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  1. That's a brilliant picture - an airline and aircraft I knew well many years ago. Channel was a typical British airline dating I think from the late 40's. Ended up with HS748s, Viscounts, Comets and Tridents, based mainly at Southend. Flew them once around 1966, HS748 from Castle Donington (now East Midlands) to Southend, the aircraft continued to Jersey and back and I caught the return to EMA. Happy days when spotting was varied and easy; not quite so much fun when I started to work in the industry... You will have perhaps noticed the livery - Channel bought some Viscounts from Continental and adopted the colour scheme for all their aircraft. although towards the end I don't think all the Comets got repainted. Thanks for the pic.
  2. All working perfectly in P3D v4. Thank you very much.
  3. Slowly but surely I think. Needs addons, aeroplanes, airports,real-time weather etc, all the stuff that we like. And FSUIPC, Vatsim, IVAO. I can't set up my controls with Simconnect... I don't like starting a flight on the runway, and I hate the 'Game Over' thing when you don't complete a mission, or even when you do. I like to have a look around, pass or fail, and keep flying even if it's a fail. (Same applies to Train Sim.)
  4. Thanks for persisting, Seb. We'll have to keep this thread alive until a solution appears!
  5. Thanks Mathijs. Please keep it in mind if you can.
  6. I also have this. Anything further folks?
  7. My problem in P3D v4 is that I can't change the radios from Standby to Active. Clicking on the transfer button has no effect. ADF and DME also don't work,
  8. British Airways A320 G-EUYV is the first to have sharklets; I don't have a pic at the moment but I guess it will be in great demand for a repaint, please. Rob.
  9. Thank you very much both of you, very interesting.
  10. I would like to know how both of you, Winfried and Mathijs, got yourselves into the simulation business, particularly Aerosoft, and where you see it going.
  11. That topic is locked but the last question wasn't answered, which was 'can we have the ticks back?' or as an option to activate them. I think they're quite cute .
  12. I'm not sure that the current version of Plan-G works in X-Plane, but there is a new version due out very soon that will - the manual is being written at the moment. Plan-G v3 will be very much improved from v2, keep your eye on www.tasoftware.co.uk If I didn't read your question correctly my apologies, I had to use a translator. Rob.
  13. I have the same problem sometimes. If I use F10 to close it how do I get it back?
  14. Paul K: Bugis Street is all cleaned up and no longer what it was Rob.
  15. An entirely selfish question here - will UK traffic drive on the left...? Kind regards, Rob.
  16. Any comments on hardware? eg Saitek throttles, yoke and rudder, using Windows 7-64. Rob.
  17. I have v2.11, and a yellow text box with white letters - and I have no idea what it says. This is not demo mode - EGKK-full. I can't find a way to change it. Can anyone help? Rob.
  18. That'll do me! (Stick to Navigraph though.) Rob.
  19. Looks rather good! I've printed it out, but can't fly until tomorrow. Rob.
  20. My problem is that I can't get out of reverse thrust. My MS Sidewinder and Saitek throttle is set up as per FSX and FSUIPC, but after landing I sit there until someone tows me away... Rob.
  21. Thanks very much, excellent! Rob.
  22. I had a similar issue until I followed the FSUIPC instructions exactly, as per the diagram in the manual. Now its perfect. Rob.
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