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  1. I can't get any damage.I had the " No Failures" not checked Try to fly well over the max engine parameters for very long time, with TRQ lights and TiT/EGT high warning light lit but no Engine Fail.Any Idea? Maury
  2. -what is fhe function of the Lamp on the upper right corner of the ILS Gauge.The mouse Label state " vor homing" ? -what is fhe function of the IFF Lamp on the right side of the panel ? -THe Hydraulic amber warning light is simulated?, i can't see this lihgtup also with low idraulic pressure Thank Maury
  3. I try that and make a fly with no crash, so i think the problem is the sound modue.Anyway i had a problem vith the power levers.In flight anytime i retard the throttle at minimun the power lever set at GROUND START and i can't advance further them with joystick control.I had to drag the levers in the vc with the mouse at FLIGHT IDLE and then i can again use the joystic.So i can move my jostick power control only in the range from FLIGHT IDLE to MILITARY position any value under FLIGHT IDLE set the lever at GROUND START.I don't know if this is related to the sound module disable Maury
  4. I load the Bronco via the normal FSX Free flight menu, and the load is ok, Set from the checklist or electric scheme the cold&Dark Maint state, start the engines and from here , i get the crash. I think this maybe caused from the sound module, i can't read the text on the blue screen because this uppen too fast. There's a way to disble the custom sound to try if this is the cause?
  5. I can't make any flight on this plane.When i load in in FSX and try to start to a cold&Dark state , i get a blue screen and the pc restart.I try more time always this the same end,only not always at the same point. Any help please Maury
  6. I try that but nothing change.I put a 2D ADF gauge on the panel and this show the frequency i set is right but the needle is always rotating.I think this gauge is not working at all
  7. i try different frequency but it's always the same-I take this frequency from the map in the sim Maury
  8. I can get the ADF,(АРК-9) to work.I try to set different frequency but the adf indicator is blocked.When click the adf switch the needle on the adf indicator start to rotate.I can't find nothing about on the manual. Any Help? Maury
  9. Sorry i forget , i'm speaking of the wilga Maury
  10. the Ultraviolet light switch on the overhead panel are not clickable. There is not instrument backlight in the VC ,only the basic panel light.Is this correct? Maury
  11. On dark flight i had not instrument backlight,is this correct? Thank
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