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  1. It is commendable even such a thing is modelled ! Amazing really.
  2. Yes I had serviced it every time and the controls needed fixing every time - after all the diving I thought not from taking off too fast. Have not rechecked it again but I was taking off without regard for the speed.
  3. Thanks a lot, mate. So I have broken the plane from overspeeding on take off seems to be the answer from that thread (seeing as I had already applied the patch) I was not flying this like I fly the accusim planes - I will look into the numbers. The plane just got more interesting.
  4. In clear weather, even a few metres off the ground, tested everywhere from Tokyo to PNW. The Katana just flips up and over. Cannot go straight even for a second. Even if I adjust trim and full flaps to keep the nose down or rudder hard one way while putting the throttle down before trying to straighten out. Fast, medium or slow makes no difference. Always flips at the same speed - VSI using a modified Saitek Instrument Panel. Saitek X52 has been checked, no "wobbling" (checked in windows 7 settings - there is a red bar which moves as you use the X52) and works with all other addons no problem. Cannot fly it anywhere without it flipping seconds after taking off. Thought Cumulus X was the issue but whether running or not situation is the same. Yes I would expect it OVER the PNW mountains but not for example in clear weather, summer, in downtown Tokyo day or night at a height of 100 metres off the ground. Cannot use the plane at all.
  5. Thanks Jigsaw, I persisted with it. I have reinstalled both TrackIR and EZDokon the latest version each (each was an older version) and now they both work fine. Partly I missunderstood something with EZDok about using it and I had installed it using a "how to" on youtube. Reading the manual fully and making more changes (had not changed button/joystick assignments) - it now works amazingly well. Seemed very complex to use at first but now I get how to use the basic functions, define views etc. Is there a store of addon aircraft EZDok view files somewhere ? Just wondering ? I found this one but I only have one plane in it (though there are many): http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=156067&CatID=fsxmisc
  6. Thanks again guys. I found the N one and it was in English. Problem solved.
  7. I uninstalled EZCA and the problem has gone. So there you go.
  8. Thanks Marcel.......................That would narrow the issue down to EZCA I believe. I will uninstall it completely and check if the issue remains.
  9. Hi Marcel....F12 does center the TrackIR but it is unrelated to the problem - it remains outside of the plane Happens every time I open the canopy and start doing the maintenance. The last time I had not even taken the pilot out then put him back in - just left him in the whole time. Basically if I do maintenance and cycle views while doing the maintenance I then cannot fly because I cannot get the view back in the cockpit. Seems like a bug to me.
  10. Thanks bliksimpie & ricfishner ! Will look for the N one.
  11. I have tried other planes now with registrations started with O instead of D All are Austrian. None have english in the VCs.
  12. I have experienced grass crashes in a number of places all over PNW even though I have the latest libraries. and these were installed last. On their forum- Orbx - they are working on doing a patch for this grass crashing issue specifically for all of PNW (not just Cushmans) Perhaps your location of parking is just slightly different - at least that is what I have experienced. Hope that helps.
  13. I am sure you already know this but some panels require you to be parked as well. Just trying to help (I am no expert)
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