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  1. update: after last patch I'm able to get this working exactly as intended, at least on my first fligtht. TBD if works on all subsequent. but at least I know I've been doing it correctly as it seems it was a bug
  2. just hopped int he twotter a month later and noticed the same thing. should I open a new thread?
  3. I just purchased the GCLA La Palma airport and loaded it up. First thing I noticed was it was pitch dark on the apron and gates. This does not seem correct. However there are indeed many large light poles. Is this a bug?
  4. i'll try this out next time. I've never manually added in a restriction before but have gotten VNAV and TOD displays just fine. i swear it feely random 😂
  5. hmm interesting theory. i swear i've gotten it to work when simply using a pre-planned RNAV or ILS approach which programs in altitude restrictions automatically. what do you mean exactly by "hard" altitudes?
  6. UPDATE: but to my surprise, the coupled autopilot VNAV worked! descended like a champ. wild
  7. Seemingly random, I can't get the VNAV display to work. I do same FMS setup every time (I think). And sometimes VNAV works, sometimes it doesn't. I feel like I'm missing something here. Take a look: As you can see the VNAV info is completely blank. But if you look on the MFD Data page, you can see the TOD is indeed known and correctly calculated: And "DESC INFO" page also knows what the next altitude restriction is: Anyone notice anything off that could be causing this issue?
  8. Hello, I just purchased LIPV San Nicolo and it looks great, however there is a crack in the world coming from the airfield across the sea towards Venice. You can only see the large crack from an angle, otherwise it is flat and 2D. Normally I'm not a stickler for small texture glitches but this one really stood out to me. I'm wondering if it's an issue because of the recent Italy update? Anywho, I wonder if it would be an easy fix from Aerosoft's side. Please let me know. Cheers
  9. hey guys, quick question regarding flap sounds and thought this would be better than opening a new thread. just fires up the Twotter and noticed that the moving flaps don't make a sound at all. I even moved the camera to the back of the plane right next to the flaps but couldn't make out a noise at all. Is this normal? If so then cool. just wanted to make sure I haven't broken something
  10. Just noticed this strange texture on the rear tire. Is this supposed to be there?
  11. dresoccer4

    GTN 750?

    Just got the great PMS GTN 750 and was wondering if it worked with this addon? or if not if it was a possibility for the future? cheers
  12. i haven't flown since this but when i try again i'll report back
  13. ah well i should have taken a longer video because I tried VS and it didn't respond either. also, it was originally in speed mode on ascent and it blew by FL250 until I manually took over.
  14. and it should have held the current altitude, right?
  15. Hello. I'm having an issue with the AP holding an altitude. I've taken a video to show. The autopilot worked fine during climb phase of flight using the 'speed' setting. However the AP then blew past my altitude preset (FL250). I then manually flew back to the altitude and enabled altitude hold. However the AP then keeps forcing me into a dive. Can someone tell me why it's behaving this way based on the video? https://streamable.com/vsm4jq
  16. my dude, just stop while you're behind 🤦🏽. you're getting downvoted by people because you're both wrong and arrogant (the worst combo) 1) you must be new to this because weather is critical to learning to fly a plane. especially jets which commonly encounter very high wind speeds which drastically alters flight leg times 2) you keep contradicting yourself by saying "follow the manual and tutorials" while also saying "ignore part of the tutorial". see the cognitive dissonance here? 3) part of this post, specifically, is about letting Aerosoft know there's an issue in their tutorial as you're unable to set the weather (which, as we've established, is important) as indicated in said tutorial. Tutorials are meant to be followed exactly, so if there's a problem with it, I'm sure Aerosoft would like to know so they can correct it. That is all.
  17. if you actually read the OP then you'd see the weather setting literally comes from THE MANUALS
  18. UPDATE: so the mystery continues. during this flight I did the exact setup and config as many other flights, except this time the TOD counter appeared. so strange
  19. I just loaded a began a new flight with a new origin/destination and am having the same issue yet again. The TOD green circle is appearing on the map so the flight computer does indeed know exactly where and when the TOD is but still for some reason won't show it on the MFD like it's supposed to 😵
  20. ill try. in the meantime i attached the flight plan to the OP hoping someone would try to load it and then that'd solve the case 100% whether it's CRJ or flight plan's bug
  21. how many is too many? I only have 5 in there
  22. Is anyone else able to load the attached flight plan? I made in LittleNavMap CYYRKBTV.flpand have saved in correct folder however it's not showing up in the FMS. I have other flightplans that have shown up but not this one and I don't know why. File is placed in: ...\Official\Steam\aerosoft-crj-900-1000\Work_Defaults
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