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  1. Thanks for the solution. i´ve now assigned the throttle to generic via FSUIPC and it works. No idea why they have changed it.
  2. Me too, i have the same problem. Throttle with BU0836A Controller. Saitek Yoke P3D V4.4 WIN 7 64bit Ultimate Reinstalled the old Version and all works well, but with the update Throttle is not moving. All other planes in the sim are ok. The throttle is configured via sim standard, no FSUIPC
  3. It works. Additional: In case of the aircraft.cfg, with wordpad all is ok, the issue is with the ordinary win-editor. I've fixed it for myself with copy and paste.
  4. Maybe the fix needs a fix The other liveries are well. The pic shows the ASR with the fix.
  5. Thanks, you have done nice work with this lady, years i was waiting for such a implementation. Two little things i've noticed, in the ASR livery the magn. compass has no texture and the aircraft.cfg has no word wrap so it's a little bit bad readable.
  6. You are right Mathijs, but for a better immersion a little bit louder would be well. A second solution would be ... force your wife to shake your chair for better feeling
  7. The sound inside seems to be heared with a noisecancelling headset This link below shows the goal. Sound Inside My Solution: I renamed an2_2.wav, an2_3.wav and an2_4.wav (i.e. with extension .old) and replaced them with a renamed copy of ean2_2.wav and so on. So it sounds much more better.
  8. Genau, jetzt wo Du es sagst, fällt es mir auch wieder ein. Also den Update-installer im Verzeichnis von Zurich X live starten, dann klappt's auch mit dem AES in Zürich. Danke!
  9. Ich bin gerade am komplett neu installieren aufgrund eines Systemabsturzes. Habe gleich die Version 2.20a installiert, die aber erkennt den Airport "Zurich x Live" nicht. LOWW von Flytampa wird erkannt und auch ordentlich bedient. WIN7 Ult., FSX , Zurich V1.01 update installiert......
  10. Me too, i can't believe it. Someone is sleeping very well. Quality managment seems to be a foreign word OMG
  11. Have it tried... waiting for response from CTR
  12. Ok, i will learn from our redskin brothers and will try to give smoke signals with the exhaust using therein a little fuel injection. Thanks god i don't elect the Green Party
  13. Ok yes, i forgot this option,but that's not funny. I'm not really a fanatic or hardcore simmer, but this derange me. What a pity.
  14. Yes i think so, and so you can forget to use this bird online. And there is no emoticon to show my disappointment.
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