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  1. Here are my settings, all as usual. It has stopped appearing on all A330 and A320 vehicles. This is very inconvenient. But it works on PMDG. Before the latest updates, it was the same. I just wanted to ask why it was removed or is it a mistake? With respect. Andrew
  2. I'm sorry, but we probably didn't understand each other. I know perfectly well that this is a GSX message. I wanted to say that this message used to appear, and now it does not. And it's inconvenient. On other planes, the message appears. That's the problem. And I think this is due to the latest updates. Did I make myself clear? With respect. Andrew
  3. Hi, Rolf. Of course you're right. That's what I do. I've been doing this for several years now, starting with the FSX version. I'm talking about the fact that the information message is not issued, that you need to start refueling, which was always issued before. While you are preparing for the flight, you will find out that a tanker has arrived. This happens on the A320 and 330. With respect. Andrew
  4. Thank you, Rolf. I never use a copilot. I turn on the SD and do all the actions myself. I just wanted to say that it has become slower than it was before the update. I also want to add that now during the flight on the a330, the checklist before the descent did not start. I had to do it manually. With respect. Andrew
  5. I can't give you any advice on which antivirus software to use, so I'll say it to myself. I have long and forever thrown out Kaspersky because of its extreme stupidity and inconvenience. It blocks a bunch of useful programs. I see that nothing has changed. In your case, add ASUpdater to the exceptions. With respect. Andrew
  6. On the A320 and A330, the sequence of actions is simple. I just called the gas station attendant. He pulls up, connects the hoses, and stands there. GSX does not issue an informational message asking you to start refueling, but waits until you start it manually by pressing LOAD SHEET. This was not the case before the update. The rest of the PMDG type aircraft are fine, from which I concluded that this is not a GSX. With respect. Andrew
  7. Thank you, I understand about the update. And I want to add to this branch. The checklist JUST GOT too slow. This has never happened before. With respect. Andrew
  8. Dear developers I will ask here, so as not to clog the forum with the same questions. Please tell me if the problem that was described here has been fixed? I have exactly the same problem after the last update, one to one. A 320 CFM, Prepar3D_v4.5.14.34698. And I also want to add, on the A320 and A330, when the GSX tanker pulls up and connects the hoses. GSX does not offer to start refueling, but waits until you start it manually. This was not the case before the update. With the rest of the aircraft type PMDG everything is fine, from which I concluded that it is not the GSX
  9. Well, thank you, now I'll all the time to turn off this mode
  10. rowcoach thanks for the tip I confirm the above problem. I will not clutter the forum with screenshots and error reports. Exactly the same error appeared after the last update on the A330, I haven't tried it on the A320 yet. All the latest libraries and everything else is installed. Dear developers, please explain the meaning of this setting Force ECAM Software Rendering and what it affects? System: CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.80GHz GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti (3440 x 1440 144Hz) GPU Driver 457.30 RAM 32GB @ 3200MHz Microsoft Windows 10 19042.78
  11. Tell me, and nowhere is the A330 model with PW engines lying around, or maybe dear developers are planning to release it soon? With respect. Andrew
  12. download from here https://www.inibuilds.com/p3d-v5-scenery-compatibility-files
  13. the old afkad is easy to find, for example, using the program Little Navmap. You can Rename it without problems.
  14. We will wait, especially since your problem will certainly only be fixed by them.
  15. copy the new file afcad xxxx.ADE.bgl to the folder with the scenario of the airport and remove the old file afcad
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