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  1. vor 13 Stunden , [WJTK] Gabriel sagte:

    you pay the 20% VAT + 2.5% Import Duty

    According to the information we received this is correct.

    You don´t have to pay the local VAT during the checkout, but as soon as the package is in the UK you have to pay 20% VAT + 2,5% import duty.




    Aerosoft GmbH

  2. Usually we offer UPS - Standard, DHL Standard, UPS Express, UPS Express Saver and mail service (only for DVDs).

    Due to modifications, only UPS Standard is visible for UK customers, but soon you are able to choose again.


    We always have to keep in mind that we all have to deal with a difficult situation. In December I placed an order about a new vinyl record in the US and the order is still not with me. Corona does not make it easier for the parcel services.




  3. Vor 1 Stunde, BelgianTiger_2 sagte:

    Just one small question.If the Alpha or Bravo get's to you sooner,will you ship it seperatly or will you keep the order together?

    As soon as something becomes available we ship it immediately and of course seperatly.



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  4. Hi,


    I totally understand your situation, do not understand me wrong.
    But there are already products on the way to Aerosoft, with which your order can be delivered.

    With your post you are asking Honeycomb to stop shipping orders until we receive further deliveries, even if there is something on the way to us. This makes no sense to me and costs a ton of money (storage costs).
    Trust me, the productions and containers have been planned for weeks. Changing something would cost money again. This is the business... even before Corona.





  5. Hi,


    To be honest, I don´t know what´s wrong with the email.

    We also get our deliveries from Honeycomb (last one yesterday) and we ship to our customers and business partners.

    Guys, please keep in mind everything happens with a "delay", because the Throttle does not arrive with UPS Express. We always receive a 40' Container on a ship.
    I think it is obvious how many weeks this can take.

    My friends from Honeycomb are doing a good job, even though we have to deal with challenging times!




  6. Good morning,


    I hope you are doing well too!


    I guarantee that all emails received until yesterday have already been answered.

    Could you please check your spam folder? If you don't find an email there either, please write an email to me directly and I will take care of it immediately on monday!

    My address: marius.ellenbuerger@aerosoft.com




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