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  1. OK Joachim, I think I misunderstood things here. I apologize Also, sometimes, maybe after an hour of flying, both the Transponder and GPS screens freeze up - they just display the last image they were displaying - and wont change. You cant even turn off the screens, because even in the off position the screens stay on. I am perplexed as to why this happens, there is no rhyme nor reason.... BTW - I sm having much more fun with this, than the Katana... I like the ability to turn off the engine, and glide in almost total silence. It is very cool, as are the side-slip effects.. Craig
  2. Hi Joachim, I am sorry if you feel that I am wasting your time... but I just wanted to point these out Craig Tatley
  3. Hi Marcel, I just saw that dev update you just posted, and was wondering if you might accept one suggestion - could you perhaps completely remove the GPS unit, and/or make that classic unit functional - because I believe it fits in with the aircraft much better than the current GPS 500. Also, why does the selection window disappear after a few seconds? Why can it not stay up infinitely for slow cookies like me? Craig Tatley
  4. Yes that is correct, Joachim has said he might do a Night-VFR version in the future, in other threads, and I have just started up a thread to specifically ask him this. Craig Tatley
  5. I to have the same issue with the "Doooooooooooooooo" tone playing unless one switches off the C4 Unit. Perhaps the installer needs to be revised to add that entry to the Dll.XML thingy? I did not, and do not own Discus glider X or discus glider K.... Craig Tatley
  6. Hi Joachim, I have purchased your Dimona X motor-glider, and am enjoying every minute of flight time! This is one of the most bug-free realeases I have purchased ! Two issues, one question: Issue #1: When you use the mouse wheel to turn on or off the ignition, there is no switch sound... but when you use a left-click, there is a switch sound! This issue only occurs on the ignition switch, all others are fine. Issue #2: The parking brake lever has no sound - would it not be possible to add a parking brake lever sound? Question: Is there a definite Yes/No on the Night-VFR model, or are you still deciding? Thanks in advance for answering these, And great work on the add-on, Craig Tatley
  7. I must say, even though I have the Katana, I will still buy this, as the prop dynamics are amazing, by the looks of things... Craig
  8. Still Marcel, In realistic mode, it would be good to have "Fix All" button, that fixes everything fairly quickly, but does not clean the aircraft or remove special features. I simply do not have the time to maintain this awesome little plane Craig :-)
  9. Could you at least make the map light functional? Maybe you can you a 3-D light effect????? (I know nothing about FS aircraft design ) Craig
  10. I must say that color banding (On the panel) does look rather awful..... and for me too there is no map light. Craig
  11. But the ASI VSI, and Altimeter DO work in instructor mode, but display exactly the same bahavior when I fail the pitot tube and static port............................ Craig.
  12. I cannot get the ASI, Altimeter, or VSI to function. I did the complete pre-flight walk-around, and removed all flags and tie-towns, and even cleaned the aircraft, but to no avail. I even did an inspection, and nothing cropped up as being faulty. What am I doing wrong. i also have the same thing with the engine lurching to a halt, and the towbar spped problem. Craig.
  13. Hi Marcel, Every time I fly it, do i need to clean the aircraft as well? My altimiter and asi and Vsi dont seem to work, even though i did a pre-flkight walk-around check.... Craig
  14. Excellent Marcel! In fact you will be pleased to know, I am downloading right now! Craig :-)
  15. Marcel, I have not purchased this add-on yet due to lack of funds, but when you have to, say recharge the batteries, is it possible to use time acceleration? My rig simply will not stand up to running FSX for 12 Hours straight :-P Great work BTW - The price is incredible, considering what you have put in it! Thanks for making this incredible add-on! Craig
  16. HI All, Why is it that on some plots for sale, the house type cannot be chosen? I would have thought that we could do that????? Craig :-)
  17. Hi Guys, How do you use the calender? When i click on either a date box or a picture within an opened date, nothing happens! How do I know which aircraft is on special each day? What have I done wrong?! Cheers, Craig Tatley
  18. Hi Thorsten, When I tune the 3-d tuner for nav 1, it tunes nav1. When I tune the 3-d tuner for comm2, it tunes comm2 and when I tune the 3-d tuner for nav 2, it also tunes nav2. The only one that doesnt work is Comm1 3-d tuner, which tunes comm2.
  19. Hi Thorsten, This seems to only occur when using the 3-D tuner for Comm 1, the one on the left - when I turn the 3-D tuner for comm 1, it tunes comm 2.
  20. Hi Guys, One other problem I have identified is that when you try to tune comm 1 (In IFR model), Turning the dial to tune comm 1 tunes comm 2. This means I cannot tune comm1. However nav 1 is not affected and tunes normally using the comm/nav1 gps tune dial. Cheers, Craig Tatley
  21. My Global Tex Res is set to max, I'll post some screenies of the Bush Hawk and the default accel a/c to show what I mean.
  22. I will post some screenshots when I can of the issue - maybe they will help. Thanks anyway for all the help so far, it is a great little plane!
  23. No strange FSX.cfg settings, havent touched it at all, i have found when i turn up my filtering to anistropic(?????) The DG and HSI look a lot better, as do the other textures. The default mustang and EH-101 get the same gauge blurring (When you are looking directly at them), but on a far worse scale.
  24. Ok thanks guys, I'll check, but i'm pretty sure it is on max. The biggest blur offender is the Directional Gyro in the VFR model and the HSI in the IFR model.
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