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  1. My point was wether the rudder should be used or not, it should not roll the aircraft to the extend the Aerosoft F-16 does, especially with seemingly no yaw occuring while doing so.
  2. Okay, so are you ready to challenge x-plane 10 and P3D? i have no interest in either of those but i have much interest in a true FSX replacement as do many people, microsoft apparently aren't willing to make that happen, are you?
  3. Any news on this one? It seems DCS is set to rule the flight sim market as it stands... and rightly so, Aerosoft flight simulator could be one of the few major contenders if it is still happening? if it isn't then please just let us know so we can get back to waiting for fighter ops
  4. The Aerosoft F-16 has always been broken in this regard, the rudder inputs really need fixing wether the real aircrafts pilots use them much or not. Rudder input should not cause the aircraft to roll more than it yaws i know...
  5. This would be amazing if it did happen, get the F-16 out of the FSX limitations and into the DCS world where it can be done full justice
  6. Is this project still go then?
  7. Your not the first person to post about this and i suspect there will be many more, there is no problem with your install etc, this is just how the Aerosoft F-16 is im affraid. Why they made it like that i don't know as its just wrong and very annoying. Great jet otherwise.
  8. http://aerosoft-shop.com/support.php?language=en Enjoy...
  9. It is another module based on the A-10c, i think the plan is to release 1 aircraft yearly and make all modules compatible with each other. And they produce simulators for the military so while iv never flown a real Black shark or A-10 im guessing these are just about the most accurate sims out there? i personally can't wait for DCS:A10 which should hit around christmas time. Here are a couple of vids that show how in depth this sim is, not one for the ace combat crowed i think.... Looks very promising....
  10. I also have no interest in another F-14, i would have much preferred a nice F-15 or a T-45 goshhawk even (ok, a proper Hawk being British and all but....). At the end of the day we don't have to buy it so i don't see the problem. Aerosoft obviosuly see's a market so who are we to argue? if it's up to the standards of their F-16 its sure to be a hit. Im sure we will see more types in future and they are sure to get better and better each time, who knows what will happen a few years down the line when we have more than just FSX to buy addons for exciting times indeed so im not too bothered by t
  11. I hope Aerosoft don't share your opinion! Two sims are sure to be better than one, variety is always a good thing. I hope Aerosoft continue with their sim as planned, what MS does is irrelevant i think. Im sure we'l all buy both anyway
  12. Maybe they were keeping an eye on the Aerosoft thread Il be a happy chap if their new sim is FSX... done right and with much better scenery. Id be delighted however if that happens and Aerosoft put out their own realistic sim, hopefully both will materialise in time.
  13. I would tend to dissagree, it may be a small market but most of us spend more on aftermarket addons than we do on the actual sims, i think the majority of flight sim fans will have room enough for two new sims. Obviously it depends greatly on how said sims turn out also, both could be great or one may be rubbish in which case the other will grab the market. I have more faith in a company such as Aerosoft who are rather dedicated to the genre as opposed to the huge corporation that is MS but only time will tell. I personally hope both sims are brilliant!!!
  14. I dont think that would be true, even if MS flight turned out to be perfect in every way id still buy the Aerosoft sim. I like First person shooters for example, Half life 2 is probably my favourite but it doesn't stop me wanting to play Halo, COD and many other titles, variety is always a good thing. Aerosoft will do their thing, microsoft will do their own, we all win. Also it seems microsoft are indeed trying to cater for two very seperate crowds, us simmers and the Ace combat/Hawx crowed whereas im guessing Aerosoft will make the most realistic flight sim possible so both products could en
  15. Lets hope so! maybe microsoft will learn their lesson from FSX? again though, they should be sorting that out first! the more i think about it though, Im quite excited by the prospect of two potentially brilliant sims heading our way in coming years. This announcement from MS hasn't detracted my enthusiasm for Aerosofts sim, if anything im more eagre to see what these guys can do from the ground up as the AS F-16 is my favourite FSX aircraft.
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