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    I'm not at the PC but VOR1 is the HSI, VOR2 is a whatever-you-call-that-instrument. The OBI will centre in two different (opposite) settings of the instrument, one with a TO indication and one with a FROM indication. If you know this, then I guess that isn't the problem
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you are seeing here, but those two steps suggest you are expecting the wrong behaviour. (I assume you mean the DOWN arrow button in step 5, by the way.) If you are on ALT mode, the up/down buttons don't set vertical speed, they nudge the altitude up or down in small increments. Well that's what they're supposed to do, but they don't work according to the manual. I don't think that's a factor here. What you should do is to preselect the new altitude (your step 4), then press ALT to flip from ALT mode to VS mode, then press the down button a few times to set your VS. That said, I have found the VS mode a bit buggy. I did some bits of SPAD.neXt programming to make it work better. I have made a video about this, which you can find on my YT channel by clicking the link in my signature. (I posted a link here before but it was removed.) Maybe that will help.
  3. That's not really a fair question, they are just different autopilots. The MSFS one has the old AP106 panel slaved to the KAP140, which I doubt is found in real life.
  4. But are you sure it is supposed to be? It would be helpful if you could post a video showing what you are doing and how it sounds, and then saying what you are expecting with reference to that video. Taken at face value, and as far as I understand these things, your expectation that the pitch changes with throttle will only be true at very low power settings (idle to the governed range). Ones the props are spinning within the governed range, they are running at constant speed, so the pitch doesn't change with the power setting. There has been talk of missing turbine noise mixed in there, but that's a different thing.
  5. But it's difficult to land STOL without it. I'm all for tweaking, though.
  6. You cannot fly manually if the AP is engaged, it always controls a lateral and a vertical mode at the same time. The buttons allow you to switch between which modes are in use. I did share my video here but apparently it wasn't allowed. If you click the banner in my signature you will easily find it.
  7. There is a full manual here. Some of the features are not implemented in MSFS. Most notably, the VS capture when selecting AP on doesn't work, it always sets the VS to zero. This is probably what your point (1) is noticing. I did some programming to fix this, which I made a video about. There is no VS button; the ALT button toggles between ALT and VS modes. When in VS mode, pressing the up/down buttons changes the display to show the selected VS, but it only stays visible for a few seconds, then it reverts to showing the preselected ALT. When in ALT mode, the up/down buttons are supposed to nudge the held altitude but that doesn't work properly. I can't explain your uncommanded dives, but others have described something similar so maybe there are bugs too.
  8. Two words of wisdom and a page of straw men.
  9. Not everyone would agree undocking the panels is “non-essential”.
  10. Hallelujah. Though I just bought the TDS GTN 750 xi at the weekend 😐
  11. Surely the Radio Altimeter shows the actual measured distance from the terrain? The regular altimeter shows an approximate height above a fixed datum (generally sea level) based on the estimated local barometric pressure.
  12. You should expect it to behave like the default KAP140. The manual is based on a book that was originally written for the Twin Otter Extended and some references to features of the old autopilot remain, including the AP-106 manual mode. This is not implemented in the new version, although the dials are present on the centre of the yoke pedestal. There is therefore no attitude hold either, other than the ROL mode, although this doesn't seem to behave consistently and I sometimes get it holding a bank for reasons I don't understand. I have implemented my own tweaks to capture the VS when the AP is selected on, as this doesn't work properly in Asobo's KAP140. I made a video about it if you want to go and look.
  13. Is this the same issue as the topic immediately below this one?
  14. The AP is definitely selected OFF, as there is no 'AP' indication and the toggle switch on the secondary (AP-106) panel is off. But you can see the VS indication, which you normally don't see when the AP is off. I suspect it is indeed because he used a hardware switch first. I would guess the Honeycomb mapping of the altitude selector is wrong, in the sense that it does something different than the dial on the panel. I can't get it to behave this way with just the controls on the VC panel.
  15. Try zipping it and attaching the zip. Or better, put it on Youtube and link to it.
  16. Are you sure this is what is happening? You can preselect the altitude (with the knobs) when the AP is off. Also, you need to make sure you're comparing like with like. It seems very unlikely that two people are manipulating the buttons on the VC panel with different results. If someone is doing it with hardware mappings, that's different. You can get all sorts of results by stuffing values into sim variables.
  17. Actually, I have revised my understanding of how the Asobo one works. Perhaps this is consistent with what you see. I'm pretty sure it still doesn't behave like the KAP140 manual says it should (capturing the VS when you go onto AP). However, it seems to remember the selected VS if you were in VS mode when the AP was disconnected. This does indeed seem to mean you can dial the VS in on the ground by switching the AP on. The AP always starts in VS mode, BUT if you are within 200 feet of the selected altitude dialled in on the AP, as soon as you press the UP or DN button the mode flips back to ALT. (Perhaps this is what you mean when you say the AP turns off.) This is because the AP thinks it has acquired the target altitude. In other words, to do what you want, make sure you dial in an altitude more than 200 feet away from your current altitude, turn the AP on, dial in the required VS with the UP/DN buttons and turn it off again.
  18. I'm pretty sure you are on a wild goose chase*. The real KAP140 activates in VS mode and captures the extant VS at the time of activation. This means it isn't even supposed to do what you describe. Regardless, the Asobo version of the KAP140 activates in VS mode but always setting the VS to zero. You can program your way around this with the right tools, and I have made a video about it if you want to go looking. (*Or maybe not - see below.)
  19. You could no doubt add some facsimile of the IAS hold function yourself with a Lua program (for which you will need FSUIPC), although I'm not sure you could hook it up to that button on the panel.
  20. The KAP140 doesn't have an IAS hold mode, so no.
  21. IthoughtthistooandI'mnotevenGerman
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