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  1. Captains,


    there's currently a known issue with the offset function which can cause a crash to desktop.

    Especially with the upcoming VATSIM Cross The Pond event we highly encourage you *NOT* to use the OFFSET feature for now.

    We know it's a thing you'd commonly see used in oceanic ops and we are working on it, however it's more complex than it initially seemed so there will not be a fix available soon for this.


    This said, enjoy your longhauls and maybe we hear each other on the frequency at some point!

  2. Daniel, I fully understand you are not happy with this, I really do. You have every right to say how you feel and we apprechiate it. We answer just as open and honestly. I explained you the process of why the issue is treated as it is. That's really all I can do.


    I did not say no customer noticed, I said almost none.

    If you enter "flex" into the search function and make it search the Airbus forum exclusively then you'll find just three or four topics where the word flex is even mentioned.

    That's three out of tens of thousands. That shows how important this is to customers.


    I can not promise a fix right now (as said, under investigation, if it's a small fix it might get fixed), what I can promise is that if this is not an easy fix it will be taken into account when determining the upgrade price from the P3D version to the MSFS version.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Qseries said:

    I'd like to add a question about this. Do I understand right, that there will be no bugfixing anymore for the P3D version, with the new sim not even released?


    No, you do not understand this right. There will be more fixes coming and for sure the last version for P3D will be a stable one and not an experimental one.

    However at the moment only vital fixes are done.


    Despite absolutely agreeing with you from a real life operations perspective it is also a fact that almost no customer noticed this problem.
    I didn't know about it myself until reading this very thread, despite flying some 200 hours in the A330 until now.

    Thus from a commercial perspective this one is simply not as important. I know you'll say otherwise. If I were a customer I'd agree with you.

    Seeing the big picture about P3D and upcoming simulators though there is currently more important stuff to be fixed, unless the flex temp is really a small fix which could be squeezed in at some point. We'll try that, but if it doesn't work then it doesn't work.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, atesz76 said:

    trying to pull out with right click of the mouse but the knob is not staying in that position.




    I have one more question. Should I creat an account with navdata pro?


    The knob is not supposed to stay in that position. You pull it out and it returns back to the middle position.


    You only need a NavDataPro account if you want to buy a chart subscription which you could then use with the Airbus (and of course all other supported clients).

    If you do not to intend to buy a subscription you do not need to create an account either.

  5. Hi Andreas,

    sorry für die späte Antwort. Kannst Du bitte ein Video davon posten?

    Hin und Herschwanken können möglicherweise durch zu geringe Framerates verursacht werden, Du brauchst stabile 18fps oder mehr, damit der Airbus funktioniert.


    Den Final im RNAV müsste er dann auch automatisch fliegen müssen. Autoland geht beim RNAV Approach aber natürlich nicht.

  6. 19 minutes ago, atesz76 said:

    trying to pull out with right click of the mouse but the knob is not staying in that position.


    I think you misunderstand the way the knob is implemented.

    Pulling and Pushing (left/right mouseclick) only engage modes.
    To change the target altitude you need to scroll with the mousewheel. Left/rightclicking is not involved in changing the target altitude.

    You first need to change the selected altitude using the mousewheel, then you need to activate a mode by pulling or pushing the knob with the left or right mousebutton respectively.

  7. On 3/24/2020 at 12:00 AM, Captain Bill said:

    Dear Aerosoft 

    I purchased the A330 v1.0.8 and completed few flights with few glitches if I may point out for future update.

    While I enjoyed the flight dynamics and m any features I have experienced the following

    1. The aircraft always starts in zoomed in Cabin view (please see attached) and you press S to get the flight deck.

    2. After starting interactive checklist, it takes over and you can't do anything else with the aircraft and goes beyond the state of AC at the gate, i.e. Taxi and Take off.

    3. After setting the altimeter at 6000 in Europe or 18000 in US and display "STD", copilot keeps asking for setting altimeter

    4. When staring from a saved flight, it starts in A.Floor and unable to recover. Sometimes you may check auto throttle off and on again and recover but not all the time.

    5. EFB always starts with two errors. Server error unauthorized and refreshing  Navigraph token. Configurator is set to NavData pro

    5. Occasionally ILS is not captured even below altitude plane misses approach

    6. Reverse Throttle works on landing but it does not open (is not visible on the engine)


    These are my experiences. Hope to have some insight.

    Thank you for a greatly needed simulator.

    Bill Hagag


    Hi Bill,


    1) This is Chaseplane or EZDOK related. It loads different views than our default views into the config files which can cause issues. Best contact the developer of your cameraaddon for a fix.

    2) I can not recreate this on my system. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce?

    3) Are you sure both sides are set to STD? Contrary to our previous Airbusses the altimeters are seperated now in the A330.

    4) Works fine on my computer. Do you maybe have some weather engine in use which might cause a wind shift when loading a saved flight?

    5) Try a clean installation of the latest version and this should no longer occure.

    6) Can you provide screenshots? I had no problem intercepting the ILS ever.

    7) Works fine here. Which P3D version do you use?

  8. On 3/28/2020 at 7:20 PM, AAC47 said:

    Thanks for Your answer.......


    It seems that Direct Entry for holding entry is working OK 


    I sent a post about this 6 March 2019 so there is not an issue I discovered Yesterday


    I will fly holdings manually until further




    Indeed it's not a very new issue, it is on the list for improvement.

    However so far there have been more important issues for the MCDU developer to work on.


    As hard as it sounds: Not many simmers use holdings. Thus we prioritise the features simmers use daily and then will come to this.

  9. 18 hours ago, Qseries said:

    IMHO Aerosoft should really offer an option for the VC with the shadermods nearly everyone is using? I really don't know anyone who is using P3D without Tomato or Envshade or PTA these days - I mean not using them decreases the graphics quality so much that it's not an option anymore. EVERY other plane on the market works fine with those addons which are really standard today.


    The problem is, there is no "shader mod nearly everyone is using". There are at LEAST 5 different ones.

    PTA: Ultra Realism Preset, Matt Davis Preset, ND Preset, (there is a fourth which name I don't recall right now)

    Tomato: Ultra Realism Preset, several others

    REX Environment Force: Dynamic shading (which always looks different), etc.


    Aerosoft would have to create different textures for every single one of them. Creating one set of textures takes about three months.

    You can imagine how expensive that would get.

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  10. Hi Jan,


    what kind of tutorial would you like to have?
    We think the way we designed the EFB it is pretty much straight forward. It's mainly a resource to geather information, not a system to really interact with in terms that you have to program it, etc.

    The Vol.1 of the manuals outlines the most important parts, the rest of it, at least I think so, you look at two or three times and you know what's going on.


    If there's something particular you need to know you can of course always just ask.

  11. 54 minutes ago, DUTCH1963 said:

    hi Emanuel

    system specs are in first post.

    i recently upgraded my system from a ryzen5 2600 @3.8 mhz boost and 16 gb cirsair vengance lpg 3000mhz to the specs in first post





    Hi Martin,


    it's not just the specs, it's also which other addons you use, which settings you use, which other programs you run parallel to your sim, etc.

    It's the otherall picture which counts in the end and not just single parts of it like hardware, software, settings, etc.

    It is impossible to say for sure how things will effect other things as everyone uses their simulators differently.

  12. Not trying to spoil the fun, but with the amount of traffic expected at the cross the pond, especially now during the Corona lockdowns, the whole hoppie system is very, very, very likely to collapse that day.

    It already did so during the past couple of evenings due to the huge amount of VATSIM and IVAO connections these days.

  13. What might help as well is to select the empty secondary database and then select the installed database again.

    You can do so by clicking the left LSK next to the respective database on the A/C STATUS page.


    Be careful however, do NOT do this in flight as it will remove all your FMC programming and you'll have to program the FMC again.

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