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  1. Hallo und willkommen in unserem Forum!

    Ich kann es leider hier nicht sehen, aber schätze mal Sie kommen aus Österreich.

    Unser Shop erkennt auf der Startseite nicht immer sofort in welchem Land Sie sich befinden (cache problem) und geht vorerst von Deutschland aus.

    Mit Klick auf das Produkt erkennt der Shop, dass Sie sich im europäischen Ausland befinden und berechnet die richtige MwSt.

    Aufgund von MOSS, sind wir verpflichtet Ihnen die MwSt. des Bestimmungslandes zu berechnen und in Ihrem Fall die 20%.
    Viele Grüße aus Paderborn


  2. On 23.7.2021 at 07:59, saschpe sagte:

    Honeycomb just had a Twitter post up that said all their products (including new ones) can be bought again. I had the notification on my iPhone. When I opened up Twitter, the post was deleted again. I guess they are preparing an announcement and accidentally went out to early. That should imply stock is available again. The only question is how long it will take to reach European shores

    Hi saschpe,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I would not be surprised to see a post like this on Twitter. We also receive deliveries in August and are able to ship pre-orders again.

    Customers who are affected by the first delivery in a week have already received an email. Don't worry, another one is already on the way!



  3. vor 12 Stunden , chili sagte:

    Box just had some stock again.  I have given up waiting for German customs to release my throttle quadrant I returned to Aerosoft for repair (waiting for five weeks now) and ordered another.   I suspect the first will just be buried under a pile of Brexit bureaucracy for eternity.

    Hi, could you please send me a support request incl. your order number, so I can check the case once for you?


  4. okay.... regarding the delivery problem:

    As promised I´ll take care of every single UK customer facing the problem.

    Unfortunately, we already had the same problem in April. The packages are in Herne-Boernig (Germany).

    Together with Mr. M. (don´t want to mention his name) we expect to sort it out soon, but I could need YOUR help as well.
    If you have the same problem, please write a short email to info@aerosoft.com incl. your order number and please use the following Subject: "UK-UPS Herne-Boernig"

    With my database I could already find a lot of tracking numbers, but I am sure not all of them.


    I am really sorry, I cannot tell you a date, only that I am doing my best to solve the complete topic.

    Again I can guarantee, the packages are not lost and the Bravo Throttle will be soon with you!


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  5. vor 2 Stunden , saschpe sagte:

    Out of curiosity, was that the last container to be expected until unit production resumes in autumn?

    Correct, this was the "last" container.


    vor 2 Stunden , saschpe sagte:

    You probably can't disclose that but it's worth asking anyway: How many orders for the Bravo are still open? I presume with Amazon and others cancelling orders, the amount reduced significantly. Certain other web stores disclosed numbers for graphics cards to let customers estimate when they can expect to be able to buy again.

    Unfortunately, I cannot give you a number, but I can tell you that so far no order has been cancelled.

    vor 1 hour , [WJTK] Gabriel sagte:

    I too am eager to get an update, as this morning it changed to say delivery by end of today, yet it just got scanned at 10am still in Herne-Boernig in Germany, so I somehow don't think that estimate is accurate.

    Give me a few minutes, have the call with UPS right now! ;)



  6. vor 16 Stunden , NB1995 sagte:

    Mine was shipped out last thursday, also going to the UK via UPS, Im not sure if others expecting theirs from the UK are in the same situation, but I havent received any tracking updates since monday, not sure if there is a delay or something, but if anyone knows anything more than I do, please let me know

    You are not alone. We have some customers with the same problem, but I am on it. I have another call with UPS this afternoon. I can guarantee you that the parcel is not lost!


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  7. vor 17 Stunden , CASW1000 sagte:

    I am not sure Scan could do that.  My reason being is that probably like you, I actually paid in full for the device back in March.  Whereas Amazon didn't take any money, but still Amazon cancelled my order some 6 months later. The bad part about this is the back of the queue issue on future orders. 


    If Scan cancelled our orders, how on earth would they be able to compensate for the loss of interest. Maybe a good will gesture, but it would leave a sour taste all the same. 


    I dont even know if Honeycomb are making these devices at all at the moment if there is such a shortage of components. ?  I would say, if another order gets cancelled, then I think that will be it. I will look somewhere else entirely.  😞 Lets hope we dont get let down. Again, this is not towards AS, but really about getting the product. 

    I'm not sure how it is legally regulated in the UK, but if a retailer cannot deliver, it is unfortunately their right to cancel the order. I unfortunately had the same case with an Apple HomePod just a few weeks ago. The payment cleared (no problem at all for me) and a few weeks later the shop has cancelled the order because "the product is not available".

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the case!



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  8. vor 5 Minuten, troublednoodle sagte:

    I also have a pre order with aerosoft placed in March. Any indication of when that may be received? I'm not sure if this order will be with any existing stocks in circulation, or will be pushed back to Autumn now? 

    Hello there, three weeks ago you should have received an email with an expected month. Right now, we don´t have a fixed date for orders placed back in March 2021, but we´ll keep you informed.

  9. vor 3 Minuten, [WJTK] Gabriel sagte:

    Hello Marius, hope you had a good time off. I certainly don't envy the fires you are needing to put out. Are you able to look into UPS orders going to the UK, as there seems to be some issues regarding those getting here without being lost in the system. Myself and two others have seperate orders, all left yourselves on the same day, however one is getting delivered today and two others are not even being given a location as to where they currently are or a date for delivery.


    I have already sent a ticket in regarding my specific order, but as I can see it's not just happening to myself it could be affecting others.

    Hi there, thank you for asking - yes, my vacation was good!

    Your ticket is on my other monitor, I´ll personally take care of it asap.



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  10. Hello together,

    I hope you are doing well. My vacation "unfortunately" continued a bit longer, which is why I can only comment on it today.

    Let me try to answer all your questions:

    On 20.5.2021 at 12:48, Gille sagte:

    Is this really the case, or, as has happened to me in the past, is it already on the road and is delivered to me without UPS updating the tracking?

    This is the same as with the shipments before. UPS and also DHL cannot pick up all packages on the same day. I am sure your tracking has been updated or is already with you.

    If not, please let me know, so I am able to investigate.

    On 21.5.2021 at 13:59, MikeG33 sagte:

    So now those people, like myself, who showed faith in the product and ordered back then are back to square one, at the back of a very long queue, while hearing that people that pre-ordered in Feb from Aerosoft (5-6 Months after many orders from other suppliers) are now getting them. Hopefully you can understand why it leaves a bitter taste.

    I totally understand that! To be honest, neither we nor Honeycomb know why Amazon cancels orders, especially when customers have been waiting so long. I know from my own sources that from the last container, we sent some pallets to the UK. Again, we don´t ship to Amazon or Scan directly.


    On 22.5.2021 at 08:09, paulski sagte:

    I thought AS IS the distributor that supplies Amazon, SCAN etc.?

    Just want to confrim, this is not correct. We ship everything to our business partner in the UK.

    And now a small comment, because I had to read it again (not only here):

    Of every shipment that arrives at Aerosoft, the largest part goes to distributors, shops, retailer and so on. Sometimes whole containers go directly to foreign countries, without a single Aerosoft customer receiving a product from it.

    If there is anything else, just ask! I´ll make sure you get an answer.


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