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  1. Well when you get tired of it, my YT channel needs a review
  2. Hey Mathijs, will Aerosoft have any loaner units for reviewers? Got to ask
  3. I am presuming he has 'crash detect' enabled and something is triggering it. Seems to me this is more likely a problem with a particular scenery than with the aircraft. Personally I have never bothered with crash detect, I don't think it really adds much even when it works.
  4. My short wish-list: - Reduce lag in throttling up or down the engines, even if it is at the expense of some realism in the numbers on the gauges. - Fix the ground friction, which in P3Dv4 is crippling. (And as I understand it none of the known fixes are effective in v4). For me, anything else is a bonus or is inconsequential (assuming you don't break any existing functionality!)
  5. Hello Finn. I am a big fan of the Twin Otter as you know, but my number one continuing disappointment is the lag in engine response on approach, which makes it really hard to fly this into small strips. I appreciate that this may be a consequence of the stock PT-6 model but it's enough to almost make me stop flying the aircraft. I don't know if anything can be done short of re-implementing the whole thing (or licensing the engine from Milviz!) but for an improvement in that alone I would re-purchase the Twin Otter. I have often wondered idly if you could replace the PT-6 engines with piston engines and somehow hide the fact while gaining more believable handling when it counts. Or perhaps this would involve so much scaffolding to fake the rest of the turboprop behaviour that it wouldn't be worth it.
  6. The only way I can think of reproducing this behaviour is to disengage the A/P while ALT is still selected, fly to a different altitude and then re-engage the A/P. In this case it will try to re-acquire the altitude it was holding before.
  7. As luck would have it, I made a recent video about this, including a couple of innovations you can easily add with some Lua code.
  8. P.S. I did this. (Turns out you don't need to be all that clever )
  9. That is indeed what the thumbwheel on the yoke pedestal is for. Another way to do it is to press the IAS hold button and then reduce power, which will have the collateral effect of descending as there is no auto-throttle. Most conveniently, with neither IAS nor ALT modes selected you should be able to hold down the CWS button on the yoke handle, put the nose where you want it, then let go. Unfortunately this isn't implemented . Either way, using elevator trim when the AP is on won't work. Of course if you're really clever you could probably make the trim buttons operate the thumbwheel when the AP is engaged. Likewise, you could implement the CWS button. Each of these would likely need a Lua program to do.
  10. If anyone remembers my Twin Otter cockpit, things have moved on a bit. I just made a new autopilot, which is the first proper 'output' device outside of having gauges on a monitor screen. Okay, it's not quite like the real thing but it works pretty well
  11. Yes, I think so. But maybe make a copy your existing folders first just to be sure. BTW I have seen reference to a hotfix 4, so I hope that's not the one you need Good job on the book
  12. Hah, thanks! I have tried to attach the hotfix zip file here. This is not my work, it is just a saved copy of the official hotfixes that used to be posted here.
  13. Was there not a hot fix for this? I think my ADF radio cycles between the 0 and 0.5 frequency by itself as a workaround. In other words, you tune the whole frequency and then if you watch the radio it cycles between the two values every half-second or so.
  14. P.S. Apparently HUDCA uses a third-party gauge by Doug Dawson and there is a 64-bit version, available here!
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