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  1. Thank you, of course I mixed up the installers)))). It's all right now. The question is closed. With respect. Andrew
  2. Hi everyone. Installed P3Dv5 HF2, A330 has such a problem with the light. The A320 is fine. Default shaders. Win10 2004. With respect. Andrey
  3. dron960

    Dome light A330

    Hi The A330 also doesn't turn on the overhead light at all. This works on the A318-321, but does not work on the A330. This is very inconvenient at night when preparing for a flight. How can the issue be resolved? Prepar3D_v4.5.14.34698. With respect, Andrew
  4. Hi Emmanuel. Thank you very much for your help, we will wait for updates. With respect, Andrew
  5. The landing lights of the A320 are turned on or off when you press CTRL+L, but not on the A330, you have to go to the overhead and turn it on with the mouse. What might be the problem? With respect, Andrew
  6. Prepar3D_v4.5.14.34698. This is an underground gas station truck
  7. There was a problem. Refueling is over, the tanker crew has removed the hoses and climbed into the cabin, and the tanker is standing still. Because of this, the catering service doesn't go until he leaves. What should I do? The GSX forum replied that we need to contact you. With respect, Andrew
  8. I want to clarify. I re-installed the old version of AS for P3Dv4. Here the problem is the same with updating the winds. So it is in version of the aircraft. With respect. Andrew
  9. The ASP3D beta version does not update wind data in the Airbus A-330 MCDU. Everything was normal before. The AktiveSky support forum responded "developers may need to update their code to be compatible with Asp3d/p3dv5". With respect. Andrew
  10. Gentlemen. Why you can't follow a simple instruction, as the administration has already explained to you. After installing, download the livery Manager from here, and just replace it, as Hans Hartmann said 18 april. It seems to be easier than ever. And everything will work.
  11. So did you immediately replace the livery Manager with version after installation?
  12. Version also works great under P3D v4 HF3
  13. Good afternoon Rolf. The documentation is only the one that is installed with the aircraft, is no other one. The problem with this checklist item was solved as follows. You need to click "STS" instead of "RCL" and the checklist will continue. Well, maybe the information will be useful to someone. Don't close the subject yet, in case something else POPs up. With respect. Andrew
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