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  1. Try reinstall SimConnect. You can find it there: Your P3D install folder\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi
  2. Did you tested without EA, and lights are ok? I personally don't use EA because it's too heavy fps drops.
  3. I hope there is something to do easily.
  4. Left picture is not AS Airbus. You don't see upper or lower charts with moving map on AS Airbus. Sad but true. I follow (when needed) those maps my laptop via Navigraph simlink, and home network.
  5. So you cannot see taxi / rwy turnoff lights from cocpit? Is there somethings else to prevent operating Airbus?
  6. Are the latest version of A318-321 compatible with Prepar3DV5.3
  7. Can someone do Finnair A319/320/321/321IAE (ER) mainpanel registrations for P3D5 mainpanel. I really trying so many times, but can not do it Please... Here is information A319/320/321 CFM-fleet. (picture from A319 CFM FSX model) Some A321-231 IAE selcal codes are missing: OH-LZM /N/O/P/R/S/T/U A319 CFM OH-LVC LP-AG OH-LVD LP-FK OH-LVG DJ-AG OH-LVH HR-BS OH-LVI HR-DQ OH-LVK QS-AR A320 CFM OH-LXA ER-AB OH-LXB ES-FP OH-LXC BG-CL OH-LXD MP-DK OH-LXF EF-BH OH-LXH DJ-AF OH-LXI HR-BM OH-LXK CE-JR OH-LXL HP-FG OH-LXM JQ-BF A321 CFM OH-LZA AF-HS OH-LZB AF-KS OH-LZC BH-ER OH-LZD HP-GL OH-LZE HR-GS OH-LZF QS-BC A321-231 IAE OH-LZG EF-AM OH-LZH BG-CM OH-LZI CM-BJ OH-LZK BP-KQ OH-LZL DE-CG
  8. I agree that. Previous versions working well, but now (if starting cold & dark) VHF1 not working like before with Vpilot. My last cold & dark flight (A321-231) I had to use VHF2 only. I cannot explain what is wrong, but it is not working like before.
  9. I'll have St.Elmos fire since P3D5. Still everything working normally. It's only one split second , and Elmos is gone... This time, this is my second P3D5 version. It show every time, when I load the plane A319-A321 (latetst busses and P3D5).
  10. Today flight, no announcements "speed brakes" in upper ecam, and no lever movemets keyboard or mapped button....
  11. Right! and there is no text "speed brakes" in upper ecam like before.
  12. Yes it's working before. When I map some control example joystick button, it appears next to the keyboard bind. The lever into cocpit don't move from keyboard or button (tested removing keyboard binding).
  13. I have similar problem. Speedbrakes extend/retract mapped into joystick button. Speedbrakes working, but virtual cocpit lever don't move. If I moved it with mouse, it's working. Working before normally, don't know if it's P3D5 or A318/321 behind this problem? P3D5 latest version A318/321 latest version
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