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  1. Congratulations to the Aerosoft crew... It's very nice to "see" the 20 years... Thank you for your work and the best service.
  2. I understand what you mean. And thats ok. But what i mean is, that there was wrote about the complicated VATSIM. And thats not ok. VATSIM isn't complicated. And all the Controller help you if you are a newbie. I am a member of the FriesenFlieger VA. They fly on VATSIM. So i know what i say. But here somebody wrote about VATSIM and is never fly online before flying with VAE in Andras Field. Thats not OK. I think.
  3. I read here constantly such things as "... we try to keep things as simple as possible ..." . Flying is not "SIMPLE". But not complicated. Not by VATSIM, not by IVAO and not by VAE i think. "Make things simple". What does that mean? No Rules? No ATC? A little rules? A little atc? But with rules and with atc it's the same as by VATSIM or others. SIMPLE makes for long no fun, i think. Please tell me, what you mean with "simple". I am a member of VATSIM. Using FsInn. Its NOT complicated. My experience is that the more clients, the more the PC is unstable. And the Online Flying will be complicated. Apart from the many open ports.
  4. Hello Tobus, ok, i understand you. But i don't have any problem to fly VFR in VATSIM. It's easy. I think: each has just a slightly different opinion and different experiences regarding the VFR Online Flight in VATSIM... regards Heinz
  5. But you can fly in VATSIM "VFR" very well. I am a member of VATSIM and a member of the "FriesenFlieger (www.friesenflieger.eu). The FriesenFlieger VA is a big "VFR" Community. An we fly very often in VATSIM. The controller in VATSIM are very helpful and very friendly to the VFR Pilots... And in reality, there are now once IFR and VFR, big Planes and small planes... Regards Heinz
  6. Hello Peter, thats right, what you say. Because of VATSIM (or IVAO): It wanted to discuss Mathijs Kok (Aerosoft). As far as i know. Regards Heinz
  7. Hello, not via "insert image", but via "Attachments" (at the bottom). Regards Heinz Flichtbeil
  8. Hello, here are three more pictures. Mustang against rabbit. But i think that i should not participate in the contest. Best regards Heinz Flichtbeil
  9. Hello JaneRachel, i understand you. If really no one of the Andras Aviation Club will flying with VATSIM or IVAO, then it must be accepted. And then it is ok. But perhaps we should find out once with a survey. Otherwise this discussion don't end... Best Regards Heinz Flichtbeil
  10. And what about the others, who would rather keep to the air traffic rules? Especially at airports around the aerea of Andras Field. I am a newbie too. And i am flying in VATSIM and sometimes in IVAO. And i can say that every tower controller will help you, if you want it. The flightsimulation is more fun with the most real air traffic rules. Believe it. And these are easy to learn, for a newbie too. Regards Heinz Flichtbeil
  11. What is complex by VATSIM or IVAO?. The only thing is, that you must keep as pilot for example to the air traffic regulations, the atc and the airspaces. And i hope that we want it too. We run a flight SIMULATION. Regards Heinz Flichtbeil
  12. Thata allright! I wrote VATSIM only as an example. We can certainly use IVAO. Regards Heinz
  13. Why not, if all members of Andras Field (if they are not already) a member of VATSIM (for example) would be? The membership is free. Anybody can join VATSIM. And with FSInn for example we all can fly online on Andras Field with all the advantage of the VATSIM Server. I see no problem.
  14. I don't understand that. Why should we separate Andras Field from the big online world (VATSIM, IVAO)? The membership on this servers are free. On this two servers there are many controller online (tower, ground, approach, radar, fis...) and many many pilots and virtual airlines over the hole world. I think , to separate Andras Field from this world, degrades this beautiful project to a "playground" without realism. Ok, we have to look at the air traffic rules, the ATC-phraseology, the airspaces and so on. But that makes the flight-SIMULATION "real". And that's what we want. Or not?
  15. Hello, but i think, flightsimulation is boring without the real Air Traffic Regulations (These are independent of VATSIM or IVAO...). Anyone can do then what he want. Where will it all end?. I also believe that it will be boring if we always take ourselves to Andras Field. The real Flight World is so much more...
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