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  1. Pavel, congratulations with the release of your Bratislava scenery today. I think that a lot of flightsimmers will enjoy it. Ad
  2. After i processed the update yesterday the Configuration Tool was indeed placed in the SimObjects folder, just like the screenshot of Stephen. I uninstalled EDDK and re-installed v. after that i updated via the AS Updater to v. No problem anymaore, SODE en VGDS is active now in the Configuration Tool. Ad
  3. Same problem here, updated to v. via the Aerosoft Updater but the version of the Configuration Tool is still version 1.2 Ad
  4. @vekant Many thanks for this SODE VDGS profile. I know to find when there's a problem..:o)
  5. Vekant, many thanks for this Dynamic Lightning update for LIMJ. Works great. I have the VDGS SODE extension, so this is indeed a very nice surprise. Good job.
  6. Good news and some surprises added, double good news.
  7. @vekant, i hope you'll share this file, because this is so much better. Ad
  8. When i look at your picture than i think the jetways are typical GSX jetways with Raiffeisen banners. You must look which Afcad GSX is reading. Look at GSX menu: Customize this parking position and look at the top which Afcad is used. It must be the Aerosoft Afcad, when it's another one than you must disable it. Ad
  9. Look at your last picture Optios - World : set Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetions to Off. I think that will do the trick.
  10. ICAO: ZPLJ Name: Lijiang Sanyi Airport Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Skysoft Simulations Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/skysoft_lijiang-sanyi-intl-airport-zplj-fsx.phtml 16
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