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  1. Thanks for the link. More questions: Turn Coordination is provided by the "computers". Is that done by the rudder or rudder trim? (Applies if turn coord performed by rudder) Does that mean when in a turn the rudder pedal in the cockpit moves also? Your help is appreciated. Thanks, Joshua Che.
  2. Hi, Any real world A32X pilot know how does the rudder operate? There is turn coordinaton, yaw damping etc. The question is: Does rudder pedal input command a yaw rate or direct deflection of the rudder with respect to the maximum deflections? I tried reading up the FCOM and dug up nothing. The whole FCOM is only praising the FBW system and telling me it has turn coordination and how smart the computer is at limiting rudder deflection. Thanks, Joshua Che.
  3. Guys, I have decided to cancel FBW v0.9 as Airbus X V2 should fix this. I do not see the need to continue the FBW. On top of that, the time taken for this has hit my studies real hard so I am spending the holiday brushing up my studies and hope that Airbus X V2 will fully model the FBW. Regards, Joshua Che.
  4. The autorudder is forced on for Auto coordination (Coordinated turns) for FBW although it does not work very well. It also work as a yaw dumper. Removing it essentially removes the rudder from the FBW. Regards, Joshua Che.
  5. Thanks ! EDIT: w00t ! Major Breakthrough in the FBW v0.9 all is good for now. Lots more to do because it is a recode.
  6. Quick Landing and approach Video at Singapore Changi Airport with custom FBW.
  7. I am suprised that many people use 64bits.
  8. Let me put it bluntly. Choose either FBW protection or your home cockpit. it is not possible to have Bank protection when a software is interfering with my code. I will see if there's a workaround. For now, you have to use it without protections. FBW V0.9 should be better. Slowly but still progressing as i am stil having exams till next week. Check your PM.
  9. You missed my pont. If the aerosoft V2 FBW is better than my, it makes no sense to continue updating it right?
  10. Any Progress update? I was wondering if the Airbus X Pro will make my alternate FBW v0.9 (W.I.P) obsolute. If it does i will stop making any more updates.
  11. Sorry for the late reply as my exams are still going on. If airsimtech does not have FBW, why are you using it? I am sure if you assign it to Default FSX controls it should work. Nonetheless, hopefully FBW v0.9 will fix it with use of FSUIPC. Regards, Joshua Che. Little 'o' update: FBW v0.9 still progressing well. After inserting a pid controller, The aircraft pitch slightly downwards when the FBW kick in at 50ft like the real aircraft!.
  12. Occasionally (ASE for the matter) when i go out for a short hop. But for the most of my test flights i use the FSX static weather and do have this problem when it hits the 30.00 sometimes. If you manually adjust the QNH to 30.00 slowly without any weather you would have 29.10 the up abit more then 30.01.
  13. No word from aerosoft on this? I am experiencing it too. seems like a rounding error.
  14. I thought the airsimtech joystick software already include a FBW Module? If you don't know what 'LH1711 callouts" is then just try running the patcher again with FSX closed. Regards, Joshua Che.
  15. Busy with exams !?!

  16. Guys, I am look for anybody who can program in C++ to help me mask and output joystick input. PM me if interested. This is to eliminate FSUIPC from the equation. Regards, Joshua Che.
  17. 1. What external joystick software are you using ? This should however be changed with me using FSUIPC for joystick input in v0.9. 2. Try running the patcher again with FSX closed. This maybe because you used LH1711 callouts. Regards, Joshua Che.
  18. Thanks! I think if you like v0.8f2 you will definitely like v0.9. Now, while I am still having exams, I enjoy flying with my FBW more than I code. Regards, Joshua Che.
  19. Thanks. Hope you enjoy it. conchulio : About autobrake it seems to be stuck at RTO after takeoff. that explains why brakes are fully applied. Please try to unselect autobrake max before you retract the gear after TO. Research Information needed: Any one knows the real world airbus FBW at max AOA, does the sidestick still command GLoad or AOA?
  20. Glad you suceeded. To set reverse using button just assign in fsx controls throttle (decrease quickly).
  21. DId you use the light switches in the VC? If you use the keyboard, it wont work.
  22. Thanks. And a little update for FBWv0.9: I have temporary suspend the beta test due to my End of Year Exams. I expect to resume it sometime the second week of next month. Regards, Joshua Che.
  23. To Aerosoft about the issue, Why when creating the Aerosoft Launcher joystick config tool, did you not save the assignment to a config file and then when your AirbusX load, it reads the config file which will save all the trouble instead of reading it from FSX standard.xml?
  24. You should try KAPTEJNLN solution. If not, Delete all asignment in FSUIPC. You might want to backup your FSUIPC4.ini first before doing that. After that, close FSX and restart your computer. After reboot, unplug your throttle and plug in your throttle. Then open FSX. Assign the throttle to FSX Default Controls (NOT FSUIPC) before flying or loading the plane. Close FSX properly (Dialog asking whether you want to exit FSX) with the X button so FSX will save the AXIS assignment. Then Start FSX again. Load AirbusX. You should be sucessful now. If no, show your standard.xml again. BTW, system requirements of Airbus X: Joystick with throttle (The systems expect the default FSX throttle axis to be used) Regards, Joshua Che.
  25. Wait a minute... You said the throttle was working with the default plane. How come do i not see you throttle being assigned to the throttle axis in the standard.xml. What are you using to assign your throttle?
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