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  1. At Munich AI aircraft taxiing on grass...i realize it could also be Ultimate Traffic 2
  2. (If already discussed i apologize i missed it) Does Aerosoft plan on developing aircraft/helicopters for the DCS series like IRIS Simulations are? DCS for those who don't know http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/
  3. A well known MSFS forum has resorted to only allowing ISP emails. ie verizon or comcast. Email addresses from Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail etc were banned. Irritated me at first since i never used the account email, but if it helps companies/people such as yourself then i'm all for it.
  4. Maastricht - Aachen took off from there plenty of times in Jane's WW2 Fighters. Look forward to it.
  5. I'm not from Aerosoft, but have you tried this? http://www.sceneryso...ut_fsx_can.html http://www.simshack.net/product_info.php?products_id=334
  6. Seriously i did not intend to bust out any one person. When i copied the info i didn't realize the link was still active (hence the reason the aircraft in question isn't mentioned) As far as 'a problem' goes i have many repaints uploaded to sites for various flight simulators and as of yet (until now) have i ever seen a jump like that so quickly. What's the point of saying 'most popular' when it really isn't? (allegedly)
  7. Perhaps? Wasn't even in the top 10 yesterday. 0 reviews 1,289 downloads (453 views) Added 27 Feb 2011
  8. Found it....just have to dig through the forums to find download link.
  9. I can't find it here or at ARNZ from your previous post. Under Aerosoft it says no skins available http://www.flightsim.co.nz/
  10. I was in 2/B/214 Avn Regt before it shut down. Last active duty aviation unit on Ft Lewis.
  11. Just remember bud anyone can be a tough guy on the Internet. Thankfully i'm cocky enough where i don't really care what anyone says about me PS were you stationed at Ft Lewis?
  12. DavidT


    Maybe not requested at this site, but i've seen it at many others
  13. I was a structure guy in the US Army for 10 years repairing fiberglass and honeycomb panels as well as rotor blade repairs. I've been out for 13 years but still remember most of it. If i don't know i'll find out
  14. UH-1H modern skin updated. Server doesn't seem to take new files from me.
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