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  1. There is a suggestion topic, I would ask there. Also tge developer mentioned liveries will be added over time...
  2. I would like to request some European holiday charters like: - Transavia and Transavia France (TRA/TVF) - TUI branches (TFL/JAF/TUI/TOM) ...
  3. Thanks for the honest replies! I think I will give this a try on launch
  4. Looks very nice! Are there also plans to add real world AI models like the A320 and B737? Don't get me wrong, it is a nice step forward but real models would add to the experience... Second I tried to do the same with freeware, but the model and livery matching in the sim is nog always reliable (I had both Virgin and BA at EGLL popping up as VIM Airlines)... Solved in Sim Update 5?
  5. Er!k

    Airport Menorca

    Sim-wings only made Ibiza, Palma is from another developer. Sim-wings did them in the past, I hope they will bring their other airports to MSFS as well (Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Gran Canaria, Mallorca)...
  6. For P3D I used my own bat file, so with 1 program I could start P3D, ActiveSky etc... It looked like this: start /d "C:\P3D Tools\AS_P3Dv4" AS_P3Dv4.exe start /d "D:\Prepar3D v4" Prepar3D.exe Exit
  7. You will always need a piece of software which translates the functions from the software (FSX/P3D/XP) to the hardware (CDU). In this case if you have the software running there is no additional need to map buttons etc.
  8. Maybe to clarify, it does not work with the default 737. I guess because the default CDU from the FSX 737 is lacking a lot of functionality...
  9. Many thanks for this update!
  10. Thanks for this wonderful update with screenshots! Love the statics! @Mathijs Kok there are now 2 preview topics of Prague, maybe they can be merged?
  11. I am sure Jo Erlend will share some more screens when he thinks the time is right!
  12. A small bump, is there a fix for this issue? I think it can be resolved by changng the parking type from gate to ramp...
  13. Is it possible to get a response please?
  14. Welcome guys! Looking forward to your A320 product
  15. Using Friedrichshafen v1.0.5.0. Having 2 issues at the moment: 1. Landed into the airport, and after landing there is no ATC option to ask for a parking. Despite that the blue ribbon leads me to a parking... However, I would like the ATC to let me choose my own parking, just as it does with standard scenery and other add-ons. 2. I started a new flight, this time from stand 203. I found that there is an option 'Jetway connection' and no option 'Ramp connection'. These stand do not have jetways and you have no possibility to add some stairs to the aircraft.
  16. And to add on that, the ILS is working great after the update
  17. Yes you are right, no wrench as well. @OPabst Is this something to address in a future update?
  18. What happens if you search for LEIB in the departure box? Will it come up then? All 3rd party airport have a wrench icon next to them, and some developers added a star as well, making it easier to find. For Ibiza this has not be done.
  19. @Jo Erlend Thanks, please check your other sceneries as well... Asobo changed something and also other sceneries (i.e. sim-wings Tenerife, FlyTampa Las vegas) suffer this issue. Thanks for your great work and support by the way, looking forward to EBBR!
  20. Maybe a bit early to ask, but will the Airbus support the MSFS flightplanner? So you do not have to enter the entire route manually? Using NavBlue data?
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