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  1. So you want the default ground twxtures in stead of higly detailed textures with polygens? The cuves lookes fine to me. And this looks great!
  2. No, im accusing myself for not be absolutley sure if the cabin is there or not...
  3. Yes, the cabin is still there. I have only seen the the fence is gone. Im pretty sure Are you ? hehe I can be wrong...
  4. This looks lovely. Im trying to take some pitchures to Jo Erlend, and this is the result from the first pack. Its not much and thats my fault. Nop, but the fence is gone. Hope to get some more material soon. Jo Erlend is doing a great job here!!!
  5. This looks really great! Looking forward to fly Norwegian from Barcelona to Oslo What ground textures do you use for Spain? I use Ground Environment Pro, but i do not get the desert feeling in shoutern Europe, its all green vegetation like in Norway and Sweden.
  6. Hello! Some pics from the new Virtual Airline: Virtual Norsk Luftambulanse (www.vnla.net) Førde in sight On ground
  7. A flight from Kjeller til Torp in norway with BN-2A. Really amazing aircraft! overcast and rainy overhead Oslo Joining final 36 Final
  8. What we need is a Gardermoen update. Basicly for FS9. For FSX we already have a great freeware scenery. But a FSX and a FS9 compatible scenery would be great!
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