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    A/I stands for Anti ice. Switching this on for take off has an influence on your flex temp among others (which somehow is named ASSDT in the loadsheet). The COL is a typo and should be CDL. This stands for Configuration Deviation List. With certain, not modeled, failures you need different performance parameters and this line in the loadsheet just reminds the reader of it. It is part of the "immersion" and can be disregarded.
  2. I had this sometime ago. I think Bob gave a solution for this problem somewhere in the forum last week. If I find it I will link it here.
  3. Frank Docter

    Problems with MCDU Preparation...

    Try the supplied tutorial flight from Frankfurt to London first if you are running into problems. This will help you alot if you are unfamiliar with the operation of an Airbus. Happy landings!
  4. Frank Docter

    Fix Info - Decimals show BAD FORMAT message

    No problem, happy landings! Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Frank Docter

    New to Aerosoft Airbus, which one to buy?

    Both packages are equally new and share the same code. The weather radar works with all weather add ons and also with the default weather of the sim. And yes you can use PFPX flightplans. Cheers
  6. Frank Docter

    Fix Info - Decimals show BAD FORMAT message

    Marco, it is very simple. Decimal points like 4.2 are not possible in real life and therefor not modeled. What you want to do is not possible in the real plane and therefor also not modeled in the sim. Only “full” distances like 4 or 12 are possible.
  7. Frank Docter

    [P3Dv4] TCas Carenado 390 premier not working

    As for the no WXR. This is what is listed on the product page: Weather radar screen (only available for FSX)
  8. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Not for the pilots. Technical personal can ofcourse install/activate (pins) these options.
  9. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Other 3D models because of the lack of PBR, no animations/objects in the VC, no truelight and glass. These are just a few examples that show how much a difference P3D v4 already makes when compared with 32 bit. All this, and more, must be rewritten/left out and that costs manpower/money.
  10. Frank Docter

    A320 not flying managed speed

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  11. Frank Docter

    A320 not flying managed speed

    This is a known bug with the current professional, P3D v4.4, version of the Airbus. Please go to this topic and if it happens again make an appropriate report so we can more easily track down the problem. Thanks
  12. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    That is an “official” video that was posted by a betatester. It was made many moons ago when P3D V3 32bit was cutting edge. It does not represent the AS A330 in it’s current state but please do not expect any new videos soon. If we have anything to show we would ofcourse do it in an heartbeat.
  13. Frank Docter

    Managed speed issues

    So much for this topic being only for managed speed drops.
  14. Frank Docter

    Cost Index tweaks

    Very naughty.
  15. Frank Docter

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Could it be that everyone that has climb performance problems lately flies with “real” weather and takes off with ice buildup on the wings? Ergo do you have wing and engine anti ice on after take off in icing conditions? We had these “same” problems with the last 32bit release some years ago when wintertime started. I am not saying that is the solution but just asking to troubleshoot the problem. I do not mean the managed speed goes to Vls in climb/cruise bug here but rather the off topic loss of climb performance chatter in this thread.
  16. Frank Docter

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    You are Anders, I am Frank. Excellent post. We could not have said it better.
  17. Hi all, just to get you started with the CRJ, and when you also have Chaseplane, you can download my presets from the community section of Chaseplane. Just look for TheDude. I did not do engine and wing views and the like. Only the cockpit views I use most when flying the CRJ. Have fun!
  18. There is no difference in this regard between Boeing and Airbus. You are fully correct that the Airbus would also take the speed reduction into account. But, the profile prediction is only as good as the data it uses. If there is more or less wind around FL100 than used in the profile calculations you will get deviations between the calculated profile and the actual. Large deviations are ofcourse not the norm.
  19. Frank Docter

    Kein ILS LOC und GL/S mehr.

    Spätestens beim ILS intercept sollte der LS Knopf am FCU gedrückt sein. Jeder Pilot, Sim oder RW, kann selber entscheiden wann er vorher der Knopf drückt. Manchen machen es schon beim Approach briefing in FL340, andere wenn bekannt ist welche ILS geflogen wird (Info von ATIS, ATC, nur 1 ILS verfügbar). FL100 ist einen Richtwert der sich bewährt hat.
  20. Frank Docter

    Odd Image

    Excellent work Dave! Hope we can squash this bug with the next update.
  21. Frank Docter

    Odd Image

    Short answer to the first post. Yes it is a bug. It is known to happen when flying vectors to an approach. The dev can not reproduce it with 100% certainty so we are still hoping to find a solution for it.
  22. Frank Docter

    Speed/Altitude of the waypoints

    Try inputting all relevant data like ZFW, Fuel etc. The computer needs this data before it can make predictions.
  23. Frank Docter

    Packs Turning Off With Ignition

    The bleed air system was totally rewritten and some things are not fully modeled yet. Expect this to be corrected with a future update. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.