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  1. Hi Peter & Aerosoft, Any news on the Nice update please? Many thanks, Alex
  2. Fantastic. Many thanks for the update Shaun - really appreciate it!
  3. Many thanks Shaun, would really appreciate it if you could.
  4. What is the purpose... because not one of you has directly replied to any of my posts in this forum. I've only heard second-hand that an update *may* be in the works., and was hoping that the developer could confirm this and possibly hint towards a time frame of when the update can be expected. I still find this whole thing bizarre... the product was branded a Nice update... only the scenery wasn't actually updated. Beta testers? As a paying customer, would really appreciate it if you could contact the developer to confirm the update. Many thanks for your time, Alex
  5. Hi Aersoft, I just wondered if anything was being done about this issue? Understand an update is planned when new textures are available, but they are already available from Terra Server. Many thanks for your time, Alex
  6. This picture shows the new ramp recently made at LFMN: http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7153507 http://airteamimages.com/big128432.html Hopefully these pictures will be useful when an update is made. It's too bad the scenery was released with ground textures that were 3 years out of date.
  7. I would just like to add... A brand new apron has just been laid at Nice for business jet parking. In this picture you can see the newly laid ramp (bottom right)
  8. New arial photos are already available from Terra Server. Please see link below: http://www.terraserver.com/view.asp?cx=7.211724000000004&cy=43.662394&proj=4326&mpp=10&pic=-1&prov=-1&stac=-1&sdrt=jax
  9. I also asked Aerosoft this question, but got no answer: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/46030-nice-update-not-updated/
  10. Hi Aerosoft, First off - thanks for making this an FS9 scenery! It's very much appreciated! However, I'm shocked to see that this "Nice Update" scenery is not even much of an update - geographically speaking! Myself and another Aerosoft forum member pointed out last week that you'd missed out an entire ramp, and made an error with some parking. Making errors is fine - we're all human - but I expected this error to be rectified before release. Looking at the screenshots on your website.... it's clear to see that this major update has been completely ignored, which really confuses me. Will there be a later update from the developer? I'm also surprised that this ramp wasn't included in the first Nice X Scenery - as it was built in 2007 - see pic below: http://www.myaviation.net/search/photo_search.php?id=01156307&size=large As I mentioned in the preview forum, here are some screenshots (which can be seen for yourself on bing.com) Will this ramp be included in your scenery in the near future? Many thanks for your time. Alex
  11. Hi Aerosoft, Someone said they were waiting for hi-res pictures of the new ramps...? Please look on bing.com. At wider angles they show the old ramp, but if you zoom right into the picture, the new ramps are displayed: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?q=lfmn&mkt=en-GB&FORM=BYFD Here are two quick screen shots I took. Hope this is helpful to you. Kind Regards, Alex
  12. Yes, you're the scenery designers. I'm just a student pilot & photographer. You should have very good information on what sells and what doesn't, and that's why I can't understand why you think Nice for FS9 wouldn't sell...! So why would it sell??? All the business and corporate flyers is 1 reason! FS Aircraft developers like eaglesoft sell thousands of their bizjets to users who have a passion for corporate aviation. Nice is one of the busiest airports in Europe for corporate jets and is a major airport for GA traffic. The ramps are always packed full. Scenery developers tend to stay away from GA airports no matter how big or small, so when an airport comes along that has 50% biz traffic and 50% liner traffic, is quite appealing for both type of flyers. With regard to 'waste of time' - I was referring to this thread. To show that it wasn't just me asking for Nice X for FS9, I set this thread up to show other people were interested too. 1000 views in less than a week indicates this topic has certainly had enough interest. It just lacks replies. Maybe this is an indication that the scenery is not so popular after all??? LOL! In which case - this thread is done.
  13. What a waste of time. Tegel??? That airport is closing in 2011! And you think that's a better commercially viable product. Ok.
  14. Over 750 views and 30 replies in 3 days - this thread isn't pointless. You can't expect to get 1000 replies in one weekend. That's completely unrealistic. Give it more time.
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