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  1. Hi All Just before xmas 2010 I sent the latest version of the SOAR Ranch to Don, with a view to release. However the weeks passed and I heard nothing back. After weeks turned to months, I assumed the project had been canned. This despite the very positive response I received from Chris Gordon. I have reproduced his e-mail here: 22-02-2011 Dave, I have finally seen your truly unbelievable work on SOAR Ranch - Correction...I have seen enough to know that there's still so much more to be seen. I can only say that I never even imagined the depth, complexity, and range of coverage that you've managed to make from what was initially a pipedream among a few friends, that was executed by an amateur. Having seen this, I'm going to have to jump back on the forums and catch up with a few old friends, along with new ones such as yourself. I'm almost ashamed to say that it's been so long, that I'll probably have to use the password recovery, or call Don/Karen in Alaska. ROFL... Hey, it's ok...any excuse to talk to them is always a good one! I have only begun to explore the rich detail of both the static and dynamic scenery that you've created. I'm completely flabbergasted. You've taken my amateurish attempts at a fictictitious airfield for SOAR, to a level that is clearly equal or superior to the best payware scenery I've ever seen. God bless you, sir! I haven't been this astonished since Roland and Max released the first ASW20-BL!!! I can't possibly thank you enough (so belatedly, to boot- sincere apologies...). Flying out of SOAR Ranch as you created it, not only brought back all the wonderful memories (including some ground-breaking multiplayer events for SOAR), it brought back all the great reasons that I and others spent so much time and effort from FS98 through the present. The only regret of course, is that MS gave up. It's great to see that others have not. Everyone involved with SOAR who ever designed and shared anything from aircraft, to scenery, to courses to fly for either leisure or competition, has managed to create something on the FS platform that may have never even been thought of by the original FS design team. Yeah, we've all railed at MS in the past for what wasn't fixed or included in the newest version, but it's also true that all the great addons are a credit to the platform designers who realised that they couldn't do everything, and gave us the tools to do it ourselves. It's a shame that such an interesting "business relationship" will not continue with MSFS. Thanks for your astounding work. I can only guess how many hours went into this, and I'm both flattered (and amazed) that you'ld do all this work on SOAR Ranch, when you clearly have the skills to create anything, anywhere in FS. Best Regards, Chris. Scott, I really enjoyed your video! However, I can see that you have an old version of the scenery! To address your points: 1] This is up to you guys! 2] Again not up to me. 3] This can be a simple opt-in or opt-out. You can either delete a few files to opt-out, or copy/paste files to opt-in. Do bear in-mind that using this scenery is already dependent on you d/l & installing a great deal of mesh/terrain scenery. It will NOT work FSX default. (As per my design brief). The additional airports are VERY unlikely to conflict with any other scenery you may have, as I have checked all the main file libraries and can find no other packages for these places. In my opinion, there addition greatly enhances the overall experience of the SOAR Ranch. 4] If there is a demand, I can work up an FS9 version? "David put a lot of work into this..." Yes I did! it represents almost 100 hours of tweaking>re-compiling>re-starting FS>tweaking>re-compiling>re-starting FS>tweaking>re-compiling>re-starting FS........ loI I have put up a web page for members to view some screen shots and d/l the SOAR Ranch scenery package http://www.orange-air.co.uk/util/project.html Please post your thoughts... Cheers, Dave Morris.
  2. Hi All! The development of the SOAR ranch for FSX is comlplete and has been submitted to Don for his acceptance. Here are some screen shots. Merry Xmas!
  3. For anyone watching this topic, I can tell you that I have received permission from Chris Gordan to develope the SOAR Ranch for FSX and that the project is close to completion. I am sure that it will be released in time for Xmas, an exellent Xmas present for SOAR members! Please be patient, Santa is coming!!!
  4. Thanks again Scott. I have PM'd you back.
  5. Thanks for that Scott. I don't want to make it too comlex. But it is currently rather barren. FS9 is rather limited as to scenery design. FSX on the other hand has huge scope. I have played around for most of the day (yeh to much time on my hands) with an FSX version which, if I say so myself, is much more fun to fly around.
  6. Hi all, I would be deply honoured to be aloud to develope the SOAR airstrip. I have great experience in AFCAD developement in both FS9 & FSX. I have noticed a small number of errors and more importantly great scope for development. I would be grateful if someone would contact me via email hermit[AT]supanet.com thanks Dave.
  7. Sorry to see you standing down Chris :cry: But I would add my thanks for your sterling work over the years :respect: SOAR is in safe hands with Don & Karen :AA:
  8. I would be inclined to agree Tom. I have tried the demo on my system and it was awful :vv: We also tried it on a friends "beast" of a system and I can't report much improvement :confused2:
  9. When you say "older gauges", do you mean FS10 will only read .xml gauges? Or do you mean FS10 will still read the older .gau format but just not the realy old stuff?
  10. >>However things are so quite around here don't think anybody is noticing -everyone must be out sunbathing - at least in Europe? You bet.. 36c yesterday, the roads are melting and rail tracks buckling here in the UK >>Another thing wonder how many FSX compatiable gliders there'll be? I was wondering how backward compatable FS10 will be with FS9 a/c? >>Hmmm, I wonder if in the mulit sessions, if a user can tow another user? Since it's now possible to replicate air 2 air refueling in multiplayer (extending booms/drouges), then towing should be possible also?
  11. Forgive me if I don't get to exited. >>tow planes for the gliders, and realistic thermals ... :AA: >>TWO versions of FSX, and a trial option ... Back to a Pro and Standard versions :vv: >>'missions' to add a 'game' element ... :???: Zzzzzz >>Tower Control - guide other on-line players ... :ok: >>SDK included in the (pro) product ... :ok: Generaly of limited use >>Share a cockpit ... :confused2: Already available >>updated audio system (mix with speakers AND headset) ... :yahoo: About time to! >>moving traffic on the roads ... :AA: But see below >>(a lot more) animations on the airports ... :AA: But see below >>AI shipping ... :AA: But see below To get the most out of FS10 you will need a brand new puter AND operating system. Me thinks many will be staying with FS9 untill they win the lottery :cry:
  12. AVSIM... Fast, easy and free
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