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  1. For the Air India repaint made by JanKees Blom you cannot use the Livery Manager, you have to install the "old fashioned way" by unzipping and then Copy and Paste the livery and then the aircraft.cfg entry. The reason is a simple one, when the AirbusX was released (in 2010) there was no Livery Manager, that was only included after the release of the AirbusX Extended in 2012. John
  2. This was always my first place to look : https://www.planespotters.net/airline/British-Airways And yes, the person who uploaded that photo was not correct.
  3. The photo and registration is of an A320 not 319.
  4. There are THREE entries with [FLTSIM=0]. The first entry [FLTSIM=0] is correct , the next should read [FLTSIM=1] , the next [FLTSIM=2] . Check that each entry adds the next consecutive number for [FLTSIM=??] .
  5. Just uploaded : http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4489-airbus-a321-cfm-sharklets-virgin-america-n921va/ http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4489-airbus-a321-cfm-sharklets-virgin-america-n921va/
  6. Being worked on at the moment . Should be ready in a day or so .
  7. You were not being rude to me personally but to painters in general . At the risk of repeating myself , your post contained the comment ... but not as accurate as the top painters ... If that is not being rude , then I do not know what is . You are asking if someone ( i.e. a painter ) is willing to fullfil a " request " , so there is no need to add the comment ( in red ) above . You criticised another painters work without even contacting them to ask if they would be able to add any details you found " missing " . Why would anyone be prepared to commit themselves to several hours of work only for it to be dismissed because it did not meet your requirements . Again feedback is the one thing that no one seems to bother with . I can only suggest that you download the paintkit and try for yourself , not forgetting to upload it so that we can all enjoy it . It's not as though the old EasyJet paintscheme is al that difficult ( to start with ) . As for being " proud of myself " , all I have done is point out that saying that you would like a repaint of airline XYZ would go a lot better without commenting that other paints that are available are not " accurate enough " . I have in the past made " mistakes " and I am sure that even Holgi has too but unless these " mistakes " are pointed out then nothing is learned . Another point is this is after all a thread named " Repaint Request " , not " Repaint Demand " , if a repaint you asked for is made be thankful ( and do not forget to thank the painter ) , if not look elsewhere . Regarding downvoting my post , whatever " floats your boat " - though childish - and all because you did not get the reaction you wanted , being blunt seems to be the only way to ( possibly ) gain any respect for all the painters that waste their time for forum members such as yourself . Being polite ( with your request ) will ( probably ) increase your chances , otherwise ...
  8. The screenshots I placed on the previous page ( page 50 post #1237 ) were in reply to post #1204 who also found it neccessary to comment on the QUALITY of previous EasyJet paints that were available . Such " comments " are counter productive ( not just im my eyes ) and hardly inspire anyone to paint something only for it to be discounted as " not accurate " or " low quality " . That I took the time to make those two repaints was to prove a point , if you had posted without the comment about the accuracy ( a missing winglet logo - which you didn't mention - hardly a showstopper ) , then who knows , as it is I am under no obligation to upload any of my work - I don't work for Aerosoft or the forum members . That you personally find a repaint " lacking " is a shame ( for you ) , did you try contacting the painter to let him know ? I doubt it , I have had quite a few 1 star reviews myself ( without any explanation ) and I am still waiting to hear from these people why it was only worth 1 star . One of the things that I myself have posted about it the past has been the lack of feedback regarding paints ( good or bad ) . Even a simple thank you goes a long way . Having painted the Bus from the Beta AirbusX ( 2010 ) til now I have certainly painted some complicated paintschemes and also some " easy " ones , made several " requests " and have done my best to " please " others spending many hours / days / weeks / months doing it and at NO COST to anyone downloading them . The lack of gratitude is something that I ( sadly ) accepted some time ago but still kept sharing with others . Obviously that was a mistake on my part as it seems in that respect nothing has changed . Post Script : Thanks to those who gave a reputation point to post #1268 ( not why I posted ) , to those who downvoted my post , have at least the guts to post the reason why you did so , instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
  9. I really do wonder why I ( or any other painter - for that matter ) continue to waste my free hours / days / weeks / months making repaints for people who have such a high regard for the amount of " work " involved . This is now the second post asking for EasyJet paints but at the same time remarking on the " quality " of paints already available . Hardly a motivation point for anyone else thinking of starting an EasyJet paint is it ? Just be thankful that a painter " attempted " to please you ( at NO cost ) , only for it to be dismissed as " not accurate " . I myself spent a considerable amount of time remaking the warning signs on the engines ( and discovered a few omissions in the pain kit ) but I do not want to disappoint a paint expert such as yourself with a low quality paint . In true Blue Peter tradition here are two EasyJet paints " that I made earlier " .
  10. Funny that , some people have been waiting hours , days, weeks , months and even years for easyJet paints and four arrive . Here's one that could have been , easyJet's latest addition to the fleet .
  11. The paint kit supplied by Aerosoft already has a US Airways livery , all you have to do is add the registration .
  12. I'm not offended by your post , just the way it is worded . Your original request starts with " Is anyone capable ... " followed by the words " GOOD " and " HIGH QUALITY " which are not neccessary as you are asking if anyone here is willing to make a repaint for you . Now you are saying that you are " accustomed " to the quality of Holgi's work , so maybe you should ask Holgi , as everyone else's work is obviously not of the same standard ( in your eyes ) . As for being a " good " or " bad " painter that is very easy to say when you do not paint yourself .
  13. Is this to be compared with any BAD and LOW QUALITY easyJet repaints that are already available ? There are several already to be found in the downloads section . As for being " capable " , I think that is more being " willing " after such a request . Could be a good idea to at least be polite when " requesting " a repaint .
  14. Try using the Search function ( helps when " looking " for " stuff " ) . There are several easyJet liveries available including the A319 .
  15. I wasn't planning to continue with this but as you insist on quoting my posts I will attempt to make myself clear : Was I offended ? No , but I was disappointed that you thought you had to remove your post before reposting in the other forum . If the content of your post had been replaced by the word " Deleted " , then I wouldn't have posted at all . Was I being sarcastic ? Probably . That should be clear enough . From what I recall , nowhere does it say that you cannot post in both forums , in fact quite a few people do this . By reading other threads here , regarding this painters forum , you will understand this statement and why it was made ( a hint : search using the word " closure " ) . With some 200+ liveries uploaded here and not just the popular airlines , I have also painted others that are no longer in business . A large percentage of that 200+ were made as a result of requests that were made here ( in this forum ) , if a request was made in Holger's forum then that was the posters choice ( not mine ) . I feel that my " contribution " in this forum gives me the " right " to make the comments I made and if my comments were untrue in any way , I am sure that one of the mods or Mathijs would have pointed that out to me , either here in the forum or by PM . I will not be posting here again , any further comments you wish to make ( to me ) can be done by PM , freeing the forum for paint requests .
  16. There was no " offence " taken , I was merely pointing out that it is " allowed " to post this in BOTH forums . There are plenty of others who have posted in both sections to request a paint , my comment had to do with the fact that having two painters forums just complicates the whole procedure . By posting here you will make your request known to more than ONE painter and have a greater chance that someone will actually paint it . As my signature states , I am one of the " other " Bus painters ( since 2010 ) and there are quite a few more who " contribute their free time " , providing liveries at no cost to forum members . Painters here are not in competition with each other ( even if others may think so ) and if forum members want to rely on one person to fullfil " their needs " then that's fair enough . Getting " downvoted " for stating something that is obvious ( to me ) , just means I will have to re-think my contribution here .
  17. @Ray1974 And the reason for removing your request here ... ? Or is this painters forum not good enough ? Have in the past questioned why there are two painters sections ( already know the answer - so no need to answer this ) , but when you post here you are asking everyone who paints the Bus , asking in Holger's forum , you are basically asking just him . It's just a shame that there is a two tier system here and this forum is apparently for the " poor " cousins of the family to show their wares .
  18. @Tom , You know it , I know it but unfortunately ....
  19. The thing is Tom that even though the AirbusX and The AirbusX Extended are " outdated " and no longer available for purchase , they are still supported by Aerosoft . It seems that the requester for the Pegasus livery is active in another topic and ( apparently ) has the latest version . I have asked in the past that Aerosoft place a text on the repaints page stating the fact that ALL repaints work with ALL versions , with the exception of the sharklets version for the AirbusX but even then ( by renaming textures in the case of the A320 CFM ) they will show as non-sharklet aircraft . I have lost count of the times I have posted the link to the pinned topic I posted in May 2015 , or this other pinned topic : The fact is that even though the Livery Manager is a welcome addition , it does have it's limitations when installing paints that were made for Extended into the latest version and vice versa . It can't be used when using the AirbusX but the " old fashioned " method of unzipping and Copy & Paste is guaranteed to work no matter which version you are installing into . Maybe another " point to consider " for members when requesting a paint is to search the database first ( using at least 3 characters ) and if unsuccessful to also mention this when making their request and adding for which versionof the Bus . With more than 1400 paints available , I find it hard to believe that any airlines have been " forgotten " , not counting any rebranding as the lack of liveries could be due to the lack of available ( detailed ) photograph's . If the airline HAS been done and the poster is looking for another registration , try contacting the painter as he has everything already to hand and just has to change the reg , another painter has to start from scratch .
  20. No , actually it ISN'T . If however you were asking for a repaint made for the AirbusX you posted in the wrong forum . Repaints with sharklets do not work in the AirbusX ( photo supplied with your request shows a sharklet equipped aircraft ) , as you will have to change the names of the textures themselves . There was NO sharklet model included in the AirbusX package . There are 3 versions of the A320/321 . AirbusX released in 2010 , last update was 1.22 AirbusX Extended released in 2012 , last update was 1.16 A320/321 released in 2014 , last update was 1.31 Have you read the instructions given here ? By changing TWO lines in the aircraft.cfg and copying a texture.cfg from another working livery ( of the same type ) it will work perfectly well .
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