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  1. Hat jemand einen aktualisierten / korrekten Link? Der im PDF funktioniert nicht mehr :( Sehr ärgerlich!
  2. Will it be possible to show some FS9 Screenshots the next days or if the FS9-Version is ready? Just for me to know what I'm gonna buy ... ? Would be awesome. And nevertheless these FSX-pictures are stunning, beautiful. These guys did a great job!
  3. Are you blind? Take a look at the screenies for FS2004 and you'll see [at least if you compare it to the old scenery] ...
  4. Selbiges Problem, schon so gut wie alles ausprobiert, nichts funktioniert.
  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! And again - you could've guessed - YES!
  6. No grumbling, this is a very fine airport and I would be a FS9-Customer! Thank you Mathijis! Hope to fly with Lufthansa to this important destination ... Greetings, Steffen
  7. Thank you Rainer. In my case, the insistence is more or less caused by to less money ... But now I really think about buying fs Global. Does it also add some autogen? Nevertheless good Job! I am very excited to fly with the igFly 737NG from Vienna to BCN. Nice Greetings, Steffen
  8. Is this FS9? If yes, I would be very interested in your Mesh-AddOn, too. Greetings, Steffen
  9. Okay, maybe we should really think about the necassariety of this comment ...
  10. Thank you Rainer! Glad to here these news for the FS9-Version. Thank your for your statement. So I'll be waiting patiently for Munich ... Have a nice day! Steffen
  11. Good afternoon! Now the Box-Release is 29.10.2010. Can we actually expect Munich for FS9 this year? I am really confused .... Maybe there are any updates or news ... It would be kind to here SOMETHING from this project ... Greetings, Steffen
  12. Yes, as it is now tradition in the aerosoft house ...
  13. Thanks, Oliver! These are great news ... Now I will lean back and enjoy waiting for this awsome scenery ... Greetings, Steffen
  14. Just to be clear, I have one question: Will the FS2004-Version be a new version (a compiled FSX-Version) or the old one (asking because of the "Faro-Case" ... ) Greetings, Steffen
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