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  1. Lollipop

    Outdated Routes

    Same problem here as well. I think it's a bug.
  2. Are there any updates on addressing the map drawing code, so the text on the map can be made bigger? I just switched to a 4K monitor and the map is near impossible to use, as the text is so tiny. The "text font" option in the settings has no effect.
  3. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    A few more questions: Does the FMGS provide fuel burn and ETA predictions? Does the FMGS provide V speeds (A time saving feature) or is it manual only? Does it have a "pause 10nm before TOD" switch? Does it have INS alignment or is it instant? Only normal law is modelled?
  4. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    1 week to go before September, I wouldn't hold my breath for an August release. It's better to get it right, than to get it out early I guess. But then again I've never seen any big payware release that didn't need a patch or 2 later on. Looks like some quality time with Mafia 2 this week
  5. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    While I don't really need SID/STARS to fly (I can read the charts thanks) What I really want in the Bus is a FLEX takeoff option. (i.e. Built in performance tables) Unlike SID/STARS a majority real world takeoffs on a dry runway involves some kind of reduced trust.
  6. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    IMO The PFD needs a new font, surely it can't be that hard?
  7. Lollipop

    A new simulator

    This looks mighty good as a flight sim:
  8. Lollipop

    Aerosoft A-321/320 project liveries

    Lol the dirty Spring airlines repaint looks like one of those derelict old airplanes sitting at Lagos.
  9. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    lol I wouldn't call the Basic edition to be anywhere near high end, even without the bugs it's pretty useless in the FMGS/Autoflight department and lack basic functionality such as time compression or the ability to save/load flights and flightplans. (Good luck if you have a CTD)
  10. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    Just curious, how do you define "High end stuff"? I don't think I've ever seen a high end Airbus addon on the market right now.
  11. Lollipop

    German Airfields FREE: Wasserkuppe

    Many Thanks! It's always great to see payware developers do some freeware, definitely looking forward for the Antarctic X release. For some reason your avatar pic at is triggering security alerts on Google Chrome browsers.
  12. Just saw this on Dezeen, wow the terminal+control tower look gorgeous. Currently Ryanair and Vueling flies there. Wikipedia:
  13. Lollipop

    Aerosoft Airbus X - Preview

    One more week till the end of March, this will be interesting....
  14. Lollipop

    Male X

    Just curious, are there any possibility of replacing the default looking airport grass textures with some photoreal ones from satellite photos?