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  1. I will look into both of these things today and update the file. There's a few other minor tweaks that I want to address as well. EDIT: Windows fixed. I'm still looking into changing the color of the shirts but if it's possible, I'll add another update for that. Thanks!
  2. Version 1.1


    Repaint of Virgin America's N526VA "jane." edit: link fixed
  3. Appears to be Roihu Light. At least that's the closest thing I found when I was doing my version. edit: Closest free font I found was Maven Pro Regular.
  4. Oh thank god. I tried to do this one earlier tonight and after about 6 hours, I just couldn't get it to look right so I gave up. I don't know how you painters do some of the things you do. Your Allegiant paint looks great btw!
  5. Requesting a Virgin America A319 please.
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