom of the menu. Please read through the Majestic Dash8 Profile Description PDF for a full list of bindings and interactions. Thank you all for downloading my profiles it's much appreciated , I'll be working on the 717 and improvements in my previous postings on this site. Take care out there! and enjoy this profile!
  4. sorry for the late reply this should help let me know if you have issues with it moving forward Glad to help out , this will import the profile and allow you to pick then activate each one
  5. @dawgfan58 check your profile Binds in p3d and make sure something else isn't already bound to that toga switch. If you are talking about you have the Bravo Throttles and your using the Airbus Ones , I have not programmed that button as of yet , since I'm still waiting for mine to get here. Let me know and I'll help as much as possible!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Happy Sunday Everyone! This was created using x-plane configurator version 2.1.0 please make sure you have the latest version installed before importing profiles. Also make sure to Create a New Control Profile in Xplane and strip all commands out of it. If you don't you will have double binds. I am very proud to present to you one of my favorite aircraft and it's subsequent Alpha and Bravo control profiles. This export contains both profiles in 1 file , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE WALKTHROUGH there is button logic programmed into some of the switch and Engine start will be the first thing you have issues if you don't read carefully. If there are too many questions on how the profile works I will make a guide video on youtube on how all the button logic functions. ( cause i'm crap at writing and explaining ) Appreciate feedback , everything is working that is practical on this aircraft, SOME LEDs need more programming but the majority of them do function correctly with x-plane Thanks everyone and especially Aerobask and Skunkworx for bringing this beautiful jet to us.
  7. Hi John, check the following below and thanks for the feed back. The jumping into detents behavior is a behavior adjust that can be made in your FSlabs MCDU Quadrant behavior, I have mine set to not "STICKY" into the spots. make sure it looks like this , and also make sure your throttle reversers are set in the down position, if you pull them up and push forward that will give full reverse thrust. Flaps and Spoilers should be bound to Y axis and Z Axis Respectively
  8. Version 1.2


    Please refer documentation included for all bindings , if you have any questions or issues please let me know , any improvements or suggestions are also welcome. Most of the binds are accomplished using ROTOR_Brake codes from mouse click events. Enjoy!
  9. Version


    This was created utilizing the Simpit Event Variable shared by Documentation with the Quality Wings 787. This profile comes combined with the Alpha and Bravo Profile and allows you to import both from a single file. Please make sure you have your 787 updated to the lastest version and the latest version of Honeycomb Configurator. thank you everyone for your support and feedback!
  10. I have a big interest in testing any profile you have setup with QW787 as well thank you
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