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  1. Have you tried selecting the 'ready to fly' option in the checklist?
  2. This is very likely a calibration issue within the yoke. Honeycomb used to be very quiet about this but now they have relented. Follow the instructions here to fix it. And if it still doesn't make your dead zones as small as you would like, you can find further fine-tuning suggestions in this video.
  3. It's a function of the specific gauges, not the aircraft. You can watch here for the complete explanation and also how to avoid the issue. You can fix it by mapping any toggle switches (you have to do it on all devices, not just the Homeycomb one) with a third-party aplication that doesn't auto-repeat switches unless you ask it to. FSUIPC and SPAD.neXt will both work, although obviously you have to buy them.
  4. If you establish that there is definitely a problem with the yoke, the next step is to hardware-recalibrate it using Honeycomb's instructions from here. If that sorts it out but you end up with too big a dead zone, you might try a couple of my suggestions for doing the recalibration from here.
  5. (2) You need to move the levers into then out of reverse after starting. This is probably the explanation for (1) as well, although you should get a silly sound effect telling you the start locks are still on. (3) The indicator is also the switch, so you just push it. It's right next to the beta lights. (4) Not sure I unserstand the question. You use the prop levers to feather (of course). As I recall, there was a hotfix to make some of the checklist prop setting lower because you couldn't hold them against the brakes.
  6. Maybe we can get No. 1? And here are all Twin Otters by serial number!
  7. P3D V4.5

    Having flown the Twotter for 2 years with a Saitech multi panel it all  worked very well except for the altitude annunciator in the Otter did not alter, however all altitude changes were easy and never a problem

    I now have a Vr MCP Boeing Combo 2 working with LINDA and have downloaded your Twotter module from Avsim. This is the first aircraft i have tried, I cannot make head or tail of the Altitude changes I have tried IAS tried VS but whilst with a lot of fiddling I can change altitude (not sure why except I have to press some of the knobs) the aircraft never levels out at the selected altitude (no alt sel button?) I will go on to try a default aircraft next but just wondered if their is an inherent problem


    As a plus ,now I have a Bravo throttle I have no problem on Taxi at all (replaced a Saitech quadrant)

    1. MarkHurst


      Sorry, I don't really know what you're asking. I don't have the VRi MCP, so I can't be much help with that. Changing altitude in the Twin Otter meeds you to initiate the change manually, either by using the IAS function and changing power setting, or by changing the attitude with the autopilot manual controls (thumbwheel on the yoke pedestal). There is no VS mode, so I don't know what you're referring to with that. As for levelling out at a selected altitude, you need to dial in the target on the ALT Alerter, select  Alt Alert and then initiate the climb or descent.

  8. I'd question whether it will be better at all, once the novelty factor wears off. 16:9 is a much better ratio, at 4K if your PC will cope.
  9. On the assumption you are using MSFS 2020, you cannot use the 'toggle' type commands on anything other than momentary buttons. This is because MSFS auto-repeats any switch while it is held down. You need to use the appropriate 'on' or 'off' functions for the actions you want (if they exist) and hope there is no penalty for them being called repeatedly. Or you can poke value into MSFS variables, but that's another story.
  10. Brilliant - particularly to see the old panel is still more or less intact, including the original autopilot! Can I put in a request that the ADF radio logic gets a spring clean (assuming it's going to be re-used), as the countdown timer was buggy in the old one.
  11. Thanks again for the info

  12. Thanks MarkHurst, I have already have some switches mapped.I am wondering does you quad have any background lights, I don't, and I don't know why.  

    1. MarkHurst


      Yes, when I run it in P3D with the Aerosoft program and default profile all the lights work with the default aircraft.

  13. Look here? Heven't tried with X-Plane but I got it working with P3D.
  14. Just make sure you unmap all the toggle switches and the mag switch. The default bindings aren't much use anyway, they're certainly worth trading for correct action of the HDG, OBS, ADF, DG and elevator trim. We can hope Asobo will remove the auto-repeat feature in due course. There are other ways for now. You can map your controls using a third-party solution that doesn't auto-repeat the switches, such as FSUIPC, SPAD.neXt and a flurry of other new tools that are appearing. There's a free program called Joystick Gremlin that someone suggested can remap toggle switches to momentary swithces, w
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