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  1. Hello, I re-downloaded the new version of Heathrow, the notes say there is radar animation. but the radar I found is not moving. what is wrong? I am on Mac and 11.30rc3
  2. I have an issue with the static planes, there are planes shown that would never be there, American Airlines 737, united express crj-700, etc
  3. Any update ? And can you please share images , thread and eta on Rome
  4. Hi Jan. Thanks for the reply. However can you be more specific into which scenery your citing a Christmas release. 1- when is eddf hopefully coming 2- when is rome hopefully coming 3- can I help beta test thanks
  5. Hello? Any update Eta in eddf and Rome? Thanks! im I’m mac. Xplane 11. I can help beta test
  6. Oh That is great. Can you please share an eta on EDDF and FCO
  7. wow, awesome looks great as usual. I just got back from a trip with EDDF being a pit stop. I have your Zurich airport, I hope this comes out this year. can you guys please make Rome FCO for x-plane 11? there is not a good one out there
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