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  1. Ad

    Cologne-Bonn SODE

    I think that the SODE.7z folder isn't correct. I had the same problem. After unzipping this file i saw that there is another SODE folder inside the SODE folder. In the second SODE folder are the other folders, SODEScenery and XML and the EDDK_Config_SODE.cfg Moving these files from the inside SODE folder to the main SODE folder solved my problem. Then when running the configurator i could set SODE JETWAYS to On or Off. Ad
  2. Ad

    LIME Jetways

    There's no SODE-ON or OFF.bat delivered with this scenery.
  3. Thanks Tom, in the meantime i've solved the problem.
  4. Hello, I saw that Bergamo LIME has been released today and tried to purchase it. At the shop everything went ok but i don't see the voucher field at the payment page. I have a serial of Bergamo X and like to get the special upgrade price. Any idea what's wrong? EDIT: Problem solved by myself: tried to purchase it again and i saw that the voucher field is at the shopping cart page and not at the payment page. Ad
  5. Ad

    Balearen Professional

    Ich komm aus Holland und man hier hat oft Mengenrabatt 2+1 Gratis. Das war nett gewesen für die Einzel-Updates im Vergleich zu dem Bundle-Update. Vielleicht beim nächsten Mal.
  6. Ad

    Balearen Professional

    Ich kann dir nicht verstehen. Ich habe fur die Updates bezahlt: Ibiza € 8.07 Mallorca € 10.01 Menorca € 8.07 Das is nicht € 5.00 für 3 geniale Airports !
  7. Today i've purchased the live weather subscription and tonight during my flight i got the same error. Had that never before using Active Sky.. Let's hope it will be fixed soon.
  8. That terminal exists and is active. For conviction look at the ENBR airport charts and also at the chart with the parking stands.
  9. Aber nicht fur die DVD version im Aerosoft Support Database. Es ist immer noch V.1.11 zur Verfügung. Ich warte auch noch auf dieses update. Viele Grüße Ad
  10. Ad

    Bergen Update DVD

    Thanks for the info, Mathijs. I can imagine everything is hectic now. Ad
  11. Ad

    Bergen Update DVD

    Hello, I can't find the DVD version of the new Bergen update v1.10 at the update server. Only the old version 1.07. Will the new version be coming soon? Best regards, Ad
  12. Same problem here in FSX. During March no photo scenery and in April everything looks fine.
  13. ICAO: ZPLJ Name: Lijiang Sanyi Airport Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Skysoft Simulations Link: 16
  14. The only solution is developing LKPR without APC, but i think that will not happen. Ad
  15. Released today: ICAO: LIML NAME: Milan Linate TYPE: Payware FS: FSX, P3D DESIGNER: JetStream Designs LINK: AES 2.45