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  1. Same issue. 1000 bought from aerosoft.com.
  2. I have had three CTDs while taxiing, two close to the gate, one when entering RWY. ENBR RWY17. Never had any CTDs with any a/c before.
  3. I have this issue with the thrustmaster TCA. What axis is this?
  4. This is just so lazy. If you guys are waiting approximately an eternity to release an update, you could expext the patch to at least fix the known issues, and the known issues to be tested. But no.... Aerosoft customer service is on a fast track from excellent to be quite poor. At least we can hope for a fix in the next update that will be ready around Christmas, and released around Easter due to "unexpected events out of our hands, just like last time"
  5. My experience is that all turns to final goes the wrong direction. Same with VOR approaches or LOC with an outbound course from the aerodrome with a turn back to final. P turns will never work either.
  6. Can it properly do SIDs, STARs and approaches now? It's been far off the quality of the CRJ FMC up to recently at least, and until the USR and lack of flyable/editable approaches, this statement is a bit weird.
  7. I cannot find this issue addressed, and I'm not sure if it has been an issue all along or just recently occurred for me. I just now tried to pop out a few displays, but they all cause the soon to drop down to very low frames at about 5-10fps. As soon as I close the popout window, frames come back. Applies to any display, and every instance. 10900 and RTX3090 running 4k resolution
  8. When setting a Squawk code, either from vPilot or FMC or RTU, after less than a minute of flight, the code is changed towards vPilot and any other external sources. It does not change the displayed squawk in the aircraft however. I tested this also with no other applications other than vPilot running. The code changes to any random number. So, appearantly everything is fine, but I have to update the squawk once i minute in vPilot to keep the ATCO happy, which makes it unflyable online. For information, I also have the issue where the COM1 radio reverts to the initial value, or another value than set. I have to use COM2 in order to decide frequency on my own. These forced changes in frequency are also visible in the aircraft.
  9. My transponder code keeps on changing to another code by itself throughout the whole flight. Normally between 30 seconds to 1 minute after setting a transpoder code in the RTU or FMC. It does not change in the displays in the CRJ, but it updates to a new, seemingly arbitrary value which is present for VATSIM ATCs and on my VA's ACARS. Is this the same issue as experienced by the other users here?
  10. So, I have been testing a bit more. Some frequencies are allowed for a while on COM1, but reverts back to default/previous frequency after a little while. Other (legal) frequencies are just denied. This is if modified in Vpilot. When I attempt to edit the frequency by any of the available inputs on the pedestal, the frequency keeps on reverting to the frequency the A/C was loaded with. COM2 works. Don't know if this is the same issue as above, or should have a separate issue.
  11. I agree fully with this concern, without any real life experience of course... 😉
  12. Same here. As it automatically goes back to another (previous?) frequency, this makes it impossible to fly on Vatsim. Once a frequency not in the 25 kHz intervals, it is impossible to tune to that frequency. Is there any way to disable the radios in the CRJ, or at least break the connection to vpilot so that it actually is possible to fly a whole flight online?
  13. Same here. I saw the same thing on the dude's approach video too.
  14. I have the same issue, and it's been present from day one, and continues after the update. It does not happen if I cycle the spoilers (extract/retract) as part of my taxi or takeoff checklist. So it seems like the phantom spoiler is an issue. I do not have spoilers assigned trip an acid, and I have not used esc every time this happens (which is every time).
  15. Same issue here, landing is hard, and in the external view, the power indicators go nuts for a while every time the levers are touched.
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