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  1. @Hans Hartmann I’m sure you’re busy with the release, but please help us that still experience these stutters. I’d be happy to test the heck out of my system 😎 Beste Grüße aus N.Y., peter
  2. It woul be awesome if Hans could provide one new dll where all displays have a reduced refresh rate. I believe the current beta module only affects the PFD. Of course I could be wrong, I’m not a coder, so please help us Obi Hans Kenobi, you’re our only hope 😎👍 Cheers, Pete
  3. Let's hope Hans can improve the .dll upon this feedback, fingers crossed! Cheers, Pete
  4. Which cfg tweaks in particular? If you just changed the panel.cfg like I did, then it will only affect the CRJ line.
  5. Hans, Did you per chance reduce the PFD refresh rate? If so, I think it helped. Could you reduce refresh rates on other instruments (I’d really love that as an option 😎)? Last night, I edited the panel.cfg to exclude the hud and trueglass gauges, and that helped too. I still only get somewhat satisfying performance incl. my tweaks when FPS are unlimited. Cheers, Pete
  6. I believe that has always been there, likely something to do with the CRJ’s HUD. I temporarily disabled the hud gauge and the clickspot disappears, albeit at the cost of not having a hud. Didn’t really make a difference in performance though on my pc.
  7. FYI - my system specs: PC specs: i7-9700K oc 4.7GHz, Asus TUF Z390,16GB 3200 Gskill Ripjaws, Nvidia RTX2080
  8. My stutters are still more pronounced than Johannes’, but it looks like his video card is a monster 😜 I just tried another test flight, and it’s still choppy when panning. Additionally, I flew into LOWS and my frames dipped to 13-14, which I’ve never seen at that airport in any weather. Cheers, Pete
  9. Oh boy, me, video?! Lol, I’ll try it tonight Hans. Is there an idiot-safe way of doing that, other than my iPhone?
  10. Hi Hans, on my system I see no difference between default and add on scenery/airport. More importantly, no other study level aircraft has that issue whatsoever. I looked at the P3D forum, but I’m not sure if that’s what we’re experiencing here. i just did another test, and it’s honestly not much better. I even manually removed the hud gauge and true glass to see if that was causing it, but to no avail. Cheers, Pete
  11. Tach Hans, I have, I believe, an interesting observation with the new 5.1 dll. I just started a flight at the gate at Imaginesim's KATL, and what's happening now is - as long as I don't pan around in the cockpit, but while taxiing without panning it is much smoother - but as soon as I start panning, the headache stutter returns. If we can now get it more fluid during panning, this could be a winner Hans. I'll do more testing to confirm this. Also, the stutters are much less pronounced without any FPS limiter usage (regardless of internal, RTSS, or NVIDIA), but return as soon as I lock them to e.g. 30 (half my monitor's refresh rate), or anything higher than 30. I noticed the VC textures are rather large, would you be willing to convert them down to a lower resolution for us to test? I do remember the TFDI 717 caused stutters on my system due to large vc textures, among other things that needed fixing. Just a thought. Cheers, Pete
  12. On my system I get anywhere from 19-88 FPS in VC ready for takeoff (unlocked frames), but if I use either Nvidia or RTSS to limit frames at 30, that’s when the stutters become immensely pronounced. I have my system tuned to where I can fly pretty much any study level sim into KORD at 30 FPS butter smooth. Cheers, Pete
  13. I’d be happy to help and test drive dll’s 😎 Let me know if you need my email again, or if you want us to report in the beta tester forum. Schönes Wochenende, Pete
  14. Hi Hans, it unfortunately didn’t fix it either for me, which is a shame having seen this awesome change log. I’m using: - P3DV5.1 HF1 (whichever the latest is) - chaseplane - fsuipc - active sky - envshade - CH Products analog yoke and pedals - various goflight modules It’s such a stunning add on, but I’m not able to enjoy it. Prost, Pete
  15. Moin Hans, Would you have a very loose timeframe for this promising fix? Grüße aus NY, Peter
  16. Hi there, I’m absolutely in love with the real CRJ, even logged some FTD time in it a long time ago. Unfortunately the performance of the sim version (stutters, FPS fluctuations) make it almost impossible for me to fly it without getting a headache, literally. I want to love this CRJ Pro, I really do, is there no way to maybe throttle instrument refresh rates, maybe reducing texture file size for VC etc. I tried playing with the panel config to only have FMS and instruments mirrored instead of dual (default), but without success. I tried disabling FO displays, but honestly that kills immersion for me. I don’t have low FPS, but the wild fluctuations hovering between 30-85 FPS, which I believe causes this non-fluid behavior. I have a clean/always updated sim only pc that runs all other study level aircraft, with Active Sky, and FSDT’s KORD at 30 FPS and no stutters without a problem. I’ve tried new Nvidia drivers, adjusting sliders in P3D and Nvidia CP, without avail. At this point I really don’t know if I’ll buy another version (MSFS] if this is not addressed for my current platform. If anyone has any magic tricks/tips, I’m willing to try them all! Cheers, Pete
  17. I’m unfortunately experiencing the same phenomenon. At first, I thought RTSS (which i use for smooth performance) needs updating. When I turned it off, my fps were spiking between 25 and 80 at fsdreamteam’s KCLT ramp. I noticed, as soon as I use the internal fps limiter, or any other means to cap fps introduce really bad stuttering in the CRJ. I’m running Win 10, 2004 on an medium oc’d 9700 with a 8gb 2080, sliders mostly medium in P3Dv5hf2, EA on with only 1024 textures on a 32 inch 4K monitor. Cheers, Pete
  18. Awesome, that would be great news, I miss my CRJ! Cheers, Pete
  19. I have never been so disappointed in an Aerosoft products’ installer. I have installed, and uninstalled all versions of this scenery, and every single time, it creates havoc with either SODE, and/or other add-ons. After every new install, I’m missing gates at Imaginesim, Fsdreamteam, and Flightbeam, and the only way to resolve is to uninstall Geneva, then uninstalling SODE, then reinstalling every scenery again. I’ve been simming for maybe 30 years, never had an installer create such havoc, and I just will have to live without Geneva, as I will not try to install this scenery again! Sorry for the negative tone in this post, but this has been very frustrating. Cheers, Pete
  20. Thanks for the update Mathijs, it's great to hear progress is being made. I'm already in the process of going v5 only, the performance gains are too good. VRAM is an issue, but I think LM made the right decision. Thanks again, Pete
    Love the original Skywest livery!! Thank you for painting and sharing this beauty. Cheers, Pete
  21. great repaint, thank you for sharing. For some reason I don't see the new vc textures, just the default ones. Cheers, Pete
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