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  1. There are THREE entries with [FLTSIM=0]. The first entry [FLTSIM=0] is correct , the next should read [FLTSIM=1] , the next [FLTSIM=2] . Check that each entry adds the next consecutive number for [FLTSIM=??] .
  2. You are missing the entry [fltsim.2] all others are being ignored . You will have to manually renumber from [fltsim.3] for all entries .
  3. Sorry do not agree with this statement . I have stated before and do so again that repaints made for other versions are still valid for this version . The reason is simple , the only changes made to the paint kit since the Airbus X from 2010 are the VC textures and the addition of the sharklet models I was able to install ALL of my paints from the previous version ( installed in P3D V3 ) . Simply made backups using the Livery Manager ( for P3D V3 ) and installed them using the Livery Manager for P3D V4 ( this changes the texture.cfg automatically ) . Yes , there is some WORK involved by the end user regarding the line model= in the aircraft.cfg , the lack of a registration / selcal in the VC and for some the satdome ( this was not included in the previous paint kit ) . Any textures not used in the professional version are simply ignored and can be left or if the end user is confident enough , be removed ( to save space ) .
  4. For the third time , I really need to know which version of the A321 you have , otherwise the repaint will not work without some work on your part .
  5. Placing your email address in the open forum is NEVER a good idea , that is why I asked you to send me a personal message . Just to make myself perfectly clear , this is a ONE TIME ONLY offer , I am under no obligation to do this but as I spent a quite considerable amount of time making this livery I am not willing to spend any more time on it than neccessary .
  6. By placing your cursor overr my forum name you have the option to send me a message . The reason is simple , I no longer upload any of my repaints here or anywhere else . I also need to know which version you are looking for . You have posted in the " professional " section but that does not mean that is the version you need .
  7. As I'm in a good mood , if you want the MBM livery send me a PM .
  8. Most of the points mentioned in this topic are still valid - even for the professional version : I installed ALL of my liveries in the latest version with no problems whatsoever . If you still have the previous version ( for FSX or P3D V1/2/3 ) installed - Save your liveries using the Livery Manager ( for THAT version ) and then use the Livery Manager for the Professional version to install into P3D V4 . You will still have to create your own registration plate voor the VC and you MAY have to check the line model= in the aircraft.cfg but I can assure you that the liveries DO work .
  9. Joined today ( an hour ago ) and proceeded to downvote some of my old posts . At least I WAS a productive member for some years but that is how it is - Todays news is tomorrows wrapping for your fish and chips . John
  10. I recently open this topic : It seems that someone else ( or the same person ) has downvoted the original post ( from 2010 ) for a second time . What can be the reason to DISAGREE with a preview of ( what at the time was ) a " Work in Progress " . Will I get at least a response from this individual as to why they did so ?? It is not possible to react to the original post ( or the post linked above ) as this was locked some time ago and the livery in question was made for the AirbusX ( and is STILL available on a well known flightsim site ) . John Glanville
  11. We'll just wait and see then ( not holding my breath though ) . John
  12. Thanks for the quick reply and result but I was hoping atleast to hear why this person uploaded this livery in the first place as it is already included in the product - let alone the way it was " packaged ". I contacted DetCord ( who is the co-authour of these American liveries ) but due to the time difference have only just received his reply . As he is no longer a member here he has asked me to remind everyone that these liveries were made with the permission of American Airlines regarding logo's , colours etc. and under a strict NDA - so anyone altering or uploading them without permission could find themselves facing some legal issues - these are DetCord's words - and I believe that he is referring to American themselves regarding any such legal action . John Glanville
  13. Dave , The proof is in the product . By comparing each texture sheet ( by overlaying them ) you will see they are an exact match pixel for pixel . That someone makes a " similar " livery of an airline is one thing but there are ALWAYS going to be small differences , with this " download " there are none , each texture sheet is the same . I really don't want to have to search the file library for anymore of these uploads but not having much choice in the matter as it stands . One example is the MID section where I added text to a red / white stripe ( made entirely by myself - so I know what is written there ) which is also present in the download linked in my post . Another is the striping in the TAIL section is also exactly the same . I also " corrected " a misalignment in the windows - also present . There are several more instances that I will not mention here . I am just about to go to work and will prepare ( if needed ) a complete file where these textures are overlayed so that you can see for yourself . John Glanville
  14. I came across this " download " and all I can say is that I am very disappointed that someone would upload a livery that is not their own work . Why it is packaged as separate texture sheets ( without a [fltsim=XX] entry ) is puzzling to say the least . The livery in question N911UY is even included in the product and was made by DetCord and myself - so proof enough that it is our work by simply comparing each texture sheet - there were " improvements " made that are not in the paint kit . Hopefully this will be removed in the near future . Maybe it's time to appoint a Livery Manager would could check before allowing such " uploads " to be made . John Glanville
  15. I eventually discovered that only my American liveries were removed from the server , not ALL liveries as stated in my " intellectual property " topic . As I wrote in the first post above , NOWHERE in any of my other posts did I ask for any liveries to be removed at all and I had no intention ( at the time ) to do so . However , receiving 5 downvotes in my original post for stating this is proof enough of the toxic atmosphere here , also no-one apparently disagreed with the downvotes either and THAT is the reason that I reversed my original decision . Having recently made a list so that I was able to keep track of which airlines ( and registrations ) I had painted , I can only say thank you to the 21000+ people who have downloaded these liveries . That Aerosoft are planning to no longer include the N911UY livery in the next A3XX upgrade is understandable but why also include a disclaimer that the livery was created by ... when it is no longer there ? I fail to see the logic in that . My " mistake " was simply expecting my name ( and Detcord's ) to be included in the manual as the " creators " of N911UY without any further expectations . For those who seem to think that I only painted Airbusses to receive " free " products , I can only say that I obviously wasn't very good at doing that in the 7 years that I have been active here , nor have I ever asked for anything . In all openness , I did receive 2 products in October 2014 after the complaints that were made that the Painters Forum was closed ( and later re-opened ) . I EXPECT that ALL of my uploads will be removed within the next 24 hours as I am unable to do so myself . I find it ridiculous that uploads have been removed without asking but when I DO ask , that it does not happen .
  16. It is now abundantly clear that anything I do or say here is going to be downvoted by a small group of faceless " keyboard warriors " who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the comment I made above . As I have no idea who these " keyboard warriors " are I have no way to thank them personally for helping me with the following decision . With this in mind I am now asking ( demanding ) that ALL of my uploads here on the server be removed with immediate effect ( or be allowed to do so myself ) . Sorry to other members but I would not tolerate this from a work colleague , so have no reason to do so here . So CONGRATULATIONS !! You win . I have no intention of closing my account here as I have several Aerosoft products in my possession that will ( possibly ) require updates in the future .
  17. First of all I would like to make it perfectly clear that NOWHERE in any of my last posts did I state that I wished to or was removing ALL of my uploads here . I also see no reason to contact any Aerosoft staff via email ( behind closed doors ) as I personally have nothing to hide or have any ulterior motives for any decisions that I may have to make , now or in the future . I do NOT have a " hidden agenda " and have been nothing but open and honest in the 7 years that I have been active here . That I now discover that several uploads have been removed ( not ALL as stated ) without being told exactly what has been removed is something that I just cannot understand , having just spent several days uploading , why would i now be removing them ? What does bother me though is the petty behaviour of some forum members regarding " reputation points " as witnessed by myself in the Screenshots forum . On the competition page someone decide for whatever reason to downvote a screenshot , that I chose to comment on that ( and upvoted so the total was 0 ) can hardly be a bad thing , that I have now been downvoted at least twice ( at the time of posting ) just proves what I posted earlier ... " The whole reputation points system is open to abuse as staff here know , this happens everywhere , not just here . Why do you think that AVSIM disabled the downvote button ? I never asked for a reputation , that is down to other forum members and certainly not the reason I upload and post here . " If someone has a problem with anything I post at least have the courtesy to explain why to me personally instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
  18. Just uploaded :
  19. Being worked on at the moment . Should be ready in a day or so .
  20. You were not being rude to me personally but to painters in general . At the risk of repeating myself , your post contained the comment ... but not as accurate as the top painters ... If that is not being rude , then I do not know what is . You are asking if someone ( i.e. a painter ) is willing to fullfil a " request " , so there is no need to add the comment ( in red ) above . You criticised another painters work without even contacting them to ask if they would be able to add any details you found " missing " . Why would anyone be prepared to commit themselves to several hours of work only for it to be dismissed because it did not meet your requirements . Again feedback is the one thing that no one seems to bother with . I can only suggest that you download the paintkit and try for yourself , not forgetting to upload it so that we can all enjoy it . It's not as though the old EasyJet paintscheme is al that difficult ( to start with ) . As for being " proud of myself " , all I have done is point out that saying that you would like a repaint of airline XYZ would go a lot better without commenting that other paints that are available are not " accurate enough " . I have in the past made " mistakes " and I am sure that even Holgi has too but unless these " mistakes " are pointed out then nothing is learned . Another point is this is after all a thread named " Repaint Request " , not " Repaint Demand " , if a repaint you asked for is made be thankful ( and do not forget to thank the painter ) , if not look elsewhere . Regarding downvoting my post , whatever " floats your boat " - though childish - and all because you did not get the reaction you wanted , being blunt seems to be the only way to ( possibly ) gain any respect for all the painters that waste their time for forum members such as yourself . Being polite ( with your request ) will ( probably ) increase your chances , otherwise ...
  21. The screenshots I placed on the previous page ( page 50 post #1237 ) were in reply to post #1204 who also found it neccessary to comment on the QUALITY of previous EasyJet paints that were available . Such " comments " are counter productive ( not just im my eyes ) and hardly inspire anyone to paint something only for it to be discounted as " not accurate " or " low quality " . That I took the time to make those two repaints was to prove a point , if you had posted without the comment about the accuracy ( a missing winglet logo - which you didn't mention - hardly a showstopper ) , then who knows , as it is I am under no obligation to upload any of my work - I don't work for Aerosoft or the forum members . That you personally find a repaint " lacking " is a shame ( for you ) , did you try contacting the painter to let him know ? I doubt it , I have had quite a few 1 star reviews myself ( without any explanation ) and I am still waiting to hear from these people why it was only worth 1 star . One of the things that I myself have posted about it the past has been the lack of feedback regarding paints ( good or bad ) . Even a simple thank you goes a long way . Having painted the Bus from the Beta AirbusX ( 2010 ) til now I have certainly painted some complicated paintschemes and also some " easy " ones , made several " requests " and have done my best to " please " others spending many hours / days / weeks / months doing it and at NO COST to anyone downloading them . The lack of gratitude is something that I ( sadly ) accepted some time ago but still kept sharing with others . Obviously that was a mistake on my part as it seems in that respect nothing has changed . Post Script : Thanks to those who gave a reputation point to post #1268 ( not why I posted ) , to those who downvoted my post , have at least the guts to post the reason why you did so , instead of hiding behind your keyboard .
  22. I really do wonder why I ( or any other painter - for that matter ) continue to waste my free hours / days / weeks / months making repaints for people who have such a high regard for the amount of " work " involved . This is now the second post asking for EasyJet paints but at the same time remarking on the " quality " of paints already available . Hardly a motivation point for anyone else thinking of starting an EasyJet paint is it ? Just be thankful that a painter " attempted " to please you ( at NO cost ) , only for it to be dismissed as " not accurate " . I myself spent a considerable amount of time remaking the warning signs on the engines ( and discovered a few omissions in the pain kit ) but I do not want to disappoint a paint expert such as yourself with a low quality paint . In true Blue Peter tradition here are two EasyJet paints " that I made earlier " .
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