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  1. I very much agree with you on point 1. Trying to aim the nose down is even harder than pulling up unfortunately. I realize that too much input into aiming the nose down is dangerous for the airframe but really I dont get any response on the pitch axis at all! Just like to remind everyone that the F-16 is superiore to the F/A-18 in many aspects most prominent being the rate of turn. I have one doubt though: could the pitch "defect" be a regulation of the FLCS in CAT III?
  2. I haven't found out anything about either question I raised. Strange, it seems that everybody would be talking about the rudder problem, either I'm blind or no one has brought up that question up for ages.
  3. Here, http://aerosoft-shop...php?language=en
  4. Hey, congradulations, great manual! Only one thing.... When I click on the cold dark start-up picture all the switches go to their off positions as normal. Just wanted to point out that there are mainly four things that pilots look out for before touching anything in the cockpit: 1)Master Fuel switch set to "Master" (guard down) 2)Engine Feed switch set to "norm" 3)EPU set to "norm" (inop. in FSX) 4)Air Supply set to "norm" I know, number four is true even with the canopy up.
  5. I use facebook to log in to the aerosoft forum. How do I register?
  6. You can also delete it. I'm very sorry for the disturbance and it won't happen again.
  7. Is there anyway to move this to another forum? If not just tell me how to delete it and move it later.
  8. Yes, almost. Sorry it's hard to write, so you should probably have an FSX window up while reading this so you can see what I'm referring to. In 1985 (so before the MLU, mid-life update) the Engine and Jet-Start Control Panel (directly under the throttle quadrant) housed for switches. In the direction from the left Aux panel towards the back of the cockpit: 1) The JFS switch (which you have currently displayed in FSX) 2) The EEC BUC switch (you have it labelled as "ENG CONT" with two positions: "PRI" and "SEC") 3) The Starting Fuel switch (you have it labelled as AB Reset with t
  9. Hi! I also noticed in the manual that you suggested getting these. I typed in the exact URL address (A2Asimulations.com/store/shockwavelights/) and tried to buy them. Once you click on the downloadable version for FSX it comes up with a description that says they're for FS2004. If someone has already bought these successfully could they please post how they did it here! Thanks.
  10. Thanks, I actually have looked at a lot of posts in the dedicated forum. Correct me if I'm wrong, there have only been a couple of posts about it but no one has said anything about fixing it. Anyway just wanted to ask if the EEC BUC switch and the Starting Fuel switch being changed to ENG CONT; PRI\SEC, and AB Reset was a result of the MLU update. (on the engine and jet start control panel)
  11. Hi Guys! I just got the FSX F-16 expansion pack by Aerosoft and I have really enjoyed flying it. Im just not sure about one thing: whenever I push the rudder pedals in any direction all I do a barrel roll. Is this supposed to happen? On the ground while rolling the rudder pedals work perfectly. I use the CH products pro pedals, and on every other plane in FSX the rudder and pedals work perfectly. It would be great if someone could throw some light on this! If you need any more information just ask, Thanks!
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