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  1. Thanks! But believe me, I know that there are moments that it would be desirable to correct too. There is a drawback that arose when creating the GP at the very beginning of work on Kosice and which I noticed when the work was done at 90%. But in order to fix it, I need to completely redo the entire foundation, and this will naturally entail other corrections. So I think that when Kosice will be created, say under FS 2020 or another version of P3D, a practically new LZKZ will be created. For now, for this version of Kosice, I will release another update closer to fall. As I wrote, I want to redo the winter season. Make additional buildings for the steel mill. And also, make a GP on the territory of the plant and the territory that runs parallel to the glide path. I already use it in my home version.
  2. Hi! Install the update on V1.0. You do not need to delete anything. Old files will be overwritten, new ones will be added. Thanks for the nice comments. I am very pleased that despite certain shortcomings, you like Kosice. I am actively working on Poprad. I wanted to complete it in May, but I see that I do not have time in time. Therefore, I hope to complete Poprad in June. A month for testing and I think Poprad Airport will be released in July. I have already collected all the necessary material on Bratislava and mentally I am already doing Letisko M. R. Štefánika
  3. Hi. Kosice V.1.1 came out yesterday. I already wrote about updates in detail. What was planned at this stage was able to implement and fix some errors. The next stage of updates is planned to be released closer to the fall. The winter season will be fully edited. Now I am actively working on Poprad Airport
  4. Wonderful screenshots. Paris is gorgeous!!! And which actors starred in this city: Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Philippe Noiret, Mireille Mathieu
  5. Quite painstaking work that requires attention. But on the other hand, I learned a few new methods of working with 3D. Along the road will be road signs, trees bushes. I also made a part of the railway on which I am thinking of launching an animated train. Several cars also drive along the road.
  6. The first experience of creating such a road. The script object becomes more detailed. Test export to the script has already been done, the road and the bridge fit into the boundaries of the substrate.
  7. For LZTT, a road junction is being created with a bridge located near the airport and one of the roads leads directly to the airport. The road passes over the bridge, next to the bridge and under the bridge. In addition, there will be a small bridge across the canal in front of the airport. Naturally along the road and on the bridge itself there will be fences, traffic signs. This is only the initial layout of the road, I think in a few days I will finish it.
  8. This is how parking near the flying club will look like. In this file, of course, there will only be buildings, static models will be separate. Perhaps I will make two parking lots for small aircraft at the flying club. There will also be a helipad nearby. From static planes will be near the hangars Yak-40 Slovak Repablic
  9. Here is such a nice office building Air - Transport Europe will also be in Poprad - Tatry. Of course there will be trees, grass lawns and street lighting around
  10. Everything, of course, is in the process of creation, not all buildings, objects, lighting, etc. But the direction has already been determined how to move on
  11. Kosice update at this stage completed. It will take some time to prepare them. In the meantime, I returned to Poprad Airport. Even managed to do something. Of course, a lot of work remains to be done, but it is interesting to watch how an idea is realized. I can say that in Poprad there will immediately be a wet strip during rain, and puddles and PBR textures
  12. Sometimes you just want to fly. Outside the window there is beautiful spring weather, the virus wanders, the airports are closed, and you are flying, please A short flight to the updated Kosice. P.S. Updates are just being prepared
  13. One of the updates will relate to the runway. I made a PBR texture for the runway. But there is one point that I do not really like. This is a short time at dawn. The whole period of the day, the beginning of dawn, sunset, the runway looks great in my opinion, better than the previous version. I’ll also try to edit the channel settings of the metallic card, maybe editing the channels will help fix this drawback. In any case, I will enable the option to select the runway in the configurator with and without PBR textures (before updates).
  14. I tried to make the lighting of apron and parking lots close to the photos. Not all parking lots are lit alike. Parking lots where parking lots 7 - 10 are lit more, this can be seen in the photographs. Parking 5 is dimly lit. More lighting in parking lots 1 - 3 which are near the hangar and parking lot 4 near the control tower. Perhaps not everything worked out, but I remain on this option, as you see in the screenshots. Dynamic lighting is divided into two parts: apron and passenger terminal lighting. Both parts will be possible to control through the configurator. Edited some nightly textures and added lighting effects. Since scenery already has PBR textures of wet stripes and puddles during rain, the configurator will probably include the ability to select simulator versions: 4 and 4.4+ I think that next week I will give these changes for testing and will be available shortly, and I will return to Poprad-Tatry
  15. Perhaps with the coating of the runway and aprons I finished work. While in the parking lot, you can spot small puddles and a wet surface with little reflection. On the runway, I chose the option of heavy rainfall. Rain is felt being on the runway. A few screenshots.
  16. Test flight in Kosice. preparation of updates;)
  17. Good day to all. I’ve been updating Kosice for several days. No glare during the day during the fog. What I wanted to implement at this stage, we can do. I edited the dynamic lighting and divided it into two sections. Dynamic lighting on the platform and from the passenger terminal. In the configurator, you can choose to enable or disable it. In addition, edited dynamic lighting settings. Runway, parking will be wet and with puddles during the rain. After the rain stops coming, asphalt and concrete will be dry. The screenshots are trial options. Of course, you still have to work with updates. But we will release the updates as I expected, in two to three weeks.
  18. Thanks a lot! We were also very pleased to meet you. Aerosoft employees are responsive and funny people! I think this is not our last trip to Germany. This year there are many other plans that need to be implemented. But next year we want to go to Cologne, Dresden, Berlin.
  19. This year began for me successfully. In early January, there was the release of Kosice and of course the wondrous journey to Bremen. We decided to go with my daughter, she was my personal translator We celebrated her birthday in Bremen on February 29, and mine on the way home The journey began from Lviv Airport on a Wizzair A320 airplane. Bremen is a wonderful city. We really liked him. Its history is simply amazing and I am glad that historical monuments, despite the turbulent 20th century, have been preserved in the city. Bremen is located on both banks of the Weser River, about 60 km from where it flows into the North Sea. The weather was warm, but there was a constant strong wind that did not let us forget that we were very close to the North Sea. A bit about the conference. I really liked the organization of the conference. Aerosoft employees put a lot of their energy into it and they did it all. There were interesting topics with which lecturers spoke. The product showroom for flight simulators was beyond praise. You can learn more about the conference in the forums dedicated to the conference itself and on the website We were torn between the conference and the desire to see the city. In the end, we managed to do both. The market square of the 15th century, the Bremen Cathedral of St. Peter, the statue of Roland, left an unforgettable experience. A few photos about the trip. Upon arrival home, I still can not get down to work and under the impressions of the trip. My desktop is empty I already miss Bremen
  20. Good day to all. I am preparing updates for Kosice. You can read more about the updates on the scenery support page of Kosice Airport.
  21. My dear friends. For two to three weeks I want to release an update to Kosice. What I want to include in it: - reduce the intensity of dynamic lighting; - enable the ability to select dynamic lighting in the configurator; - make more night lighting in parking lots with the help of effects; - fix glare during the day during fog; - edit aerial photographs (background); - make pbr texture on asphalt; - puddles in the rain. After completing the updates, I want to get back to work on Poprad Airport. Another update package I will release in the summer. It will be completely redone the winter season and decent buildings along the glide path Runway 01. Why I divided Kosice updates into two phases. I don’t want to leave work at Poprad airport for a long time. Therefore, in my opinion, I will release important updates in the near future. Please, you can also write to me, what would you like to see in the updates.
  22. The idea is to place the Agusta and Bell helicopters in the hangar and in front of the ATE hangar. Therefore, the two parts of the hangar are open. Of course there will still be technical devices for maintenance. Variations in the placement of models can change when the project is at the final stage, but for this helicopter models were created.
  23. Any work begins with an idea. So I choose the project. I look at the airport, read information on it, look for something unusual at the airport. I liked the airport Poprad - Tatry in that it is small, while at the same time its runway can take Boeing and Airbus. The airport is in the mountains. It combines retro style with modern. This is what I liked about LZTT. Then models are created specifically for this airport. Something I got into a conversation. The tanker is ready
  24. Fuel tanker. The cabin is ready, tomorrow there will be a fuel tank. I like MAN Of the cars left: Volvo (aircraft handling in winter); Mercedes (snow blower); Mercedes Sprinter (minibus) Mitsubishi L200 (administrative)
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