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  1. Will thermalling be possible in this aircraft? I mean in the sim.
  2. Yes you can play it with mouse and keyboard. Assuming you are a starter with FSX I would recommend getting a (cheap) joystick.
  3. Take a look at Dubai and Bangkok airport, those look really amazing.
  4. Some props to look forward to : PMDG is developing a Dash 8 Orbx are developing some GA aircraft Come on, WHY on earth is everyone supposed to do research before asking a question? In my opinion asking a question here IS doing research.. This forum would be much more silent if everyone were just to look everything up on google. And which forum specifically answers his question? The way I understand his question he is not only looking for Aerosoft props. Snave, I was also wondering which B200 you meant? Google came up with Aeroworx, never heard of. FSXaddict, just get used to Snave and please don't judge the entire forum by his replies Cheers!
  5. I asked this before but it wasn't answered: If you are flying at night through clouds with landing lights on, do the clouds light up in the beam of light?
  6. NOTE: Although I'm quite enthusiastic, I do absolutely not mean to advertise for Condor and because this is a General SOAR Related forum I assume we're allowed to talk about other programs than FSX and FS9. If I'm wrong I'll understand and remove everything immediately! So, let me answer some of your questions about Condor. FSX requires a rather good computer Setup.. Cost money Condor I have no idea about computer requirements... Do you have FSX Installed..?? I know you have 'Condor' installed.... on what kind of computer (CPU, Video Card, Memory) What kind of Frame Rates are you getting.. or does it display FPS..(Frames Per Second) These are my computer specs (4 years old): CPU: AMD Athlon 3800+ 2.4 GHz (single core..) Video: Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT 256 MB RAM: 2 GB DDR1 Yes, I do have FSX installed. But I can only play it with a reasonable framerate (> 40) when I set ALL settings to their minimum. Surprisingly, I can run Condor with every settings maxed out and never dropping below 60 frames per second. And it looks awesome in my opinion, I'll attach some screenshots. So it is very easy on the framerate. Do Gliders and Scenery come with Condor ..?? or do you buy it all as you go..?? Is there any thing such as Free Scenery... Free Gliders.... for use in Condor.... Condor by itself only comes with one scenery, the country of Slovenia in Europe. BUT there are many add-on sceneries available, both payware and freeware. Many of them have photoreal textures. There are no add-on gliders for Condor except their own plane packs. The reason for this (according to them) is their very complex but very realistic flight dynamics. I count 13 different gliders in my Condor and I did not purchase a plane pack (yet). Now I downloaded the Plane Pack Video... and it is flying towards some mountains.. What Mountains.?? I am guessing FSX has the same places... From what Airport is the basic condor flying from..?? Most sceneries have many different airports you can choose from. Default Slovenia scenery has 8 airports I think. I have not seen anything about Thermal Soaring in Condor (or is it only Ridge Soaring)... The level at which they simulated the atmosphere and the weather is absolutely amazing. It is so much better than FSX and it resembles reality very closely. Thermal soaring is very realistic. In FSX I always get the feeling that the air is like "standing still" and turbulence are only random movements of the plane. In Condor the air is really "living". Little movements of the air are picked up by the plane and your head moves accordingly (simulated by the camera). This is very nice. Also they very will simulate the roughness of a thermal. Depending on conditions it can be very hard to stay in a thermal or even getting up. They also simulate ridge soaring and even wave soaring. Is there any Training for Beginners in Condor..? Yes, there are 15 flight lessons and every lesson has a video to show you what it looks like in the simulator. Although the documentation is nowhere as detailed as the FSX flight school. I did goto the Condor Forum.. wondering about the IPAQ questions... (do you have to have a IPAQ connected to your Computer ?? If so what is it for??) No you don't need to have an IPAQ. It is a PDA in the cockpit used for navigation, very useful. (see screenshots) Can you Set the Weather in Condor..?? can you setup for Real Weather in Condor..?? You can customize the weather a lot. But it doesn't have real weather nor very bad weather like rain. The user interface is very nice and clean. The weather looks quite good in my opinion. It even has cloud shadows. How many controllers will Condor use..?? Is there a limit...?? I assume you mean things like joysticks? I don't know, but it's just like FSX. You can use joystick, pedals etc. even Track IR. Condor also has nice possibilities to fly in competitions online. Something that FSX totally lacks. I absolutely recommend this software. What makes it so good is that the sim has only one purpose, soaring. Also the creators are real glider pilots. The screenshots show one of my favorite sceneries, OAHU HD. Cheers!
  7. I enjoyed watching those pictures, please make more series You also have a very nice frame rate I'm just curious, why do you prefer FSX over condor?
  8. ( I know there is a relationship between Temp and Dewpoint... at this time I have not found out yet ) ( So this is all Guess Work ) As far as I know there is no direct relationship between temperature and dew point. There is a relation between relative humidity and dewpoint. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air and can be between 0% and 100%. The dewpoint is the temperature unsaturated air (< 100% humidity) has to be cooled to, to become saturated. This image shows how much water the air can contain at a specific temperature. (Source: Wikipedia) If the air for example contains 10 grams of water per kilogram then the dewpoint is about 14 °C. Now assume that we are at mean sea level and the air temperature is 30 °C. Now this 30 °C warm air has to cool down 15 °C in order to reach the dewpoint and become saturated. If the temperature falls below the dewpoint then clouds or fog is formed because humidity cannot be above 100%. For example: the air contains 10 grams of water per kilogram so the dewpoint is about 14 °C. It is known that air cools down with 0,65 °C each 100 meter. So in this situation clouds are formed at about 2500 meters altitude because at this altitude the air temperature has reached the dewpoint. Well, of course only if the 0,65 °C/100m is consistent but that's normally not the case. I tried to apply this knowledge in FSX but apparently the formation of clouds is not linked with dewpoint and temperature (correct me if I'm wrong). If you change the dewpoint and temperature, the cloud base does not change in the advanced weather menu. I wonder how FSX handles this. Cheers!
  9. I was surprised about you getting up to 4 Flights a day... Do you mean surprised as in that's much? or that's not much? Just wondering, which gliders do you fly in FSX? And does ridge lift work in fsx?
  10. How soon before you get your Glider Pilot's Licence..?? I assume Flying Hours... I know in the USA 40 hours for a private pilot's Licence ... in something like a Cessna 150... GPL (Glider Pilot License) requirements: - You need to pass theory exams - Uninterrupted series of 5 approved target landings in at least two different days - Flight experience of at least 40 solo flights, at least 6 hours flight time and older than 16 years - Passed for practical exams You might think this isn't much, well, it isn't. But this is the absolute minimum. Mostly it takes at least 1 or 2 years in active participation at the club before you get your GPL. Being in a gliding club is very different from piston aircraft flying. You can't go to the airfield, fly, and then go home. Most of the day you spend on the ground helping, talking and waiting I am very happy if I can make 4 flights on a day. Unless you own a glider yourself, gliding has a very low efficiency, speaking in terms of time spent on the ground and in the air. But in the end the wait is totally worth it. I know your using "Condor Soaring" Sim.. I am wondering does the Sim improve you real flying...?? and does real flying improve your Sim-ming ?? I started simming before gliding. When I started gliding my instructors said that I "could already fly" that was nice to hear. So yes it makes quite a difference but only until a certain level. I knew the very basics like the controls but I could by no means takeoff or land. I knew for example that you had to pull the stick a bit when you are in a turn. Things like that. People who are totally new to flying don't know that. But if you get more advanced in (real) flying the sim doesn't make that big of a difference anymore because the real thing has so much more details that totally don't matter in the sim. For example in turns you always look in the direction you want to turn to make sure that there isn't anyone else flying. And when you land the landing field can be full of other gliders who just landed and then you'll have to improvise. You don't have those problems in the sim. But you can use the sim for training things you already learned in real life. In my opinion in the beginning simming improves the real flying, and later when you get more advanced the real flying improves the simming. Of course this only applies to glding, I don't know about normal piston aircraft. One thing that is very prominent in gliding is the use of the rudder (the pedals). When making turns you always need to apply your rudder quite a bit. This is also the reason that most glider aircraft have a small wire attached to the canopy. By watching this wire the pilot can see if he is flying "clean" turns. The wire should always be in the middle because then you are flying with the least air resistance. It requires some training to always get that right. It is one of the cheapest but most important instruments. Take a look at this picture: http://www.alfred-ob...s/fliegen-7.jpg I mean the red wire you see there. I don't know the reason for the prominent rudder use but it is probably due to the design of gliders. I would highly recommend getting a pair of rudder pedals if you want high realism. Or just use autorudder My joystick also has a twist axis but it is just too annoying to use that all the time. Cheers
  11. Hi Ed, I am always happy to talk to people interested in soaring Reason I ask is in FSX when I am being towed up I am full of Water and Heavy and I have been keeping it just a little above the Tow Plane.. just able to see the plane out the bottom of the canopy... Straight behind or just a little above is fine. If you get to low you get in the turbulence caused by the propeller of the towing plane, also called "propwash" I believe. But I don't think that FSX simulates that. You belong to a Glider Club... so how many people in your club??? About 90 people are in my club. Do you own your own Glider.? or the Club owns them all and you take turns Soaring.. I am still a soaring student but soon to have my GPL (hopefully ). I am 19 years old so I can't afford my own plane yet. The club owns planes but many people have their private plane too. If I ever get 30k euros I'll invest it in a glider What kind of a glider do you fly..?. (Make/Model) I currently fly a Schleicher ASK 23 How far away from the Glider Field are you .? About 20 km How often do you get a chance to Soar..?? Once a week, Once a month.. We fly two days a week, Saturday and Sunday if the weather allows it. Also we have three camps of one week per year where we fly the whole week at another airport. We don't fly from November until March. These months are used for theory lessons and maintenance of the aircraft and other things. When the Weather is Good for Thermal Soaring/Ridge Soaring... what kind of time aloft does a average flight last..? 1 hour, 2 hours, or do you have a time limit so others can use the plane the same day.. There are no mountains here so only thermal soaring. My experience is that once you manage to get up high you can stay there as long as you want. But I fly club planes so mostly I am limited to one hour because other people want to fly too. Also you occasionally have to visit a toilet haha I don't know about soaring in the USA, but if there is any gliding club near you I would totally recommend to visit them and become a member if you like it. ANYONE can learn it and do it and it is totally not expensive. Seriously, soaring is the most fun thing I have ever done. You have total freedom in the three dimensional room without worries about fuel noise etc. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have Cheers!
  12. That's not my gliding club. Just a picture I found on Google. What Altitude does the tow plane take the glider up too... and also if you know, what kind of Altitude on a Winch Tow... About the tow plane: depending on the situation mostly something like 500-1500 meter OGL as far as I know. For acrobatic flight you want to be higher than for example just a training start. But tow plane launch is very expensive. 20 euros for a tow to 500 meters at my club. Winch launching: the altitude depends on many things: - Wind speed and direction (strong headwind will get you the highest) - Material of the cable (steel or plastic, plastic is better because it is much lighter) - Power of the winch - Mass of the plane (obviously in a 300 kg glider including pilot you are likely to get higher than in a 600 kg glider) - Length of the field (mostly around 1000 meters long but longer is better) Sometimes you get only 300 meters. I think 400-500 meters is normal. But I've also heard of VERY RARE occasions when someone got to 1000 meters and higher. On the Subject of Ridge Lift.... what kind of Wind speed.?? I read something between 16-24 knots... Just wondering if that is correct?? To be honest I don't know. But 16-24 knots sounds very reasonable. Now to the subject of Thermal Soaring.... High cloud base at 3000 meter... Is this the top or bottom of the clouds.?? and when you say Small Cumulus Clouds... I assume you are talking between the bottom and top of the Clouds... Cloud base is the bottom of the clouds. With small clouds I just mean small in all dimensions. On your comments about Warm air at the Ground and Cold air at Altitude.... Give us some kind of Idea of those temps... I don't know about exact temps but it's like in spring, when the sun can be already very strong while the air is still a bit cold.
  13. Hi MrCaptED That's a good question. It's not always clear on first sight if weather is good for soaring or not. It also depends on how you want to fly. If you are for example wanting to use ridge lift, you only need the right winds. To give you a clear answer: most glider pilots I know consider this the best weather for soaring: - High cloud base, here in Germany 3000 meter would be very very nice. The reason for this is that mostly you can fly in thermals until you reach the cloud base. Theoretically you could continue until the top of the cloud, because the thermal stops there, but that is dangerous and forbidden (there are exceptions). So the higher the cloud base, the higher you can go. - Small cumulus clouds. Small and still in the process of forming cumulus clouds are an indication of good thermals. - Not so much winds. Strong winds often come with turbulence and make the thermals deformed and not so nice to fly in. - No high altitude clouds because they block the sun. - Warm air at ground level, cold air at altitude. A bit like in this picture: http://commondatasto...nal/8014939.jpg But in my personal opinion any weather in which you are likely to find a good thermal and make a nice flight is good weather. I doubt you speak German so unfortunately I can't recommend any books.
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