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  1. Wait I may have spoken too soon. I did a flight from FSDR to FSIA and it worked, but when attempting to fly from FSPP to FSSF it crashed xplane... So it looks like the smaller fields still aren't able to load in the G1000. Maybe because it's using an old airac cycle? I dunno
  2. Just wanted to report that I DO have access to the Seychelles airports now through the G1000! It's been a long wait but happy it's working now
  3. great news! i always update to latest beta version which constantly adds many new submitted airports. i'll keep an eye out for the seychelles to hopefully make an appearance soon
  4. was considering purchasing the jetways extension but most new plugins don't seem to be working with the latest XP Beta under Vulkan. Can someone please confirm if it does or does not work?
  5. thanks for the screenshots, ill explore around and try to find those places
  6. quick q: are there any water strips for float planes in this addon?
  7. g'day. just checking in to see if a solution was ever found for this...how to add the airports to the GPS?
  8. just a few more shots i thought were nice
  9. also, found a secret uncharted landing strip!
  10. you were right! apparently the Seychelles scenery in the .ini wasn't high enough in the list so only some of it was coming through. I'll see if that solved the other issue. This means I have to fly to every airport once again now
  11. Desroches Island looking marvelous this fine morning
  12. thanks for your reply and going to the same location I was at. I'll mess with my settings some more and remove plugins, etc to see if I can fix it. Only difference is i have reflections turned off and visual effects set to the highest.
  13. hmm, but it is a bummer it seems the only airports in the GPS are FSIA and FSPP as far as I can tell. this will make navigation a little more challenging 😛
  14. Was hoping to shed some light on that this strange graphical anomaly is I'm experiencing. Basically all of the islands have this line running through them. I think it may be the beach from the other side showing through but not entirely sure. It happens on all of the islands and is quite distracting. Know if it's a bug with the scenery or on my end or any tips on how to get rid of it? Thank you!
  15. oh nothing fancy, just place my way-points close to the airports in my planning software and load the flight plan in the G430. Works just fine for my needs
  16. yep that's exactly what I did. I used LittleNavmap to create a route and tried to load it in the default gps with no luck. I've found other ways around it for now but let me know if you figure out a fix!
  17. thanks for the clarification! yeah i think some people (including me) were confused about that, i saw it in several places that said "...high quality orthophotos..." or some variation so assumed that meant actual ground photo textures. but that's ok it's awesome the way it is
  18. I tried to fly a route between FSSB and FSSD via the garmin 430 in my little plane, however it does not have those airports (I assume since you added them?). Is there a way to include the new airports in the GPS database? thank you
  19. hey there, I just bought the Seychelles addon and I'm very excited to explore it all, so expect me to ask some questions now and then First one, is the ground textures for all of the island orthographic images takes via satellites? I use ortho4xp a lot so am used to seeing them. And on the website here https://www.thresholdx.net/news/m2xprs it says: "In addition to high quality orthophotos, custom terrain, autogen and custom landmarks; the pack also includes a rendition of Seychelles International Airport and Regional Praslin Island Airport, the two main airports of the isla
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