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  1. brtkstn

    Sound when CLB is pressed

    Hi, there is a message (visible split a second): Speed brake is still out.
  2. brtkstn

    Sound when CLB is pressed

    Hi, i use Active Sky. I've made a flight without the weather engine but sound is still present.
  3. brtkstn

    Missing Paper in printer

    Disregard my post from Tuesday, i've made two flights with version today. At first one paper was visible, at second not. Regards.
  4. brtkstn

    Weather source settings

    Hi, by me it also resets after sim restart. I've also noticed that when i choose one of the weather source (i don't use in sim weather), then at AOC page when i recall any weather, it shows me latest current METAR, thats fine. Then after eg. after one hour, when i want to check changes, it recalls everytime the same METAR. Regards.
  5. brtkstn

    Sound when CLB is pressed

    With version that sound still appears. Regards.
  6. Hi, i can confirm that with two flights with version speed constraints are meet (SID nad STAR). Thanks for your work. Regards.
  7. brtkstn

    Status update

    Yes i've read that quote, but please look here: and here:
  8. brtkstn

    Status update

    I assume that there will be no update today? Regards.
  9. brtkstn

    Missing Paper in printer

    I saw that when i started my flight in Take-Off State. Normally i start the plane in C&D State and i didn't noticed that glitch. Maybe that is the case? Regards.
  10. brtkstn

    Weather source settings

    Hi guys, i have the same, it has been reported and was named by Staff as "known issue". Regards.
  11. brtkstn

    Managed RNAV does not work

    Offtipic. There are also some other bugs that made this aircraft out of service for me. Before release day we had some information about work in progress, now we know nothing. I don't know if reported bugs are being reworked or solved. There are some situations that Developers can't reproduce reported bugs and that ends investigation. What is so different in our systems, that brings us to this place? I also think, that situation cause that customers will search another products, which is normal. End of Offtopic. Regards.
  12. brtkstn

    Status update

    So guys, we are starting new week, maybe you can share with us about work progress or any news at all? Regards.
  13. brtkstn

    NAV / LOGO lights switch

    Hi, since july's version i have occasionally problem when i want to switch on nav/logo lights. Only after few attempts (3 or 4 clicks) switch goes to 1st position. If i want switch it to 2nd position, there wasn't any problem at all. Just the first step. Anyone saw that? Regards.
  14. Ok, here is a short video with this very small glitch (around 04:10). I remember it from ver. 1.31 (32 bit):
  15. I'll try to make video this weekend. I think that is only way to show it happens.