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  1. Doesn’t the base simulator give free airac updates?
  2. If I am not mistaken you have a p3d 330 does that mean it will come earlier? Or was this something you guys have used the entire time?
  3. I don’t know if previous comments about other products apply to this one but they have said no on the grounds that they are unlikely. Aerosoft planes are meant to simulate the captains normal flight nothing more nothing less.
  4. I can’t imagine it would not since they already have something like it.
  5. I remember someone asked this when we were waiting for the crj. They said there is no reason too. But I am sure they will happily take your money when it comes out.😉
  6. “Especially if it has floats.” It does there is a page like this one but they post more pictures.
  7. This is one of the best replies I have ever gotten. In some of my earlier posts I reference the fact I have no clue what they should really feel like. I do exactly what you said, press familiar buttons. I was asking more for curiosities sake in the sense that now they are more of an educated guess than perfect. I am by no means trying to be that guy and I hope it did not come off that way. Anyway thanks again.
  8. You have made me think. I guess I will rephrase my question have they both stopped? If so are the planes we have now are the last truly realistic ones?
  9. So just out curiosity, do you know why they stopped sharing them? Does it have something to do with protection of technology? Don’t really expect an answer but if someone has one great.
  10. Here are my two cents. I would prefer the A330 first. Firstly there is a lack of a decent long haul aircraft in the sim. We already have the CRJ and the 320neo for short/medium haul. I also think that the A320 is already in good hands. As someone who has never flown the real thing I probably would not truly appreciate the depth that would be available from you guys in the 320. That said I can understand for a business standpoint it is better to roll out the 320 first because more people will buy it. I am preoccupied with the CRJ at the moment and whenever it comes out the twin otter will tide me over until the 330.
  11. I am having problems. I have it calibrated and I stuck the Allen key through so they should be the same but still in manual thrust they are quite different. Another problem I have is the manual thrust. Whenever I make an adjustment it goes all the way to idle then up again which is annoying on final. Any fixes for these?
  12. I will take one for the team and wait. ( Definitely not because it will be midnight or later when it comes out.)
  13. In the Efb there is a throttle setup tab so I assume yes.
  14. Hey now that we know the release date would it be possible to tell us where the hint was for the original date?
  15. I was reading a post in the airbus forum specifically about bundles. Mathijs you agreed with a post that said there possible will be a bundle for the 700/500 pack and the 900/1000 pack. Would it therefore be cost effective to wait until the second package come out? Maybe I misinterpreted the post and that is only for the airbuses but I though I would ask. Thanks in advance.
  16. Will the scenery be available? If so I really admire people like you. Having a good accurate looking airport makes all the difference for me(especially in xplane due to lack of good looking vanilla scenery).
  17. I am quoting him here "The originating checks will be a long video but after that it will be possible to speed up the production a bit because I will have less to explain." So he choose to skip it to make the videos come out faster.
  18. Hey all, I don't know if you want this or not but I made a PDF with all of the checklists so I don't have to print 130 pages. Figured at least some of you might want it. Edit: I know the text is small, if people want I can make it bigger. Crj checklist .pdf
  19. Found a little typo in the manual I found quite funny. On page 13 of vol2 it says prefight instead of preflight, even though I know it was not intentional it made my day.
  20. Hey @The Dude another great video today. I have one question. What is the grey thing that sticks out of the tail of the airplane? Not the apu exhaust but the thing sort of below. Is it tail-strike protection? Thanks.
  21. I think he said something along the lines of, it will be very close to release when streamers have it. So I assume no longer than a week.
  22. Yeah, he's good at explaining. He has a nice series on the airbus that got me on my feet.
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