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  1. My NAV/LOGO switch also behave like that very often.
  2. Hello, yes i will enable logging and try to recreate this issue which will be difficult, because i see it only from time to time. Maybe i'm wrong, but i have a hint. I think that the issue is present only when i start P3D and A320 PRO first time after system restart. When i start them second time and so on, the problem does not exist. But again this is just my suspicion. Regards.
  3. Hi! With version i thought that the problem was solved, but after i install version the problem still occurs. Best wishes.
  4. And that are really good news. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for that statement. I thought that when CFD is ready now, separate NDs will also be implemented. It's strange to use same displays by PF and PM while flying connected. My bus also will have to wait until this update. Regards.
  6. Dear Developers, as far as i can see, things are going well or much better with updates and bug fixes, but i have a question about navigation displays. One more thing i would like to see and in my opinion it is very important are independent navigation dispalys, eg. so we can use different ranges, weather radar on one and terrain display on another, we can change different navigation displays and so on. My question is, when we could expect such an update? Regards.
  7. I'm sorry, somehow my environment sounds were muted. Now it is correct. Topic can be closed.
  8. Hi, after update metars are refreshing properly. Thank you Guys! Regards.
  9. I can cofirm this, when i click start BOARDING, it's not blinking but pax value is rising. Regards.
  10. Hi, since update, after two flights, i'm almost sure, that i can't hear touchdown sound during landing. Anyone can confirm this?
  11. Hi, i almost start logging for you and bam, there it is. Thank you, waiting for update.
  12. Hi, with ver. all is the same - METAR is not refreshing, except PRINT ALL* not freezing MCDU.
  13. Dave, yes i'm using last experimental update and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I'm unable to point out what causes lack of prints.
  14. Hi, i have this problem from some time. With version from time to time when i want to print some flight infos i can hear print sound but i see no sheets. Prints are invisible but clickable, so if i click where it should be sheet is transfered to window clipboard and when i click it again, the 2d window shows all infos. Btw Is it possible to save 2d window scale? Regards.
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