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  1. Flying Paul

    I want to report a bug (cabin pressure)

    Update: Today I have had the same bug. I guess it all started with the new update, because previous updates worked out pretty well for me.
  2. Flying Paul

    I want to report a bug (cabin pressure)

    So today I flew from EDDK to DTTA (ended up in LIEE). As I almost reached my crusing flight level on the pfd it said decelerate. Shortly before descent the cabin flight level increased to 33000 ft and the cabin pressure dropped. The landing elevation had also a kinda weird number. Something like 2.03459345e+06. VLS number had also a negative number and in the Fmgs it said that i would have 0.0 efob even though i have refueled my plane with 8 tons of kerosine. That were all these kinds of weird numbers as I far as I remember everything properly. Happy landings Flying Paul
  3. Are the pitch and power values listed in the manual? If yes, can anyone tell me on what page they are? Flying Paul
  4. Flying Paul

    Question regarding GSX and EDDK

    So today I wanted to park at gate B14 with my A320 and GSX said that the gate is too small, which is very disturbing and unrealistic. Hope someone can help me in order to fix this problem! Flying Paul
  5. Flying Paul

    Status update

    Alright, I get it. I assumed that most of the people would already know how an airbus works, because flight simulation is a niche market. And most of the people know how a plane works. Obviously every plane is different. But still thanks for your answer, Dave! Can you give us in percentage how far the next update is already done? I'm basically hyped for each update. Take your time and all the best Flying Paul
  6. Flying Paul

    Status update

    Honestly, but why are the manuals that important?
  7. Post can be closed I have fixed it by basically deleting the aerosoft folder in documents and reinstalled it again as the airbus was visible at the addon section in P3D.
  8. My bad didnt describe it very well. Yea, I have reinstalled it after i downloaded it ofc. If you mean that. Do you think that reinstalling the content was unessescary?
  9. Yes, first i have uninstalled the client and content and then downloaded the new versions (client and content). I have installed it directly onto my hard drive F:\AerosoftProfessional
  10. So I have watched over the add on list in p3d. The busses were activated. Reinstalled it. Didn't work. How did my planes disappear when in the meanwhile they worked in v4.3? Hope some1 can help me.
  11. Flying Paul

    Cologne-Bonn SODE

    works, thanks
  12. Flying Paul

    Cologne-Bonn SODE

  13. Flying Paul

    Cologne-Bonn SODE

    I copied the SODE folder into it but it is still blacked out. Is it maybe because i dont own gsx level2?
  14. Flying Paul

    A320/A321 not shown in the updater.

    Edit: I have no as_a320_a320_prof.xml in my ASUpdater folder. Possible reason could be, that I had to reinstall both products again, as I installed the A32X product, because the A32X crashed my A318/A319. As an effect it wasn't show as an addon anymore. Nevertheless it works now. Still I can't update.
  15. As the new update came online, I wanted to update my Airbus. But the A32X is not shown in the Updater for some reason. I would appreciate help.