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  1. Doug, any chance you got the fuel policies for United Airlines? Best Regards, Rob
  2. Here's my entry. Everything is default except for the environment textures, which are from REX. Best Regards, Robert
  3. Haha thanks Shaun. I know what you mean. Best Regards, Robert Schumacher
  4. Just put an order in for the Huey X. Can't Wait!! I'm looking forward to doing some flying in Vietnam.
  5. Thank you so much. Sorry If I seemed kind of rude in my post. Best Regards, Robert
  6. Hello, Not to be a pain in the a**, but I'm going to post this in the forums. I sent a PM to Mathjis but have no idea whether it went through or not as my computer skills are not very great. Anyways, I won the Christmas Quiz for December 9th part 2. Anyways, I never received my email for a download. I checked my junk mail and it wasn't in there either. I was wondering if you could just re-send the e-mail. Once again sorry Aerosoft if you did indeed get my PM. Sorry for the inconvenience, Robert Schumacher
  7. Any word on when the winners will be announced? I'm really anxious to find out what plane it actually is. I had voted for Airbus A320, but I think that it could be anything from the A318 on up to the A321. Best Regards, Robert
  8. Does the Christmas Card Competition count as one of these contests? Because the stakes are a little higher with that one and I posted my card before I took this quiz. Best Regards, Robert
  9. "Throttle? We Just Ring Down To The Engineer!" And yes, it is a Dornier DO X
  10. Here's my submission. I'd like to dedicate this card to all of our soldiers currently serving our country. My Christmas wish would be for them to all be home in time for the holidays. I'm using the Aerosoft PBY Catalina. If you look closely at the pictures I used to make this, you will notice some of the finer details I edited in Photoshop. The guy standing on top of the plane is wearing a Santa Claus hat. The guy standing on the left of the fuselage has his arm down instead of up. I got rid of the pilots in the cockpit. I added wreaths in two of the crew's hands. There were also a few other minor changes. Merry Christmas, Robert Schumacher
  11. Try this free program. Even though I don't own the Airbus A300, I don't see why it shouldn't work. Here's the Link: http://www.flight1tech.com/Products/BATXFreeUtility.aspx Best Regards, Robert
  12. I have always had trouble with battery drain in fsx. It has always frustrated me that the batteries drain within 15 minutes, and then there is no way of recharging them. For a long time the only fix has been either FSUIPC or editing the Aircraft.cfg file. Just the other day I stumbled upon this program called BatX and it works great. Not only does it let you choose how long the battery will last, but it will let you recharge a dead battery so you don't have to restart the flight. Here's the link: http://www.flight1tech.com/Products/BATXFreeUtility.aspx Best Regards, Robert
  13. Fair enough, I guess I would just wish for any way to utilize the night textures in megascenery earth without losing the high density autogen.
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