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  1. In the Efb there is a throttle setup tab so I assume yes.
  2. Hey now that we know the release date would it be possible to tell us where the hint was for the original date?
  3. I was reading a post in the airbus forum specifically about bundles. Mathijs you agreed with a post that said there possible will be a bundle for the 700/500 pack and the 900/1000 pack. Would it therefore be cost effective to wait until the second package come out? Maybe I misinterpreted the post and that is only for the airbuses but I though I would ask. Thanks in advance.
  4. Will the scenery be available? If so I really admire people like you. Having a good accurate looking airport makes all the difference for me(especially in xplane due to lack of good looking vanilla scenery).
  5. I am quoting him here "The originating checks will be a long video but after that it will be possible to speed up the production a bit because I will have less to explain." So he choose to skip it to make the videos come out faster.
  6. Hey all, I don't know if you want this or not but I made a PDF with all of the checklists so I don't have to print 130 pages. Figured at least some of you might want it. Edit: I know the text is small, if people want I can make it bigger. Crj checklist .pdf
  7. Found a little typo in the manual I found quite funny. On page 13 of vol2 it says prefight instead of preflight, even though I know it was not intentional it made my day.
  8. Hey @The Dude another great video today. I have one question. What is the grey thing that sticks out of the tail of the airplane? Not the apu exhaust but the thing sort of below. Is it tail-strike protection? Thanks.
  9. I think he said something along the lines of, it will be very close to release when streamers have it. So I assume no longer than a week.
  10. Yeah, he's good at explaining. He has a nice series on the airbus that got me on my feet.
  11. I would also like to throw V-1 Simulations into the mix.
  12. Hey guys, I am reading through the manuals and noticed an error. As I am new to the CRJ I don't know which one is wrong and maybe you have already found this error, but the landing distances are different in volume 1 page 9/10. Looking forward to release like everyone else.
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