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  1. First of all, this is only what I was making when I doing Finnair announcements. The list of files and they triggers are below. If you confuse? it is best to setup my announcements, make an test flight and you understanding process better, and ready for take off with your own announcements File name / content of the announcement / possible trigger 1, ASC_CC_CabinSecure.wav / Captain the cabin is secure all passengers are on board / after door are closed. 2, ASC_CC_Safety.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s please pay at tension… / when plane taxiing to runway. 3, ASC_CC_Prep_TO_Day.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the captain is…takeoff / landing lights is on. 4, ASC_CC_Prep_TO_Night.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the captain is…takeoff / landing lights is on. 5, ASC_CC_Climb_Device.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s it is now safety use your portable electric devices / PED switch is off. 6, ASC_CC_Des_Device.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s we are descending our destination please make sure your all portable devices…. / PED & SEATBELT switch is on, and altitude is about 8000ft. 7, ASC_CC_Landing_Dest.wav (left intentionally blank) I have an empty .wav because after landing into runway there is announcement “Ladies and gentlemen’s the door is open please…” 8*, ASC_After_Landing.wav / Please remain seated an till aircraft is fully stopped (or similar) / On taxiway to taxiing to stand or gate. 9, ASC_CC_Landing_Gate.wav (left intentionally blank) I have an empty .wav because after landing when taxiing there is announcement “Ladies and gentlemen’s we have arrived our destination…” 10*, ASC_After_Landing_Wait.wav / Please remain seated an till aircraft is fully stopped (or similar) / On taxiway to taxiing to stand or gate. 11, ASC_CC_Unboarding.wav / Ladies and gentlemen’s the door is open please… / After opening the doors. ** the no. 8 and 10 is the same content. So if you want replace one of those? Replace both in same content! The files above I replaced Finnair announcements. There is still some Aerosoft announcements in use, and it’s fine. If you want to make your own, pleace make a backup your Sound_ASC -folder. You found it: YOUR DRIVE\YOUR INSTALLATION PATH\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\ A318/319 is similar path. Setup my Finnair announcements, and make test flight. Short flight is recommended, TURN AROUND STATE, make your preparations, close doors, taxi, take off and climb FL160. Descent, land and taxi to gate and open doors! Now you understand the base idea, and get ready to make you own announcements. Happy landings Download links: 7-Zip: RAR: Instructions included (Into README, there is tell 7-files included! But after update there is 11 -files) sorry about this... File list with triggers (as above) in .RTF -document File list and triggers.rtf
  2. Hi! I made it Finnair announcements. Include finnish / swedish and english languange. Maybe it help you make your own? I put a pictures of list of announdements / files to replace... Couple of those files are "blank" or "empty" intentionally! You can download it here:,114924.0.html
  3. Try to update your product via Aerosoft updater, (on your Windows menu) with administrator rights. And select experimental updates on!
  4. Here is the link!,114924.0.html Happy landings...
  5. I never have any problems with shaders! It's a best way to get realistic environment... Maybe your product is the problem, because I really don't know no why all my friends flying with shaders (PTA or Tomato) and never complaining problems. They don't use your busses... I use, and still have any problems at all (version 1230) and PTA with rdpresets + NVI 4xSGSS & Force ECAM software Rendering!
  6. If you using Nvidia Inspector? Use "force ecam software rendering" and those "rings" over meters coming back to normal...
  7. Maybe your plan was one or more discontinuity lines?
  8. Well I dotn't either. The fuel just vanish, and I'm start this flight from saved situation. So it was a bug, but only once, and long time (and version) ago!
  9. Your fuel was vanished! I've have this situation once, but long time ago with A319 CFM PRO. No fuel, no APU starting... Before situation the FOB was +4000kg.
  10. There is indeed shut down sound, but only when start flight READY FOR TAKEOFF state. After cutting fuel switch, there is one second "blank" sound before shut down sound.
  11. You have to push speed selector (left mouse click) to get managed speed, or pull (right mouse click) to set select speed. Managed speed =flight computer control speed Select speed =pilot control speed In both cases the throttle lever should be an CL (CLB) detent, like into your video into first place (not TOGA) TOGA =TAKEOFF/GO AROUND
  12. Just notice today after landing Kopenhagen, and shut down engines (A321 CFM) there is no shutdown sounds at all... After looking (listening) Dave's video I notice there is never was those sounds (32bit busses it was). P3Dv4.3 and v4.4 client Aibus version No saved situations at startup The file, A and B is present into folder. Would volume level do this? I have engines volume below 50% into P3D settings.
  13. I have this once, and I don't use GSX or FS2Crew. After pushback elevator was down, but moving partly (very little). I restart my Prepar (v4.4), and it's working normally again. I use version
  14. But it is not, because it's not working if your default flight is COLD&DARK. I always start my flights by selecting airbus (A319, 320 or 321) airport, stand, time etc. and press ok! NOT loading default flight at all. But if you default flight is saved COLD&DARK it's not working... Like I describe before:
  15. Try this before the Aerosoft solution.
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