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  1. Grob G109B (Vigilant Motor Glider -UK Air Training Corp) beta for FSX and FS9 at UKMIL.org - not up to the Dimona standards but a nice piece of freeware - you have to be a member to download.
  2. A pity his ASW22BLE never ever saw the light of day - much was promised but nothing delivered in the end
  3. Yeah some nice modern ships would be nice,like those in Condor, after all the Discus is a vintage design (over 25 years old!). Mind you a lot of people have lost interest in Condor due to the lack of promised developments i.e. Plane Pack 2
  4. Wolfgang ( http://www.fsglider.de ) has been updating his DG202, now includes the 17 metre tipped mode. Funnily enough I am considering buying one of these for RL soaring next year, now to get some practice in on the computer first!!!.
  5. SZD 30 Pirat coming soon for FSX SEE:- http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?t=20133 Going have to get a computer to run FSX soon!
  6. Wolfgang's Bocian 1e now has a VC. SEE http://www.fsglider.de/p_e.htm Edward Cook has released a nice little Abbott Baynes Scud II for FS9 see flightsim.com (the original is (was) the oldest airworthy glider in the world) and David Rowberry has released another of his masterpieces, this time a rigid wing hang glider for FSX and FS9 - an A-I-R Atos VR, also over at flightsim.com
  7. fs9 MDM Fox is available:- frpm avsim:- Zaklad Remontov MDM-1 Fox File Description: This glider, is the most advanced double seated aerobatics glider in the world and the only one that is able to be used for the whole spectrum of aerobatics double seated. The maiden flight was in the year 1993 in poland. this one shows the one I have flown during the open door days in Schneverdingen on the airfield Höpen. This Fox is the first for FS2004, with a Virtual Cockpit, with front and rear seat panels, if you have active camera, or similar, you can change your position to the rear seat. Filename: skysailor_mdm-1fox_1-2.zip License: Freeware, limited distribution Added: 4th September 2008 Downloads: 973 Author: Christian Drawz and H. Csillag Size: 4236kb -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or http://simviation.com/simviation/?ID=145 might need the airfile tweaking though!
  8. I know Dave's got a few more at the lighter end up his sleeve but a few nice links for more flying wing ideas! http://continuo.com/marske/ http://www.nurflugel.com/Nurflugel/Fauvel/e_AV36.htm http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection...ase/?irn=212051 http://www.twitt.org/Brochocki.html http://www.alpaero.com/ http://www.fva.rwth-aachen.de/projekte/fva27.htm http://www.foamworks.co.nz/sg//index.htm
  9. Looks like another masterpiece from Dave! Up AT FLIGHTSIM.COM -ALSO fsx VERSION FS-ACOF - FS2004 Other Aircraft FS2004 Genesis 2 [ Download | View ] Name: gen2fs9.zip Size: 8,526,659 Date: 12-15-2008 FS2004 Genesis 2. The Genesis 2 is a modern Standard Class racing sailplane of unusual configuration. It is made of composite materials, with a self-stable wing, utilising the latest design and aeronautical construction technology. This glider was made with Gmax and features full animations, detailed virtual cockpit with a pilot that can be active or hidden and custom built gauges. The model is also compatible with FSX SP2 By David Rowberry. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Another masterpiece from Dave Rowberry. Over at avsim.
  11. Be nice if my questions got answered Don, or is it all top secret? (I'm assuming since you posted the screenshot and you made the comment 'nice work' you must know something about the Kite?
  12. Is there anywhere we can download the Kite? Has it been released? Is in FSX only or will it be FS9 compatiable?. Be great to have another Slingsby design to join Rick Piper's T21B. Gave Dave Rowberry the site address so hope he'll pop by - he's producing some really great models on the lighter side of things as well. Remeber Aerosoft also has a Discus in the works including the turbo and self launch models (there where a few made by Binder called the Discus BM. But don't think Aerosoft have include the Discus K -which was a one off acro version -with shortened wings).
  13. FS9 specific version out now with VET and audi vario. Glad you like the Lake District - with a little luck maybe soaring their for real in my own sailplane this year. A new computer to run FSX is thus way down the list, maybe by fs11 i'll have the cash.
  14. Over at flightsim.com:- Name: aeriane.zip Size: 7,585,310 Date: 01-21-2008 FSX Aeriane Swift'Light. The Swift is a high performance foot-launched sailplane, designed to combine some of the convenience of hang gliders with the soaring performance of sailplanes. It takes off and lands like a hang glider, yet maintains exceptional performance at high speeds, achieving a lift-to-drag ratio of about 25:1. Although it is a fully-cantilevered rigid wing with aerodynamic controls and flaps, it weighs only about 100 lbs and is easily transported on the top of a car This model made with Gmax features full animations, detailed VC and custom built gauges. By David Rowberry. Seems to work in fs9 as well - althogh will have to slew to launch- FSX has files for microlight towplane
  15. Does VET not work in FSX then?- acording to Wolfgang Piper it does -it's the gauges that do not work in FSX. I assumed as the old style VET was in the FS9 airfile it would be in the FSX airfile as well. Don't have FSX so don't know. from Wolfgangs site:- Winch Start without VET switch (FS2002 and FSX): First you fit out your glider with the 'VET Engine', you'll find the aircraft dynamic files for that in the folder 'VET' of my FS2002 or FS2004 ZIP files (see the picture). You do not need the panel.cfg with the VET gauges because they don't work in FS2002 and FSX. After the aircraft was loaded, you start the VET Engine with the shortcut CTRL+ E and then put the throttle on 'full throttle' or presses the function key F4.(throttle must be in full position during all time). For about 20 seconds nothing at all happens, but after this time the glider should get into movement. After reaching his take off speed, the glider starts to climb. When reaching the desired height the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F1 turns off the VET Engine (disconnect the cable) and after this you can continue a free flight.
  16. Have you disengaged the VET? - it is the old style VET where you have to press Ctrl shift 2 to disengage - and the VET is on when you load in up and you engage by Ctrl e . I have already put in VET gauges using FS Panel Studio. Find that the ship doesn't seem to have the performance in FS9 it should have -it should be on par with the Discus - but seems to loose out at speed -wonder inf the airfile needs moding, or it's just me? I haven't got FSX so can't comment on FSX version. Link to real version:- http://www.akaflieg-braunschweig.de/prototypen/sb13/ and FS98 version you'll find here:- http://yokohama.cool.ne.jp/naoo/kitai.html
  17. At flightsim.com:- Name: sb13.zip Size: 7,810,377 Date: 11-26-2007 Downloads: 29 FS2004/FSX Akaflieg SB-13. The SB13 was a concept flying wing standard class competition sailplane constructed and tested by the Akademische Fliegergruppe Braunschweig (Akaflieg) during the years 1982-1988. This model made with Gmax features full animations, VC and customised gauges. By David Rowberry. Dave has done some spiffy hangliders as well for FS9/X - well worth downloading - haven't flown the sb13 yet but sure it'll be great. Don't know if he visits here -but great to have another sailplane designer out there. Flies great -probably easier than the real thing which was quite a handfull to fly I believe.
  18. Link fixed and a few more added. And a link to a download of an old article from Sailplane and Gliding magazine about flying in the area:- http://files-upload.com/files/610122/bungy...%20district.pdf
  19. Well there are two gliding clubs in the area - one is at Walney - http://www.lakesgc.co.uk/ - this is quite an established small club. Then there is a new club which has just formed - http://www.edensoaring.co.uk/. Hopefully when I get a glider again (I've owned a few in the past) I shall join the later club, as it is better positioned for great flying. In fact the area has been neglected for many years by gliderpilots (but not by hanglider or paragliding pilots see http://www.cumbriasoaringclub.co.uk/ ) and is really now been discovered again - even though it is perhaps one of the best soaring areas in the UK. I guess Walney and Carlilse will be in FSX - but if you get the Horizon VFR photoscenery for the north of England ( http://www.visualflight.co.uk and http://www.horizonsimulation.com ) - it will bring the area to life and Gary Summons is updating a version of his UK Airports scenery ( http://www.uk2000scenery.com/ ) for FSX which includes 2 additional airfields:- Cark airfield ( http://www.hollywinds.com/loc.htm )- basically a parchuting centre and Kirkbride ( http://kirkbrideairfield.mysite.orange.co.uk/ and http://www.rogersavage.co.uk/ ) which has some light aircraft, gyroplane and microlights). However niether of them are in the mountains - so I have made a 'virtual gliding club' and airstrip in some fields northwest of Keswick which nestles at the base of Skiddaw ( Google earth will help you locate these places). One day when I have finished playing about with it I might get around to uploading it.
  20. Hi Scott -sorry about the delay - just sent you two e-mails with the files. They were scanned using VFR Terrain. I find flying in the VFR photoscenery adds to the realism especially with some of the add-on autogen for the UK. I'm playing around with a 'virtual' gliding club with ai gliders and motorglider ect. at the moment for the area. When I get the cash and can upgrade my computer system hopefully will get FSX and the Horizon photoscenery scenery for the UK - but thats on hold as i'm saving for a real glider.
  21. In light of Peter's work -don't you think it would be better if the ccs files available where posted back onto this site, rather than on Avsim - never really understood why they where removed anyway.
  22. Well for 10 seconds I thought it was the one I've been waiting for for the past several years - then dissapointment! :cry: A reworked FS98 model. Oh well suppose I'll have to continue using the one in Condor - would really like one for MSFS though.
  23. Well at least Aerosoft are trying and maybe they'll deliver!
  24. RIP SOAR- for those keeping the faith:- http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=11047 Wonder if this means we'll see more payware gliders for FSX?
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