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  1. In FSX/P3D you could name them LIMA 112 and ROMEO 112 (since 112L and 112R did not exist), don't know how it works in MSFS though...
  2. I would also recommend 32gb of RAM for MSFS!
  3. I can confirm that without Navigraph there is also an off-set...
  4. @Pavel1971 Many thanks for the Brno update. However I found 2 issues left after the update: 1. The parkings are labeled as 'gates'. When doing so you cannot have 'ramp connection' (=stairs) as ground services since it expects a jetway. If you change the type from GATE to RAMP_GA_LARGE the stairs can be added as well. 2. When taxiing to runway 27 ATC does not name the taxiways, also the taxi ribbon is not visible I have attached screens of both issues.
  5. Just did a short hop from Ibiza to Menorca with the A320neo (FlyByWire) as U2 2202... Wonderful flight & airport!
  6. Thanks for the explanation Pavel and the great job you did on the airport! Looking forward to the fix
  7. Hello Aerosoft, I was just about to start a flight from Brno, but no ground service vehicles (ramp connection/stairs, baggage, catering) are available. Maybe this is due to the size of the parking spot? According to the airport 738 and A320 should be able to fly there... Can you please check?
  8. Fine details there! A bit of a challenge to take-off with an A330 from Madeira LOL It is possible by the way (for both CEO and NEO):
  9. Good catch @mikced76!
  10. Really looking forward to the A330! Currently flying the FBW A320neo but I also would like to do some heavier flights LOL
  11. I just did another flight from Ibiza, gate 27. On the light pole the sign says 25 instead. I hope it will be fixed soon!
  12. @Jonas S. I have some feedback for HomaSim. Can they please add a star for their other airports as well? (Ahvaz and Teheran OIII/OIIE)? And I noticed at Ahvaz Airport no ground services are available
  13. I think this is caused by the parking radius of the airport... The Ryanair aircraft are too large for the parking spots ath the airport and are therefore parked here... So there is not much Simple Traffic can do about this. Have you tested other airports as well?
  14. @Jonas S. Today an update appeared for Adana. Unfortunately this does not fix the above issue and also no ground services can be called, however I see them at the stands. I am using the FlyByWire A320neo. Can you please check if you can see this as well?
  15. Er!k

    EGLC Aerosoft

    I am in London now, via LCY, and noticed in real life that the other version is way off. Maybe something for @Jo Erlend?
  16. Ben Gurion also has been updated, but also not on Orbx...
  17. I noticed the same, but only when departing at the airport. When arriving the VGDS looks OK in my sim. Driver starts OK in my sim. Only need SHIFT + V to activate in sim.
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