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  1. Ben Gurion also has been updated, but also not on Orbx...
  2. I noticed the same, but only when departing at the airport. When arriving the VGDS looks OK in my sim. Driver starts OK in my sim. Only need SHIFT + V to activate in sim.
  3. +1 Hoping for a solution as well!
  4. I spotted the Gran Canaria trailer on Facebook! Very cool, and also Aerosoft VGDS is included
  5. Will you also support third party hardware? I have a DesktopLine FCU from Skalarki. Will it work with the Aerosoft bus (is Skalarki able to talk to the Airbus via simvars?)
  6. I jus I just read PILOTS is finishing a large v1.5 update which resolves this issue as well. This was posted on Facebook on the 9th of May: We have received a lot of valuable feedback since the release of PILOT'S first major international airport release for MSFS - Alicante Airport (LEAL). It was our goal from the very beginning to deliver LEAL, one of Europe's mayor Boeing 737 hubs and a favourite destination for many, with custom mesh. Little did we know the hurdles that this would all entail! Unfortunately the simulator provides very limited tools in allowing mesh to be smoothed out on any default airport that comes with a photogrammetry layer. After many weeks of R & D work on this particular issue, we are happy to announce that we have now found a path to smooth out mesh bumps, and have already implemented this in the upcoming v1.5 release. Along with smoothing out the mesh, we have also given the LEAL jetways an extensive upgrade, as you can see in the video above. This has all taken a bit longer than originally anticipated, nevertheless, we firmly believe that you will be pleased with Alicante Airport v1.5, which should be available within the next weeks, depending on whether you made your purchase at pilots.shop or at the MSFS Marketplace.
  7. Hi @Mathijs Kok @Autopiloth, I was curious to hear about the plans for Sim Wings for this year. I really would love to see Gran Canaria for MSFS and some other airports like Malaga. Is there anything to share with us? Many thanks! Erik
  8. Maybe check the radius of the AI heavies vs. the radius of the gates at EBBR?
  9. Loving this tool, adds a lot of extra realism. Currenty in the tool you can enter an IATA code, but with 4 characters. An IATA code only consists of 3 characters... This could lead to errors when users enter EHAM instead of AMS if they do not know the difference between IATA and ICAO. Maybe add support for ICAO codes as well?
  10. Yes, correct. Hope the fix will still come...
  11. @Jo Erlend Please check the tail texture of the TUI 737. The logo is mirrored on the right hand side as can be seen in the video
  12. I see that the modules are already available as optional dependencies via Aerosoft One Is this a clue a release is happening soon?
  13. I have asked Asobo if there is a possibility to assign a specific livery (i.e. a blank plane) when a livery is not found instead of a random livery. You can vote here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/on-line-ai-model-matching-for-not-recognised-lcao-codes/466509
  14. You're welcome! We are here to help each other
  15. Just got in with the new Condor livery from Reus and landing runway 24. Noticed ATC is directing me to the General Aviation parking so I have to use the taxi ribbon to find the correct parking spot. Is this something that can be fixed?
  16. You can rename your Community folder to i.e. CommunityX and upon starting MSFS will create an empty one. Test first if AI works. Then add Simple Traffic, test again. If it still works start adding add-ons until you find the culprit. I know, it can take a lot of time but will be rewarding in the end...
  17. Thought it was an April 1st joke, but Condor has a new livery. Although I don't like it I would like to see it in Simple Traffic so it is ready for the future...
  18. I asked Asobo to include some kind of fallback, so if an airline is not available it won't fall back to a random livery, but to a dedicated one (could be a plain white livery). You can vote here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/on-line-ai-model-matching-for-not-recognised-lcao-codes/466509
  19. Ah well, I will try again this week @Jo Erlend Maybe a new screenie or two for the weekend
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