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  1. In the real world it has a story, so it's legitimate and you don't owe any explanation. In the sim it hints at depths you haven't implemented, which sounds like a free ride. I say leave it in.
  2. The AP-106 couples to the GPS in the Twin Otter Extended, which we are told is modelled on a specific real-world aircraft. Doesn't seem to make much sense having two autopilots fitted.
  3. It has a Collins AP-106 but apparently also a Bendix King KAP 140. We don't yet know how that's going to work 😐
  4. Not sure which DHC-6 you're referring to, but the one Aerosoft is modelling here has it (just like the Twin Otter Extended) immediately above the Collins autopilot panel.
  5. You can still map the detent to apply reverse thrust, you just don't have any fine control over it.
  6. This is not an analogue control on the Bravo quadrant, so the answer is no. If MSFS provides analogue control of the beta range (now or in the future) you will need different hardware to use it. (In X-Plane there is a way to toggle an axis between forward and reverse, which would be a good compromise.)
  7. Perhaps you are not familiar with the previous versions of this aicraft.
  8. No, I see a Collins AP 106 (like in the Twin Otter Extended) and also what looks like a Bendix/King KAP 140 (below the two GPS units).
  9. I see two autopilots? Perhaps these are selectable alternatives?
  10. Have you tried selecting the 'ready to fly' option in the checklist?
  11. This is very likely a calibration issue within the yoke. Honeycomb used to be very quiet about this but now they have relented. Follow the instructions here to fix it. And if it still doesn't make your dead zones as small as you would like, you can find further fine-tuning suggestions in this video.
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