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  1. Same problem here as well. I think it's a bug.
  2. Are there any updates on addressing the map drawing code, so the text on the map can be made bigger? I just switched to a 4K monitor and the map is near impossible to use, as the text is so tiny. The "text font" option in the settings has no effect.
  3. A few more questions: Does the FMGS provide fuel burn and ETA predictions? Does the FMGS provide V speeds (A time saving feature) or is it manual only? Does it have a "pause 10nm before TOD" switch? Does it have INS alignment or is it instant? Only normal law is modelled?
  4. 1 week to go before September, I wouldn't hold my breath for an August release. It's better to get it right, than to get it out early I guess. But then again I've never seen any big payware release that didn't need a patch or 2 later on. Looks like some quality time with Mafia 2 this week
  5. While I don't really need SID/STARS to fly (I can read the charts thanks) What I really want in the Bus is a FLEX takeoff option. (i.e. Built in performance tables) Unlike SID/STARS a majority real world takeoffs on a dry runway involves some kind of reduced trust.
  6. IMO The PFD needs a new font, surely it can't be that hard?
  7. This looks mighty good as a flight sim:
  8. Lol the dirty Spring airlines repaint looks like one of those derelict old airplanes sitting at Lagos.
  9. lol I wouldn't call the Basic edition to be anywhere near high end, even without the bugs it's pretty useless in the FMGS/Autoflight department and lack basic functionality such as time compression or the ability to save/load flights and flightplans. (Good luck if you have a CTD)
  10. Just curious, how do you define "High end stuff"? I don't think I've ever seen a high end Airbus addon on the market right now.
  11. Many Thanks! It's always great to see payware developers do some freeware, definitely looking forward for the Antarctic X release. For some reason your avatar pic at is triggering security alerts on Google Chrome browsers.
  12. Just saw this on Dezeen, wow the terminal+control tower look gorgeous. Currently Ryanair and Vueling flies there. Wikipedia:
  13. One more week till the end of March, this will be interesting....
  14. Just curious, are there any possibility of replacing the default looking airport grass textures with some photoreal ones from satellite photos?
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