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  1. Will thermalling be possible in this aircraft? I mean in the sim.
  2. Yes you can play it with mouse and keyboard. Assuming you are a starter with FSX I would recommend getting a (cheap) joystick.
  3. Take a look at Dubai and Bangkok airport, those look really amazing.
  4. Some props to look forward to : PMDG is developing a Dash 8 Orbx are developing some GA aircraft Come on, WHY on earth is everyone supposed to do research before asking a question? In my opinion asking a question here IS doing research.. This forum would be much more silent if everyone were just to look everything up on google. And which forum specifically answers his question? The way I understand his question he is not only looking for Aerosoft props. Snave, I was also wondering which B200 you meant? Google came up with Aeroworx, never heard of. FSXaddict, just get used
  5. I asked this before but it wasn't answered: If you are flying at night through clouds with landing lights on, do the clouds light up in the beam of light?
  6. NOTE: Although I'm quite enthusiastic, I do absolutely not mean to advertise for Condor and because this is a General SOAR Related forum I assume we're allowed to talk about other programs than FSX and FS9. If I'm wrong I'll understand and remove everything immediately! So, let me answer some of your questions about Condor. FSX requires a rather good computer Setup.. Cost money Condor I have no idea about computer requirements... Do you have FSX Installed..?? I know you have 'Condor' installed.... on what kind of computer (CPU, Video Card, Memory) What kind of Frame Rates are yo
  7. I enjoyed watching those pictures, please make more series You also have a very nice frame rate I'm just curious, why do you prefer FSX over condor?
  8. ( I know there is a relationship between Temp and Dewpoint... at this time I have not found out yet ) ( So this is all Guess Work ) As far as I know there is no direct relationship between temperature and dew point. There is a relation between relative humidity and dewpoint. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air and can be between 0% and 100%. The dewpoint is the temperature unsaturated air (< 100% humidity) has to be cooled to, to become saturated. This image shows how much water the air can contain at a specific temperature. (Source: Wikipedia) If the air for example
  9. I was surprised about you getting up to 4 Flights a day... Do you mean surprised as in that's much? or that's not much? Just wondering, which gliders do you fly in FSX? And does ridge lift work in fsx?
  10. How soon before you get your Glider Pilot's Licence..?? I assume Flying Hours... I know in the USA 40 hours for a private pilot's Licence ... in something like a Cessna 150... GPL (Glider Pilot License) requirements: - You need to pass theory exams - Uninterrupted series of 5 approved target landings in at least two different days - Flight experience of at least 40 solo flights, at least 6 hours flight time and older than 16 years - Passed for practical exams You might think this isn't much, well, it isn't. But this is the absolute minimum. Mostly it takes at least 1 or 2 years in
  11. Hi Ed, I am always happy to talk to people interested in soaring Reason I ask is in FSX when I am being towed up I am full of Water and Heavy and I have been keeping it just a little above the Tow Plane.. just able to see the plane out the bottom of the canopy... Straight behind or just a little above is fine. If you get to low you get in the turbulence caused by the propeller of the towing plane, also called "propwash" I believe. But I don't think that FSX simulates that. You belong to a Glider Club... so how many people in your club??? About 90 people are in my club. Do yo
  12. That's not my gliding club. Just a picture I found on Google. What Altitude does the tow plane take the glider up too... and also if you know, what kind of Altitude on a Winch Tow... About the tow plane: depending on the situation mostly something like 500-1500 meter OGL as far as I know. For acrobatic flight you want to be higher than for example just a training start. But tow plane launch is very expensive. 20 euros for a tow to 500 meters at my club. Winch launching: the altitude depends on many things: - Wind speed and direction (strong headwind will get you the highest) - Ma
  13. Hi MrCaptED That's a good question. It's not always clear on first sight if weather is good for soaring or not. It also depends on how you want to fly. If you are for example wanting to use ridge lift, you only need the right winds. To give you a clear answer: most glider pilots I know consider this the best weather for soaring: - High cloud base, here in Germany 3000 meter would be very very nice. The reason for this is that mostly you can fly in thermals until you reach the cloud base. Theoretically you could continue until the top of the cloud, because the thermal stops there, but tha
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